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"Enhances" Vanilla Skyrim SE to feel as dynamic as previous TES titles using "Normal Weapon Resistance". This is in addition to being built upon KIWF - Races. Many other enemies have been made more difficult in spirit of the Normal Weapon Resistance addition.

Permissions and credits
Kill It With Fire! - Skyrim SE
Version 011 Extended

Last updated 2019.02.25

READ ORANGE for instructions
READ WHITE for headers and banter
READ YELLOW for technical to skip banter
READ GREEN for mod conflict/reference
READ BLUE for known issues/updates


Always read conflicts. Always back up saves. Starting a NEW game is highly advised, required if you wish for the changes to races to work (PC actor value corruption on existing saves) -see "Troubleshooting - Player Character" for alternatives. "Upgrading" from my other mod KIWF - SSE - Races to this mod Extended does NOT "require", actor values will not be corrupted at any level -see "Troubleshoot - PC" for inconsistencies. The pictures vaguely cover the most prominent features. For more details you still need to read, I have made categories and color text so that it is easy to skim through to sections you want without trouble. Those of you lured here by my Normal Weapon Resistance comment in the brief overview, see below section: Perks - Normal Weapon Resistance 50% and 100% or check out the Image for it.


If anyone likes parts of this mod but does not wish for others, state in comments what category or features you wish segregated from the whole as a standalone and I will try my best to separate it.

Focus on balance between player vanilla perks (slight alteration) and npc templates with perks/abilities
They kill faster, you kill faster; high risk, high reward
End Goal - limit wiffle batting but keep the "right fights" memorable and not-so-quick
Enhance and re-balance, not overpower or specially treat player
Revisit doomstones derived from original birthsigns
Revisit blessings
Bring back some of the good stuff from morrowind/oblivion lore that was left out
ie. skooma
Anyway it works, so I'm sharing
If anyone wants to make patches, or even take ideas go right ahead just give credit for actual copies.
As requests come in for parts to be made standalone, I will attempt to cut down parts for this end.

Requirements, Compatibility, Known Issues

Skyrim SE or VR
Unofficial Skryim Special Edition Patch (existing "conflicts" are INTENDED)

(Probably Compatible, I am unable to make it work properly lately even without my mod)
iNeed (load AFTER KIWF, it will override what I do with food and drink)
Alchemy Overhaul (load AFTER KIWF if you want their potions)
All visual mods
Any Texture/Mesh "replacers" for environments or equipment 
Joy of Perspective (patch in-built to races)
All interior/exterior cell changing mods
Open Cities
Expanded Towns and Cities
Realistic Lighting Overhaul

Exterior Light Mods
Interior Light
Standalone Towns or Village Mods
Standalone Dungeons
Race and Monster mods
Alternative Start Mods (if they do not touch vanilla races)
Standalone Mods
Most NPC mods
Amazing Follower Tweaks
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
Bijin Series
Immersive Citizens
Diverse Skyrim
 (Must load before KIWF, reason: crossbow wielding chance, Stendarr LL weapons and NWR feature)
Follower Mods
Standalone Follower or NPC Mods
All clothing, armor and weapon mods
Left Handed Rings Modified (Patch inbuilt to races)
Immersive Armors
Immersive Weapons
(Must load before KIWF, reason: Stendarr LL weapons and NWR feature)
Standalone Mods
Magick Mods

ANY mods that add summon spells

Incompatible (complete or partial conflict) *
Ordinator Perks of Skyrim (Not all perk changes will line up)

Archery Enhanced (Redundant in purpose, choose over KIWF or not, changes will stack/override depending on LO)
Survival Mode by CC * (I list this because while some resources are in-built to the skyrim.esm, I do not own this DLC and cannot confirm Issues)
Vanilla Race Mods * (
Replacement Issues, choose over KIWF or not)
Any perk mods affecting:
One-handed, Two-handed, Marksman, Destruction 
Any npc/ai mods affecting:
Template NPCs where perks are rooted
Any blessing/artifact mods
Anything touching Blades armor at the base as well
Any mods that directly touch the base playable races or base vampire races.

