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This mod gives guards, stormcloaks and imperial soldiers armors new more realistic stats based on their appearance.

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True Soldiers - Guards, Stormcloak and Imperial Legion Armors Fix
Have you ever wondered why soldiers in Skyrim have so poor armor? I had. It doesn't make sense when bandits are equipped better than hold guards, Imperial soldiers or even Stormcloak rebels, who control (and gather taxes from) half of the province. It's also weird when leather armor is more expensive and gives better protection than short chainmail and gambeson (Stormcloak uniform). This small mod solves this issue by giving armor other stats which are based on their appearance.

Imperial light, studded, Penitus Oculatus armor a little stronger.
Imperial heavy armor same as steel armor.
Stormcloak/guard armor is as strong as leather armor but a little heavier.
Stormcloak Officer Armor is now as strong as Scaled Armor.

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