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Smoothens the shores under bad weather conditions.

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For a long time I was wondering what caused the water to appear "edgy" sometimes. Clear weathers never caused any issues, but as soon as the weather turned into something stormy/foggy, the water became a mess. At some point I realised it's connected with the weather system of Skyrim. To be more precise, the fog determines wether or not the water-land transition is smooth or not.

While I experimented with SSEEdit, I found out that the FNAM - Fog Distance is the deciding factor. Here are the changes I made to achieve the smooth transitions:

1. Day Far and Night Far set to at least 50000.
2. Power and Max values to a consistent 0.85.

Sadly these tweaks come with the drawback that foggy weathers aren't as foggy as they're used to be. You have to decide for yourself wether or not it's worth it. 

Another side effect of this mod is that you have a much clearer vision underwater.

To achieve the shown results it's mandatory that you install Realistic Water Two (RWT) - otherwise you will still have blocky vanilla water. It isn't technically required though.

I also added those tweaks for other worldspace weathers, which are not edited by weather mods usually - so no more harsh water in Blackreach for example (which always drove me crazy).

To test if the mod is working just open the console and type fw 10a7a7 (or any other foggy/stormy weather and obviously there has to be water somewhere around you) one time with the mod and one time without it. There should be a noticable difference.

amorphis88 tries to fix the same bug with a different approach: Smooth Shores
There are no conflicts between our mods, so you can use them together.


  • Lightning during Storms: compatible