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This is "Rochaelle", my Nord female character that I use in my play through.

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This preset was made without "High Poly Head" and using RaceMenu. I make use of KS hair + physics, but you can obviously use any hairstyle you like. No additional head import required, as no sculpting was done.


- Essential:

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  1. Download and install the "Essential requirements"  listed above, using your Mod Manager.
  2. Download and install my preset using your Mod Manager.
  3. After entering the game, press "`" to bring up the console, and type "showracemenu" (without the quotes), and hit enter. 
  4. Press "`" again to hide console.
  5. In the "RaceMenu": Make sure your "Sex" is "Female", and your race is any Human (Not Argonion, Orc, or Khajiit. I recommend Nord).
  6. Now at the top right panel of "RaceMenu". Click the "Presets" panel.
  7. Press "F9", and choose "Rochaelle".
  8. Tweak and sculpt her further if you want.
  9. When you are happy with the result, hit "R" , name your character, and save your game.