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For those who use Realm of Lorkhan and Legacy of the Dragonborn together - this patch adds a Shard of Lorkhan (near the Solitude shards) to teleport directly from/to the Dragonborn Gallery Safehouse added by Legacy of the Dragonborn (in the cloak closet).

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First mod! (Probably last.) A little patch that adds a Realm of Lorkhan shard to go to/from the Legacy of the Dragonborn safehouse.

Largely done as a tiny convenience patch for me, as I use both these mods in my load order.

You probably don't want to start via this shard, as you won't have the key to get into the museum proper (although you could technically sneak in via the secret entrance) and the main Solitude shard may be more convenient. However, if you use the shards to go between certain waypoints instead of fast travel while still having a sense of scale for points between them like I do, this may be handy.

Obviously not for those who prefer the one-way system.