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This is the fonixdata file that is missing in the Creation Kit for Skyrim SSE. It is just a quicker way to get the file then downloading Fallout creation kit and grabbing the file that way. If your Lip Sync still wont work in CK, try it in tandem with Nuukem's mod FaceFXWrapper 0.3 should fix that nasty sse Lip Sync issue in the Creation Kit.

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SOOOOOOOO.... before we get started I am not a mod/fix master. I am just another human stumbling thru chats and forums to figure out common glitches. With that being said I found myself  searching for the missing Fonixdata File, which is needed for your CK created NPC to move his lips. The Fix I saw was to download another CK and steal that file from that. I didn't want to do that and I'm sure no one would if given the option to get it from Nexus .So I just wanted to make it available without downloading another Creation Kit to get it. I was given the file by a fellow modder and thought I would share it on Nexus.

Mod Manager Install 

1-Just download it like any other mod\fix.

2-If your CK Lip sync still has issues follow the steps below, This is the way I had to get it to work.

The Steps You Must Walk

1-Download Nuukems  FaceFXWrapper 0.3. I would suggest Downloading the CK Fixes as well, they are a great help to modding.  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/20061?tab=files.

2-After that download the folder on this page and Extract the contents of the folder into the Skyrim voice folder (folder Name Is Processing)
It will look like this- Skyrim Special Edition>Data>Sound>Voice (In voice is where you place the file)

3- The load Ck and test it out. For me it worked great, if you are still having issues with lip sync let me know and I will ask those wiser then me for a follow up solution 

After you do this process my save had to be saved as another file, it wasn't reading it as the previous mod I was editing. So the file was originally Vincent.esp and I had to change it to Vincent01.esp. that's the only issue I found so far

Thanks, to Nuukem for his great patches and KhrysINXS who had the Fonixdata on hand and helped me out.

P.S. show me some love if it worked for you , hit endorsement if it fixed your issue.