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A world nearly Skyrim sized made to be used with Campfire/Hunterborn/Frostfall. Huge, no civilization. To expand Skyrim with wildlands. Portal between Chanterelle and Falkreath hold. Native tribe with poor furnished merchants. Hundreds of animals and creatures everywhere!

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Last update: 6 october 2021

Before upgrading, go in an interior Skyrim Cell, upgrade and wait 30 days to allow a cell reset in Chanterelle.
If you encounter NPC Naked/without head, open the console and click on them to show their ID. Type without the quotes "kill" then immediately "resurrect", the NPC will be reset.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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A worldspace nearly the size of Skyrim (bigger than Skyrim with the upcoming expansions), with Mountain Pass leading to Falkreath, expanding Skyrim. It's HUGE (roughly 3km by 3km). It's AMAZING (Trees everywhere. A lot of trees, over 120'000 of them). Around hundred Map markers to find. A work in progress, I hope to achieve it. Depend on my lungs and sight. Square borders to give you more land to explore (square corners are not so obvious in game).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Interior Addon is no longer compatible in V2.0, as it is included now.
The version 2.0 has main changes: all Cells (except Wilderness) have been renamed. Before updating, empty all your chests and leave the world. Proceed with precaution. Lods are included in the Meshes/Textures folder under "Terrain" subfolder. They are basic static lods made with DynDOLOD.
Further update of the .esp only, with Locations added, and possible errors corrected.
Use Vortex or Mod Organizer 2. NMM not supported.

Want to mod it/add your own things?


It's a long forgotten land somewhere on Nirn, with ancient nordic ruins. The empire tried to send settlers, in vain. Few dungeons and caves (only two completed for now). A few natives live here, nordic race but a bit barbaric. They made war against invaders a few decades ago, as Chanterelle belong to the Nords Natives. The settlement of Gruezidorf (north west), painfully built by some people coming from Whiterun, was burned to the ground by the Natives. The empire tried to build a fort in the delta (south), to control the passage from the sea. They only had time to build a tower, then the Natives pushed them back to the sea.

A brave merchant had the idea to build a commercial dock for the Eastern Company, nobody knows what happened to him, but he was a drunken mad man for sure. Maybe look on the north west, if you find something. 

Avoid the north east, they where some nasty things here long before the Natives came.

The Natives have two main settlements: Sawon Village, on the river, center-east, offers you the services of a butcher, a fisher, a tanner and a blacksmith. The right place to sell your pelts, raw meat or to upgrade your equipment. No fancy products by these sellers, only for real hunter living the Campfire/Hunterborn/Frostfall way of life. The other settlement is the Native Village, hidden in a valley full north. A seller will take care of your general stuff.
A Pottery crafting station in Sawon Village allow to make pots and jugs.

For hunters :
In the South: Mostly deers and elks, lot of wolves. Chaurus, giant lichen, nirnroot in the swamps. Mushrooms to find in the forests
North west: Boars (depending on your level), mammoth
North east: Spiders.
Mudcrab all along the river and the swamps
Some ruins guarded by trolls. Maybe a dragon somewhere.
Three unique bows from Nicoroshi to find: One in Spriggan's Rest (a hard to find place), the two other in the complementary addon: Chanterelle World Interiors.


Birds collect the Books they find and place them in Birdhouses, to make cozy nests. Those birdhouses are placed in  Gruezidorf, Stroti's Pass, Basecamp, Sawon Village. No quest journal or compass marker, only clues. 

  • Jewels: will help you to find a treasure and a weapon
  • The Lost Mine: will help you to find, well, a mine.
  • Laskoel: depict how to find a grotto
  • Spriggan's Rest: will guide your path to a mysterious place
  • Investigation: Lead to a mysterious and Ancient Cult of the Great Old Ones, and a weapon

Some features

The MAP, all markers including the Interior Addon and Look Far Ranch



Disable the HUD, NO COMPASS !!!! Be lost! Use Immersive Camera if you can. Get here by the pass near Helgen, be at level 1. Abandon ALL your gear and clothing before entering Chanterelle. Disable the visor for your bow to obtain the most realistic feeling, you will miserably fail for a few time, and become more precise as time pass.  
Try to survive. Walk SLOWLY in the woods, very slowly, avoiding bushes - like you would do in a real forest. Stop and observe, maybe some danger is hidden - surely not. Continue slowly, don't forget to harvest deadwood. The night will be fall quickly.
This mod is already beautiful full vanilla.

How to Live fully in Chanterelle?
The following mods will enhance your experience a lot (or cause a miserable death)


How to go there?


  • Terrain LOD for vanilla game, don't forget to download this to have distant objects visible.
  • Billboard for Chanterelle, if you want to generate your own tree LOD 
  • Two Main File, only use one of them: BSA version with packed files, and Loose File version to be used as a master for modders

Installation: Use a mod manager: Vortex or Mod Organizer 2. Don't install directly in your DATA folder.
  • Simply Bigger Trees is compatible, but you will lose some mushrooms! Give a more oppressive/claustrophobic feeling.
  • Green Aspen is compatible, give a more darker feeling in the west forests.
  • 3D Trees by Mathy 79 is semi compatible: Chanterelle use the wonderful trees from 3D Trees, mixed with the vanilla trees - to achieve a maximum visual diversity. You will lose the feeling of my forests and have a more uniform feeling. 

More contents:

A beautiful player's home by Sirandar888: LookFar Ranch
Hunter's camps and caves:
Chanterelle World Interiors   
Two followers at Lumerjack's Rest: Chanterelle Companions

Use Mod Organizer or Vortex. Don't install manually. Use "Where in Oblivion" and report by mail the countless errors I have missed. Navmeshes have been auto-generated and are very rough.
Contact me if you are interested to work on this. 

LODs (distant view)

For the best result, use DynDOLOD
For LOD generation, an optional file called Chanterelle World Billboard is available. You need the vanilla billboard too: Vanilla Tree Billboard
For beginners: Don't let yourself be afraid of the apparent complexity of XLodGen or DynDOLOD, it's indeed very simple, but READ the concerned forums and articles.

It's not a modder's resource, but you are free to add your own quest/player homes/etc. like you do with Skyrim. You CAN NOT re-post the Chanterelle plugins, but you can use them as masters for your own mods. 
There's a lot of unused files and objects in the download, they are intended for the extensions to come.
The LOD are on a separate file, quickly made with XLODGen, you can do better with DynDolod

I use a lot of mods (about 600 and 280/300 plugins). But Chanterelle was made in a more Vanilla mind. The 3DTrees by Mathy79 are used in this mod, but NOT as a replacer. I used them along the vanilla trees to have more diversity.
You can use Simply Bigger Tree for the vanilla trees.
If you use the 3DTrees replacer, you will loose a great part of the lush, and some place will be really different.
There's two kind of Aspen: Vanilla (you can use a replacer), and vanilla with green leafs and my ugly trunk texture.

A short video of the real way to discover Chanterelle, as it was intended from the start of the project. I was planning an Alternate Start, but my lack of knowledge in scripting (and the complete refusal of my PC to compile) forced me to make this:

Credits (all the details in a folder called Credit in the main file):
DynDOLOD by Sheson
Sparrow Prince
Ga-Knomboe Boy
Kalilies and Stealthic

Thank you to
Elianora for the video tutorials
Rougeshot for the wonderful animals animations (not included in my mod, but indispensable to play with, some are visible in the videos)
and all other people I forgot. You are all a great motivation and support.