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What is this?
This is another zEdit patcher for Skyrim LE and SE!
It's purpose is to provide a simple, modular, compatible-with-everything solution for those who want to play in the unleveled world.

Permissions and credits

I always hated how Skyrim levels together with the player.
I believe that world doesn't have to evolve around one guy.
Enemies must not suddenly become stronger when Dragonborn levels up - it's just stupid.
Rare equipment must not appear in the hands of common bandit, when Dragonborn hits lvl 27 - it's also stupid.
So, I hate leveling. I want my Skyrim to be static, realistic, believable - and there are a lot of amazing mods that do this.
There is Requiem. There is MorrowLoot. There is YASH. There is Skyrim Scaling Stopper.
But all these great mods that I listed above have a common problem - they require compatibility patches.
And I hate installing or making or updating compatibility patches.

So, here it is.

True Unleveled Skyrim

A dynamically built patcher, which requires brand new tool for Skyrim - zEdit.
zEdit is an alternative to TES5Edit/SSEEdit, which is actively developed by matortheeternal
(author of Mator Smash, Merge Plugins, Merge Plugins xEdit Script and lots of other useful stuff).

Features of True Unleveled Skyrim:

- Fully configurable, all modules are completely optional
- All Encounter Zones now have static minimum and maximum level, which is based on their type (Hagraven Nest will typically have stronger enemies than a typical bandit camp)
- All Leveled lists are unleveled, and rare equipment (Glass, Ebony and better) is totally removed from them.
- All Leveled NPCs now have static
level (
- All NPCs now receive an accurate number of perks. So, NPC of level 30 now will always have 29 perks. (in vanilla game he typically had 2-3 perks or even none at all!)


Download zEdit 0.4.2 or later version here: github releases page
Choose portable version, unpack it somewhere.
Now download main file of TUS and unpack it to the "modules" folder in your zEdit directory.
You must have "index.js" file in your "zEdit/modules/tus" folder.
If you did everything right, when you load zEdit, your patcher window will look like on the screenshots.
(Optional) Set your own settings on the "True Unleveled Skyrim window".
Press "Build" and wait until it builds.
Put TUS.esp at the end of your load order.
Rebuild TUS.esp every time you change your load order.

UPD: People have informed me that Distribute Perks feature of TUS is not compatible with Better Vanilla Perks.
TUS is compatible with EVERY mod, except mods that use Papyrus scripts to change leveled lists (example: Immersive Armors). There is no way to make these mods unleveled, except totally disabling these papyrus scripts and creating ESP patch with typical leveled lists records, that will be unleveled by the patcher.
If you want to use Immersive Armors with TUS, you can use my other mod Medium Armors - Total Equipment Overhaul, which implements alternate distribution for IA (and many other cool things).
Link to TEO is available at the bottom of this page.

TUS must be built and loaded after Bashed Patch and Smashed Patch.
TUS must be built after Medium Armors - Total Equipment Overhaul. You can drag'n'drop patchers in zEdit to set right order.
TUS must be built and loaded before True Medieval Economy and True Realistic Item Weights.


Q: So what, this really is compatible with everything and doesn't require any compatibility patches?

A: Yes! Just rebuild your patch every time you change your mod order. That's it!

Q: But I get some warnings in the log window. Something about "Location was unleveled using default values".
A: This happens because patcher sometimes doesn't have enough information to make best decision, when it patches encounter zones added by other mods.
This can be fixed, if you open zoneTypesByEDID.json and zoneTypesByKeyword.json and add more settings to these files.
These files are pretty self-explanatory.
Or you can just ignore the warnings and play with default values, they are not that bad!

Q: What formulas are you using to unlevel NPCs?
A: NPCs receive static or semi-random levels based on what is in two files:
NPCsByEDID.json (more important) and NPCsByFaction.json (less important).

If there is no information about specific NPC in any of these files, leveled NPC receives static level based on this formula:
(min lvl + max lvl) * (PC level mult / 2)
If there is no information about specific NPC in any of these files, static NPC level remains unchanged.

Q: Are followers also unleveled?
A: No. Follower's also have their static level calculated same as any other NPC, but the algorithm for them is different.
If non-follower has static level calculated at lvl 20, he will have static level 20  and 19 perks.
But if follower has static level calculated at lvl 20, he will receive 19 perks, but will still level together with the player.
However, follower will level only in some bounds.
Min level of follower will be set to lvl 10 (static lvl * 0.5), and max level will be set to lvl 30 (static lvl * 1.5).
So this follower will always have 19 perks, but his level will be not less than 10 and not bigger than 30.

Q: How does patcher determine followers?
Patcher thinks that every NPC that is in PotentialFollowerFaction or PotentialHirelingFaction is a follower.
Also patcher has a list of non-standard followers in the customFollowers.json.

Q: What formulas are you using to unlevel Encounter Zones?
A: Encounter Zones receive semi-random levels based on what is in two files:
zoneTypesByEDID.json (more important) and zoneTypesByKeyword.json (less important).

Q: Can I make my own changes to these configuration files and send them to you, so you will include them in next version of TUS?
A: Yes!

Q: I am happy user of MorrowLoot/YASH, or I don't like unleveling at all, but I like that your patcher distributes perks to NPCs. Can I use just this and disable all other features of True Unleveled Skyrim?
A: Yes!

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