Character Creation Overhaul (See KIWF - SSE - Races Page for load order options)
Alternative Start Mods (if they touch races, see above)

Version Information and Updates

Just to avoid confusion as most modders have their own way of making version numeric be it based on simple decimal, or the dewy decimal system... I just like to be organized. It makes reading and skimming easier anyway. Speaking of, if you want to find an item if it's included just Ctrl+F and type it in. Ie: "Sleeping tree sap". I have every actual change I made listed in detail because as you can tell, I like typing.
v023e, v023e-x, v023e-xx-p
"v" as in vesion
"0" is not "1", meaning not final version.
"2" means 2nd batch release, most usually based on large categories of expansion and content.
"3" would mean it is the 3rd hotfix of the 2nd batch
"e" means it's the extended version.
"x" means it is a standalone of an aspect of the extended version (requests can be made in comments)
"xx" will be an acronym for another nexus mod for a "p" patch.
"Reference *"
This is used to indicate that it is a Vanilla reference and has been changed. Use this in the event of troubleshooting with XEdit or the CK.
"Reference (NYI)"
"Not Yet Implemented", this is to act as a reminder for myself moving through the editor and a teaser for you.
This is the suffix I attach to ALL of my created references in the editor. Use this knowledge if you want to patch or pick through my esps.

V011E: FIX

Note - not previously mentioned, unenchanted dragonbone weapons pass through normal weapon resistance because they are composed of materials fashioned from mystical beings, same as daedric materials are.

Dragons (correction and fixes)
Corrected/fixed existing and missing parameters for dragon races. Base races, perk and ability spell adjusted to include the missing scaled health and damage promised in the v010e release. You may still be chasing dragons down below level 100 but beyond that you might be choosy about terrain and combat decisions.
-Race base changed from 500 vanilla to 4000
-undead to 6000
-alduin to 8000
-additionally ignore 50% target armor
-scales melee and breath damage
-2x up to PC lvl 20
-2.5x up to PC lvl 40
-3x up to PC lvl 60
-3.5x up to PC lvl 80
-4x up to PC lvl 100
-4.5x up to PC lvl 120
-5x up to PC lvl 140
-6x beyond PC lvl 150
-scales HP
-fortify health 1000 at pc lvl 20
-fortify health 2000 at pc lvl 40
-fortify health 3000 at pc lvl 60
-fortify health 4000 at pc lvl 80
-fortify health 5000 at pc lvl 100
-fortify health 6000 at pc lvl 150

Other fixes/changes
fixed left-out change to light fingers perks
fixed broken link to fake sanguine rose and bloodskaal blade
fixed fake azura star and black star to proper .nif reference
keyword added to misc item white phial replica

V010E: Everything below


This is in-built from my other existing mod. See Kill It With Fire - Skyrim SE - Races for details. 

Playable Races
All vanilla playable races affected experience as a vampire or werewolf changed slightly
experience fighting vampires or werewolves not slight change
Normal Weapon Resistance

Change log from v101r to v010e
Racial Fall Damage Reduction rework (See Skills for reason)
50% reduction now 30%  for Bosmer, Khajiit, PC if werewolf humanoid
75% reduction now 50%  for Vampires and Werecreatures
Vampire Lord reduction is still 100%

Dragons * (alduinrace, dragonrace, undeaddragonrace (and DL2 undead))
It is worth noting that vanilla dragons were HP tanks and did not have any actual armor value
Now all dragons have 300 damage resist equal to 300 pts of armor
This is flat across all dragon levels and will not be scaled (pun intended)
For reference, Ebonflesh spell grants 200 pts with max alteration perks
For reference, vanilla gargoyle sentinels have a native 300 pts of damage resist
Scaled Health Points (on top of the vanilla scaling which cuts off at 2500 HP at lvl 30)
Scaled Damage Output (Melee, AoE and Breath attacks)

