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Visible body for Skyrim VR. Now with mod support.

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VR Body - Version 2
Visible body for Skyrim VR.

Does not currently support inverse kinematics. Your arms will instead be completely straight.

Usual proviso:

Backup your save.

This version of VR Body comes with an SKSE plugin which messes with any armor in the player's inventory, which likely comes with its own set of issues. It has however been tested by the brave billytpilgrim, to reports that it at least works & doesn't break your game. Many thanks to them for testing this plugin so you don't have to.

Additionally, there are a few scripts that mess with races, & these scripts have to cooperate with the vanilla race scripts (such as vampirism), which may bring some more serious issues. Note that since V2 the number of race changes has been significantly reduced.

VR Body V2 now has a plugin that should allow almost any armor mod to work with it. Below are some armor mods that are confirmed working:

Immersive Armors;
Cloaks of Skyrim;
Bandolier Bags & Pouches (couple of armors make your body invisible - fixed with this patch by billytpilgrim);
Dragonbone Ebonsteel Armor;
Winter is Coming;
Luxurious Seduction Mashup;
Devious Devices;

An XPMSSE compatibility patch is available in the "Optional Files" section. Load this patch after XPMSSE.

CBP Physics works but does not show up in first person. You'll have to nicely ask CBP guy if you want this fixed, as they do not provide source code.

Not compatible with:
VR Armored Hands;
View Yourself VR works but can be glitchy;
Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim;

Anything that adds new races will not appear in first person. They may also make your first person naked body invisible, however this can be fixed by loading the race mod before VR Body.

Requires SKSEVR. Install SKSEVR at

Install SKSEVR;
Install VR Body;
Set bAlwaysShowHands=1 under [VR] in SkyrimVR.ini in "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Skyrim VR". If SkyrimVR.ini is not there, create it manually.

If you're very short or very tall, you may end up inside your body or with a very long neck. To remedy this you will need to calibrate your height using either the height slider in Pause Menu -> Settings -> VR, or via fVRScale=xx.x under [VR] in SkyrimVR.ini.

Changing the height slider will move the floor position, while fVRScale will change the scale of the world, without changing the floor position. I recommend adjusting both the height slider & fVRScale until both your body is the correct size, & your chaperone touches the in-game floor.

Sane values of fVRScale are between 60-80.

Example SkyrimVR.ini contents:


If you don't uninstall this mod properly, your save will break.

Open the VR Body Configuration menu from Magic -> Alteration;
Select "Safe Mode";

If you did not uninstall this mod properly, your save can be recovered by reinstalling VR Body & uninstalling it following the above instructions.

If SKSEVR becomes incompatible due to an update, the mod will automatically enter safe mode & can be removed safely.

If you want your mod to work well with VR Body, avoid using slots 48 & 60 on both Armors & ArmorAddons. Any armor that uses this (& thus causes issues with VR Body) can be quite easily fixed with the CK.

Your body will not be visible when the SteamVR controllers are showing (with bAlwaysShowHands=1, this occurs when swimming & when in menus).

Inverse kinematics looks like it should be possible, but is a lot of work. It may happen at a later date.

The equip animations & the crossbow fire animation can't be fixed (at least by me), as hkxcmd breaks these animations merely by converting them to & from keyframe format. Anyone with access to the Havok Content Tools for 3DSMax can fix this.

Feel free to create your own fixes & addons to this mod.

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone on /r/SkyrimVR who pointed out broken armor mods that made the body partially visible. These people, combined with the ol' trick of replacing the first person skeleton with the third person one, were what provided the initial breakthrough that made this mod possible.