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A character creation system that aims to bring the ideologies of Skyrim, Morrowind, and Oblivion together as one cohesive system. DCC introduces the ability to create characters with asymmetric skill levels, start with different (or no) spells based on your skills and give races a skill progression speed up dependent on race instead of a static ski

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An overhauled character creation system that aims to bring the ideologies of Skyrim, Morrowind, and Oblivion together as one cohesive system. Diverse Character Creation currently introduces varied skills, attributes, spells and perks when starting a new character. Future plans to enhance race variation can be seen below.

In Vanilla Skyrim every character started near enough identical; 100 points of Health, Magicka, and Stamina and 15 points in each skill, 300 points of Carry Weight; the only thing that varied was racial abilities, which were quite different to historical games as well. There's a few mods out there that move towards addressing this, however none of them did it quite how I would like, so here I am with another option; Diverse Character Creation. With this mod I've aimed to create diverse starting characters inspired by Daggerfall, Morrowind, and Oblivion, whilst retaining the core freedoms of Skyrim's levelling systems.

So far DCC offers a system that allows you to select a background, inspired by classes of old but in keeping with Skyrim's philosophies of freedom. DCC will also adapt your attributes based on race to add some extra flavour to racial choice and identity; nothing that can't be overcome though, and just like past games, it can be the most rewarding to select a race that may not start with an attribute particularly high in your playstyle.

Racial abilities have also been slightly adjusted. So far no race entries have been edited, it's all done through scripts, this may change in subsequent releases however. The only actor edit was on "Player" to remove Flames and Healing from characters on creation.


Backgrounds are not as limiting as Classes were in previous games. They simply allows certain skills to start higher, whilst the others start lower to give your character a push into a specialisation at the start of the game. Each background has six skills. Starting attributes are not affected by backgrounds. Each skill in your background will receive its first perk for free. Every character now starts with no spells at all; if you pick a background that includes magic you will be granted a Novice spell from each school in your background, otherwise you'll start with a blank spell book.

There's three methods to select from to decide your background; Choose Background, Create Background, and Answer Questions. These function exactly like Morrowind, allowing you to select from the traditional list (Acrobat, Agent, Archer, etc), select skills and spells for yourself, or go through a ten question quiz to determine your playstyle. Backgrounds do not affect levelling rates so turning your character around later on is just as easy as ever.

The premade backgrounds are:


Races will now have varied Health, Magicka, Stamina and Carry Weight which is derived by formula from past games. To maintain balance each character will start with a total of 300 points spread across Health, Magicka, and Stamina. Carry Weight falls in line with Stamina level:

Custom Races are unaffected.

Currently Diverse Character Creation removes the spells added by being an Altmer, Breton, or Dunmer. Racial skill point bonuses are removed in place of a new ability; Racial Intuition. This will grant each race a boost in rate of experience gain reflecting the race's natural instincts with certain tasks. I feel that training should not be implied given the new background system I have implemented.

The Racial Intuitions are as follows:

Custom Races are handled dynamically.


The only file required by DCC at this time is the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch. There are no plans for future releases to require anything else. The only reason the USSEP is needed is because I load the Unofficial Patches while working to ensure I do not unintentionally undo their good work. As everyone should be using them anyway I see no reason to remove this requirement.


DCC utilises a self contained script and quest. It fires based on a variable from MQ101 and is therefore completely compatible with Arthmoor's Alternate Start - Live Another Life, in fact I highly recommend using it. When using LAL the Backgrounds screen will appear after selecting your race in the prisoners cell. LAL is currently the only alternate start mod officially supported by DCC, however others may still work.

Custom Races are supported. DCC checks the starting skills of custom races and dynamically edits starting skills and applies Racial Intuitions accordingly. Starting attributes are unaffected.

Vanilla race overhauls are not compatible with the latest versions of DCC due to conflict of interest; nothing will break, your stats and skills will just wind up wonky. Version 1.0.0 doesn't affect races at all and therefore provides the background system regardless of what other racial mods you are using. 


1.0.0 - Initial SE release


This mod is now provided as feature complete; no further features are planned. If you find a bug please report it and I will endeavour to squash it ASAP.


My only credits go out to all authors of mods. This community continues to inspire me and remind that almost anything is possible if a keep on trying.


I have a very simple permissions policy; if it’s my own work then it’s open source. You may do what you like with it. Any part of my work that belongs to somebody else, you must gain their permission to use that part (check the credits). I have two stipulations: Firstly, any work you release that incorporates any of my work must be released as open source as well (that means you MUST NOT charge money for it). Secondly, any credits given on my work must be given on yours as well.