Base HPs upped 25%
Do not bleed, impact changed from "skin" to "stone"
Absorb Health spell removed, still cast stagger chance on hit
Physically ignore 50% of their target's armor
Normal Weapon resistance 50%

Dwemer Automatons (applied through AbDwarvenAutomatons *)
Now ab damage resist (equivalent to armor points)
100 armor for spiders , 150 armor for spheres, 200 armor for ballista, 250 armor for centurions
Ballista ignore 50% of a target's armor, 25% chance to stagger (perk added to ballista template actors *)
Centurions ignore 75% of a target's armor (perk added to centurion template actors *)

inludes changes from KIWF - Races
Normal Weapon Resistance 50%

Lurkers *
properly given actortypedaedra keyword
Normal Weapon Resistance 50% Perk.

Lesser Daedra * (Races and Actors (templates and named))
Normal Weapon Resistance 50% applied

Wisps, Wispmothers, Wraiths, Ghosts and Phantoms * (template actors and named actors)
Normal Weapon Resistance 100% applied

Game Settings
fEssentialDeathTime* - Changed 20.00 to 180.00 (1 in-game hour), Followers will take 3 IRL minutes to stand back up on their own
(Give allies pots beforehand or heal them)
NOTE: This may apply to some enemies and brawl events as well

Skills (Passive Spell ability and Perk)

Passive Skill Ability Spell (constant) - added via races
Editor ID: XX060BC6 - add if PC does not appear to be using

One-Handed - 0-20% increased attack speed based on skill level
Two-Handed - 0-20% increased attack speed based on skill level
Archery - 0-20% increased draw speed (stacks significantly more with Quick Shot perk)

Passive Skill Perk (constant) - manually added to PC actor and NPC actor templates (NOT followers, named or unique)
Editor ID : XX05BAC2 - add if PC does not appear to be using
Archery - 30% armor penetration
Because arrows are designed to pierce armor
Dawnguard enhanced crossbows stack to 51% AP
Heavy Arrows for bows stack to 51% AP (slower and heavier projectiles)
Block - 0-20% increase total armor value if shield equipped or dagger, axe, mace or sword in left hand (two weapon fighting)
Destruction, Illusion - 0-20% increased spell magnitude (does not include shouts)(dest affects illu, vice versa)
Restoration - 0-20% decreased spell cost (does not include shouts)
Alteration, Conjuration - 0-20% increased spell duration (does not include shouts)(alt affects conj, vice versa)
Sneak - 0-20% decreased fall damage (substitute for lack of acrobatics skill)
+20 Damage Mod vs Werewolf, Undead, Ghosts and Daedra
Condition Keyword WeaponMaterialSilverProjectile_KIWF & WeaponTypeBow equipped


Silver Perk * (hidden)
"DLC2WeaponMaterialNordic" added to condition for extra damage.
Carryover from v101r: enables silver weapons the +20 damage to daedra as well.

DLC1DawnguardItemPerk * (hidden)
Vanilla +5
KIWF +20 (matched against silver for vampires)

CWSoldierExtraDamageToPlayer * (hidden, non-playable)
Physical Damage buff "vanilla fix" - improperly conditioned
Added spell magnitude bonus vs player, scaled up to 2x at PC level 40+

Arcane Blacksmith *
Smithing Skill >= 60 OR Enchanter (1) Perk AND Steel Smithing Perk
Create and improve silver weapons twice as much

Light Fingers * (Tier 2-4)
A more "reasonable" scaling to not dump 20,000 gold into a beggar for training.
Vanilla - 20, 40, 60, 80, 100
KIWF - 20,
70, 80, 90, 100

Quick Shot *
Vanilla - 30% faster max with perk
KIWF - 50% faster draw speed
passively 20% faster without perk
80% faster with perk
38.5% end difference over vanilla with perk

