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Fixes the visual glitch that would cause water edges to become extremely blocky in foggy weather.

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For a long time I was wondering what caused the water to appear "edgy" sometimes. Clear weathers never caused any issues, but as soon as the weather turned into something stormy/foggy, the water became a mess. At some point I realised it's connected with the weather system of Skyrim. To be more precise, the fog determines wether or not the water-land transition is smooth or not.

While I experimented with SSEEdit, I found out that the FNAM - Fog Distance is the deciding factor. Here are the changes I made to achieve the smooth transitions:

1. Day Far and Night Far set to at least 50000.
2. Power and Max values to a consistent 0.85.

I also added those tweaks for other worldspace weathers, which are not edited by weather mods usually - so no more harsh water in Blackreach for example (which always drove me crazy).

A Trade Off
It is important to note, however, that these tweaks do come with a few major side effects that might require a bit of a trade off:

1. The fogginess of all foggy weathers is basically reduced by half. This might be a bonus for some and a major drawback for others, so I've provided a few screenshots of the differences to help you decide if it's worth trading fogginess for smooth water.
2. Your vision will be much clearer while underwater.

To achieve the shown results it's mandatory that you install Realistic Water Two (RWT). Sadly, there is no workaround for this, the transparency of the vanilla water is so terrible that this fix won't even work with it.

If you would like to test it for yourself simply open the console and type "fw 10a7a7" (or any other foggy/stormy weather) while next to a body of water, one time with the mod loaded + Realistic Water 2 and one time without it. There should be a noticeable difference.

  • Lightning during Storms: compatible.
  • All major sound mods, like Sounds of Skyrim and Audio Overhaul: compatible.
  • Wet & Cold: Incompatible. However, there is a small standalone patch for Wet&Cold on its own available here. It can be used alongside all weather combos without any issues. **Please do note that this patch is only for Wet&Cold alone. If you are also using True Storms on its own, you will need to download the True Storms version of this plugin.
  • **NOTE: If you have True Storms loaded along with any other weather mod and/or Wet&Cold, this is not the version you should be using. There are separate water's edge fix versions available for most of the True Storms + weather mod combos as outlined below, so please be sure to use them.

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