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Patches that combine harvestables and items added by mods to the auto-harvesting and inventory management of Convenient Horses.

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I'm sorry about the delay, folks! I've posted a sticky comment telling the reason why it took so long, but know that I'll be updating the patch hub in the following days!


Welcome to CHPH, your place to get and request patches for Convenient Horses. These mods fully integrates the auto-harvesting and inventory management capabilities of your horses with the harvestables (including butterflies and dragonflies) and items (spell books, scrolls, skill books, enchanted items, crafting stuff, etc.) added by mods.

Feel free to report bugs and request patches for other mods!

How does it work?

Convenient Horses natively support adding new items to its gameplay, but you have to register references to these items and activators (trees, flora, critters) to the appropriate FormID lists. Once I filled the right lists with the correct values, both the auto-harvesting and item management (giving to and taking items from your horse based on their type) started to work with the new items (with no drop in performance).

Supported mods

Each of these have a standalone version and a bunch of combined versions. Download the appropriate one for your load list!


  1. Download the appropriate file for your combination of mods;
  2. Extract it to your game Data using your favorite mod manager;
  3. Place the plugin below the affected mods (give it a higher priority);
  4. Now you can safely merge the patch to the Bashed Patch

During my tests I was able to install different combinations of patches and changes always occurred immediately on my save games. So, I think this is safe to install mid-game (but please let me know otherwise).

Planned mods

Some of these are still under investigation about whether or not compatibility is possible or even needed. I'm actively working on this mod, so they might be added really soon!

Also coming soon...

A patcher (xEdit script) to merge multiple CH patches that alter the same form lists, so I don't go crazy trying to track all combinations possible (version 1.0.0 has "only" 12 15 patches, but this number grows exponentially as the supported mod list increases). This will replace the need for publishing mod combinations altogether and will allow for a better installer...

Speaking of which, a fomod installer is on the roads, once I automate and organize a few things on my end (this is my first mod afterall).

These changes will probably be shipped in parts with a few days inbetween. I got some nice free time and depending on the feedback I get on this, I'll really focus on it.


  • mitchalek, for creating Convenient Horses and giving me permission to create this patch hub
  • EnaiSiaion, for creating Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim and Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim, and distributing them with open patch permissions
  • Kelsenellenelvian, for the Official Patch and Patch Central of SIC and giving me permission to reference his mod in a patch
  • kryptopyr, for creating Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul and distributing it with open patch permissions
  • lifestorock and jackstarr, for creating Skyrim Immersive Creatures