Dual Flurry * (Tier 1-2)
Vanilla - Tier 1, 20% ; Tier 2, 35%
KIWF - Tier 1, 15% ; Tier 2, 25%
50% max cumulative w/ passive

Deflect Arrows * (Tier 1-2)
Tier 1 * - 100% block arrows w/ shield @ skill 30
Tier 2 (new) - 100% block arrows w/ weapon @ skill 100

Twin Souls for NPC (Hidden)
Master and Arch necromancers, Conjurers and Vampires may summon 2-3 minions as they are now capable

Dov-Gaar-Zul (Hidden, loaded to PC actor)
Character Level 50 , +10% Shout power
lvl 100 , +20%
lvl 150 , +30%
lvl 200 , +40%
lvl 250 , +50%

Dov-Ah-Zun (Hidden, attached to akaviri katana)
+50 increased damage against dragons with Akaviri weapons

Dov-Ah-Qah (Hidden, attached to akaviri cuirass and shield)
Having a full set of armor grants 25% protection against physical and magickal attacks from dragons
In leu of an "Akaviri Bow" I have included +50 increased bow damage vs Dragons
Using an Akaviri Shield to block will reduce Dragon breath damage by 50%
Stacks to 62.5% reduction with with a full akaviri set of armor, and 81.25% reduction elemental protection (0.75 * 0.50 * 0.50)

Normal Weapon Resistance 50%
Weapons are half as effective against a target if item is not composed of:
Silver, Quicksilver, Daedric, Dragonbone, Stalhrim, Bound or is Enchanted (Keyworded items)
Reminder: Only Silver and Quicksilver do bonus damage (See Perks - Silver Perk)
Applied to creatures:
Undead - Drauger, Werecreature, Deathhounds, (NOT normal skeletons), reanimated (IN TESTING)
Mystical - Spiggans, Gargoyles
Daedra - Dremora, Atronachs, Lurkers (they ARE daedra), Seekers

Creature Dragon Resist NPCs * (reworked into mimicking NWR 50% below)
Normal Weapon Resistance 50% for dragons
added exception akaviri weapon keyword

Normal Weapon Resistnce 50% (For Vampires, added to actor templates and PC vampire abilities)
Normal Weapon resistance 50% for vampires
added exception dawguard weapon keyword

Normal Weapon Resistance 100%
Normal Weapon Resistance 100%
Applied to creatures:
Wisps, Wisp Mothers, Magical Anomaly, Familiar, Ghosts, Phantoms (not a specific dunmer pretending to be phantoms)
This has NOT been applied to atronachs or familiars as to keep summoned creatures from being broken.

Magic Effects (MGEF)
Normal weapon resistance perks will NOT FULLY function if MGEFs are changed by another mod

Keyword "WeapMaterialEnchanted_KIWF" added to ALL FF Contact magic effects * used in vanilla enchantments: (assume * for all)
Fire, Frost, Shock damage, Absorbe health/magicka/stamina, damage health/magicka/stamina, banish, turn undead, fear, paralyze, soultrap
Red Eagle, Lost Valley, Hunter's Prowess, Pale Blade, Silent Moons, Chaos, trollsbane, nightingale slow, dragonblade


Summon Familiar * - Changed from 60 sec to 30 seconds (same casting cost), the familiar itself is given 100% normal weapon resistance making it virtually invincible to enemies before character level 5.

(My new list is limited right now)
Weakness to Fire / Frost / Shock / Poison (Apprentice Destruction) - 25% weaker for 30 sec on target
Weakness to Magicka (Adept Destruction) - 25% weaker for 30 sec on target (stacks previous up to 43.75%)
Fire / Frost / Shock Shield (Apprentice Alteration) - 25% resist and 25 - 75 dmg resist for 30 sec on self (scales with Mage Armor perk)
Cure Poison (Apprentice Restoration) - instant on self
Cure Disease (Expert Restoration) - instant on self
Water Walking (Apprentice Alteration) - 60 sec on self
Wizard's Fury (Expert Destruction) - 10 Fire dmg for 3 sec, 30 Frost and Shock damage on target

Complete unfathomable Depths quest and have dwarven smithing perk to unlock
Reconstruct Dwemer Spider / Sphere / Ballista / Centurion - "reanimate" dwemer thrall
Repair Dwemer Automaton - "heal" dwemer automaton


Civil War Soldiers * (EnchSoldierImperialTemplate)
Level scaling changed from 0.25 to 0.50 Effectively half PC level at all times, now capping at 100
HP wise they will still realistically be around PC's actor values
20% of Imperials and 10% of Sons of Skyrim will cast spells.
Half of those that do "may" cast with both hands.
16.67% chance within those who cast "may" use master level Firestorm, Blizzard, Lighting Storm or Dragonhide.
3rd tier of Archery, One-Handed and Two-Handed weapon perks added (Ie. Bladesman (3), Critical Shot (3))
2nd tier of Augmented Destruction Perks
Power and Quick Shot
Fighting and Champion Stance, Deflect Arrows, Elemental Protection, Block Runner, Deadly Bash
33% chance to be carrying steel crossbow instead of bow

Guards * (actor templates)
Guards are made to be a little more swoll. Mostly because at PC level 10 you can pretty much annihilate all the guards in any city if you stack them.
10% of guards will be able to cast spells, they will not use both hands.
2nd tier of One-Handed, Two-Handed weapon and Archery specialization added
1st tier of Augmented Destruction Perks
Power Shot
Fighting and Champion Stance, Block Runner, Deflect Arrows
33% chance to be carrying steel crossbow instead of bow

Thalmor * (actor templates)
Only use elven and glass weapons, this makes them rightly dangerous early on.
Given same perks as soldiers

Vigilants of Stendarr
Load KIWF AFTER Diverse skyrim and Immersive weapons
LL weapons list changed to only include silver, nordic or enchanted


Hidden KIWF PC Start-Quest added for "welcome" books. and for bug testing future updates. No vanilla quests are touched or altered and thus unaffected by this mod.

Crafting: Overview
Produce unenchanted versions of faction gear

Faction Smithing
Dark Brotherhood - Armor, blade of woe (unenchanted) and Robes - Faction Membership
Thieve's Guild - Armor - Faction Membership (nightengale is technically daedric artifact, requires original armors and weapons to make copy)
Greybeards - Robes - Completing horn of jurgen windcaller
Ancient Nord Armor and weapons - Completing horn of jurgen windcaller (steel perk, dwarven perk for honed)
Akaviri (blades) - Completing alduin's wall
Wolf Armor - requires membership to companions and or inner circle
Imperial Legion (now requires faction choice) - armors and weapons - complete join imperial legion
Stormcloaks - armor - complete join stormcloak (normal), complete jagged crown (bear)
Cultist - clothing - complete travel to solsthsiem (dlc2mq01)

College robes (unenchanted) - complete first lessons
Archmage and Psijic - Complete staff of magnus 
Morag Tong - armor - complete served cold
I cant think of anything that's missing and scoured UESP, comment any missing material

If you have the artifact or daedric artifact you wish to craft in your inventory and have the Daedric Smithing Perk for daedric artifacts and appropriate smithing for other artifacts. Ie. Dwemer smithing for atherial forge items and elven for auriel's bow. Have unique items in your inventory and figure out what you can make.
Armors, weapons and jewelry can be made as unenchanted forgeries
Daedric and unique items require the item in the character's inventory
Azura's Star can be made as a Misc Item for display.
Bloodskal Blade, Targe Shield, more
Skull of corruption, Wabbajack and Sanguine Rose can be made as an unenchanted staff
used as display OR can be used at televani tower to make enchanted with a few spells

Crafting: Recipes

Smelter (any)
Lockpicks (15) produce 1 iron ingot

Forge (any)
Lockpicks (10) produced from 1 iron ingot.
Silver Weapons - Require's Arcane Blacksmith
Silver Sword, Silver Greatsword, Silver Arrow, Silver Bolt
Steel Crossbow (not enhanced) and Steel Bolt - require only Steel Smithing and not dawnguard start
Heavy Arrows (all common) - Require 2 ingots of appropriate material and smithing perks
Faction Armors (nearly all required "just" steel) - see Crafting - Faction Smithing

Tanning Rack

Powdered Mammoth Tusk (3) - broken down from Mammoth Tusk
Bonemeal (2)(4) - broken down from human / troll skull
Common Clothing (all variety) - linen wraps, footwear requires 2 leather, gloves require 2 leather (faction included)
Temple Robes (DLC2) - linen wraps, complete The Black Star (good ending) OR The Whispering Door OR Boethiah's Calling to unlock
Fine Clothing (all variety) - gold and linen wraps, footwear requires 2 leather
Jarl Clothing (all variety) - gold and linen wraps, footwear and gloves require leather

Weapons and Armor * (REPLACED)

By replace I mean, alter vanilla base. Effectively conflicting with mods that also change the same object.

Akaviri * (Blades armor) - renamed and altered for bonus to dragons
Bloodskal Blade * - Added Silver Weapon Script
Crossbows * - +20% damage, -20% speed
Nordic * (weapons only) - Added Silver Perk Script to all weapons.
Gauldur Amulet(s) * - All enchantments changed from 30 to 50.
Bandages - made crafta
ble at tanning rack, made playable

Weapons and Armor (NEW)

Akaviri Dai-Katana - Same stats as One-Handed but requires two hands and swings as fast as dagger, Speed matches DPS output of normal 2hand to 1hand ratios

Silver Arrows and Bolts - Do +20 damage to enemies especially weak to silver, ignore normal weapon resistance on all applicable foes.

Heavy Arrows
Requires Overdraw 1 perk
Alternate Recipe for all material perks (No Bolts)
Instead of wood, require double ingot material
30% additional armor penetration (stacks to 51% with passive)
Normal Arrow - Velocity 3600 , Gravity 0.35 , Impact 1.0
Heavy Arrow - Velocity 3000 , Gravity 0.45 , Impact 3.0 , Pins limbs on critical


Skooma * (including kodlak's * and distilled * , NOT redwater)
Fortify "Speed" 20 pts for 60 sec
+25 Movement Speed
Fortify "Strength" 20 for 60 sec
+25 Carry weight , +25 Health
Reduce "Intelligence" 20 pts for 60 sec
-50 to Magicka
Reduce "Agility" 20 pts for 60 sec
-25 Archery Skill and Melee Damage (less connect)

Sleeping Tree Sap * (Aka Hist Sap)
Slow and drugged image space mod effect does not happen to Argonian consumers
150 health bonus instead of 100 (this IS a rare item all things considered)
Effects last 180 seconds (1 in-game hour with default time scales) instead of 45 sec (15 in-game minutes)
Health bonus lasts 50% longer for Argonian consumers

Miscellaneous Items

Linen Wrap * - now weighs 0.5 instead of 3 (As a crafting component (scraps of it really, this makes sense)
Paper Roll * - now weighs 0.2 (future crafting component)

That's all folks.

My other mods:
KIWF - Oblivion
KIWF - Skyrim SE Races (Included in this mod)
KIWF - Fallout 4 (Work In Progress)


Player Character
(1) actor values such as health, magicka, stamina not multiples of 10 or carry a multiple of 5 and not "lining up" with stamina: This is why a new game is preferred, and saves are backed up. Disable KIWF plugin and reload, write down your actor values (including skills). And then Enable the KIWF plugin and reload the game. console "~" and "showracemenu" swap to another race and then back to your preferred, and re-customize if needed.
(2) Some race abilities or powers do not exist: see previous (1)
(3) My Argonian has no powers: NOT A BUG. they now have no active powers, they are all kinds of OP in their passive department. Give the Hist Sap (Sleeping Tree Sap) a try, that's practically a lesser power if you have more than one bottle of it.
(4) My vampire/werewolf character is OP AF: not a bug... they are powerful creatures with superhuman abilities. If you wanted life to be hard, you wouldn't choose the "easy-out" by pursuing superhuman power. I will say that I am considering reintroducing more harmful sun damage based upon head, hands, feet, body coverage. Werewolves still have the unpredictability of random transformation if you're not conscious of the moon cycles when out with friends as Sinding figured out the hard way. So... it's fine.

(1) Facegen Corruption: I have not experienced this on my end and I have been testing without the use of other mods nor have I changed face models on any NPC. Only template actor inventories and spells have been affected, named NPCs such as followers and named unique actors were not altered as to not conflict with other mods.
(2a) My follower Erik the Pussyslayer (name changed to protect NPC identity) and other named NPCs I know do not seem to have the passive skill bonuses: (i) change cells by moving to a new location (ii) take any custom gear you gave them and console "~" then >click target NPC< and "recycle actor" >Enter<. This will reset the actor and refresh their inventory, attributes and racial stats to properly apply changes. Their relationship to the player as Wife/Husband, Follower, Son/Daughter, Ally/Friend will not be affected. If this does not work... let me know if no-one else did in bugs for present or previous versions. Respawing NPCs will automatically fix themselves on death (guards, enemies,
 soldiers). NOTE(1): it is possible that because the NPC was already loaded ONCE to the PC's presence that they were "solidified" with their stats and abilities. NOTE(2): the passive perk for spells, arrow penetration and even silver arrows were not added to followers for potential conflict reasons (yet). The Start-quest is unable to add perks to NPC and AddPerk spells do not function on any NPC other than the player (CK limitations). Only in the Special version (v010s when finished and published) will have these changes and patches for follower mods as possible.
(2b) I don't have Erik the Pussyslayer or any other butt-munching vanilla NPC as a follower but my totally boss standalone follower has the same issue: see previous (2a-ii) and try the recycle actor trick.
(2c) They're a custom race replacement or custom race standalone follower: I only changed vanilla races, if there is an overwrite or custom race mod this is not a bug but false-positive partial-compatibility. A patch is required. List as a bug if not already present and make note of the mod in question requesting for a patch.
(2d) Still got follower troubles...: Just kill them and stop bugging me. I jest... ^_^ post as bug listing follower mod and I will investigate with XEdit if you are unable to identify the exact problem.
(3) My follower/ally/NPC is circling an enemy but not attacking/running away from a ghost type enemy: And by "ghost type" I mean you can see through them. I'm including this in the event of untested or unforeseen consequences, if it is because the resonance cascaded then only The One Free Man can help you. But seriously, this could happen if they are not equipped with a weapon that can punch through normal weapon resistance because ghosts receive 0.0 incoming physical damage. I ran into a similar problem with power-armor in F4 when I gave the condition of 0.0 damage received if all armor pieces are intact. This invulnerability triggers a flag that Immersive Citizens even capitalizes on causing people to flee if they "come to the conclusion" they cannot win a fight.

(1) Named unique enemy don't appear to have passive bonuses says: there's either an overwrite with another mod or they were previously loaded before installing KIWF so their stats were set as such. See Troubleshooting - NPCs 2a-ii.
(2a) Respawning enemies are too powerful: This is not a bug. This mod is designed to make them slightly more challenging but not impossible if you use strategy or tools or just become OP at later levels as will be inevitable.
(2b) Respawning enemies are weaksauce: u 2 gud. They are meant to be more challenging than vanilla in ability but I did not change the AI, just what they're capable of in terms of speed and attributes. I will be making special version of KIWF in the future that will give them attributes of equivalent scaling to the player and more (which have no max). But that is on the back burner until the extended version is finished.

Weapons and Armor
(1) Blades armor and weapons don't work/screw with another mod: There is definitely a conflict it is with another mod and you will have to choose which one you want. I changed blades gear to all "akaviri" AND gave them dragon slayer aspects reflecting and mimicking the specialization that Dawnguard gear has against vampires. (See Perks - Dov Ah Zun/Qah, See Armor and Weapons - Akaviri)
(2) Bound weapons are... wonky?: I was forced to add a keyword to every one vanilla so that it would properly interact with normal weapon resistance. The other option was to manually add all relations but this would slowly overload the "tray" when calculating hits and at best not register or at worst might result in a CTD.
(3a) My standalone silver and daedric weapons don't go through normal weapon resistance: There is no conflict with standalone weapon mods, any standalone daedric or silver weapons probably don't have the WeapMaterialDaedric or WeapMaterialSilver keywords which is the condition in normal weapon resistance and also the native silver perk. These are purely vanilla components KIWF relies on and should have been added already.
(3b) My standalone weapon enchantments don't let the weapon through normal weapon resistance: If they do not use the native keywords associated with the vanilla weapon enchantments it is the same issue as above (3a), if it is a unique enchantment like "heal on strike" then I did not include healing properties in weapon requirements.
(4) About the blades/akaviri armor...: If another mod changing any of the armor references in the esp is loaded after KIWF then all changes will be overridden and nothing regarding bonuses vs dragons will not work.

Weapon Enchantment
(1) My magic enchantments arent working: If another mod requires a keyword that they placed into magic effects on weapon enchantments and is calling on something that KIWF overwritten then that is what happened. Move KIWF higher in load order, but note that normal weapon resistance of KIWF will NOT WORK.
(2) My enchanted weapons arent doing enough/any damage to creatures listed with normal weapon resistance: I added a keyword "WeapMaterialEnchanted_KIWF" to all vanilla weapon FF contact magic effects. If you installed a mod which changes those base effects, then it is loaded after KIWF and is blocking the keyword from being used.
(3) Both of the previous, and the visual effects are different than what another mod does for me: That's because this is where those effects are rooted IF the texture or effect change is not changed in the FX section or loose files. This conflict is unresolvable without a specific patch. You will have to choose for now. Post the conflict in bugs if noone else has with the other mod in question.

Normal Weapon Resistance
(1) I don't have silver or enchanted weapons, how the hell am I supposed to beat this thing?: If you have the bound sword spell, then only the redguard at level 1 has to worry because they dont have enough magicka to cast it. You are never helpless, it's all about knowing what's available. If there IS in fact nothing available, then welcome to being an ill prepared adventurer no more powerful than a town guard or peasant.
(2) I don't have any silver weapons equipped except silver arrows but I'm swinging an unenchanted iron blade and doing full damage: This is a loophole that I am unable to eliminate in KIWF - SSE - Extended without damaging compatibility even further. If you choose to take advantage of this loophole, then I certainly wont stop you. But it defeats a major purpose of Extended.

Graphical (missing texture)
(1) If it as item I changed: This should not happen, I changed item names and stats not reference data. It is probably conflicting with another mod. You will have to choose which mods you want.
(2) If it is not an Item I changed, but added: I only used vanilla resources, extract vanilla BSA files - BUT DO SO to a different folder and THEN copy them over. BSA extractors do not ask permission to overwrite files, they just do it. It will mess up any texture, mesh and body mods. Extract to an ISOLATED location and THEN copy over manually into your folder and don't overwrite existing files.
(3) My bodymods, standalone armors are messed up: Not possible, not my mod.

Hard to Explain / Unknown issue not mentioned above:
Post in bugs and riddle away mother****er, I get off on brain teasers. My mods typically touch many variables of the game and often interlink despite my attempts at being more compatible with mainstream mods. Changing or overwriting some variable can often affect others. This is also true with other mods higher in the load order than KIWF. Double check my compatibility  notes, I try and keep them updated every time I make a new version.