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Adds the weathers from Aequinoctium to Obsidian Weathers.

Permissions and credits

This essentially weaves the weathers from Aequinoctium into Obsidian. For those unfamiliar with the two mods, Aequinoctium is vibrant fantasy, while Obsidian is dramatic realism. The author of Aequinoctium (Omega) worked with Dr. Megaloblast to create Obsidian, thus, the similarities between the two mods allow for a fairly cohesive experience. Undoubtedly they are of different styles, but the differences aren't so jarring as to make them aesthetically incompatible. The base saturation for the Aequinoctium weathers was reduced by about 15% to improve consistency. In the screenshots above, you can see the vibrant Aequinoctium tundra weather versus the frigid Obsidian tundra weather.  These addon weathers occur about 15% of the time. Skyrim will still feel as if under Obsidian Weathers, however, every so often you'll get a vibrant change of style from Aequinoctium.

How I built this addon

I duplicated all the weathers in Aequinoctium so they would no longer behave as overwrites which conflict with Obsidian. I then stripped Aequinoctium of all its scripts and its control of weather frequency. I then added the weathers from Aequinoctium to Obsidian region records so the weathers could occur alongside those of Obsidian's. I gave them low probabilities of occurring so as not to disturb the seasonal climate variation implemented by Obsidian. 


Obsidian Weathers


-Not compatible with other weather mods or audio overhauls without a patch.
-This mod IS compatible with the Obsidian True Storms patch, as well as Mintys Lightning.
-This mod is not compatible with the Aequinoctium True Storms patch.
-This mod does not require Aequinoctium, as the weathers had to be duplicated so as not to overwrite Obsidian weathers. 


Thank you to Dr. Megaloblast and Omega for creating these terrific mods and being kind enough to share their assets freely, as well as for their weather creation guide, without which I would have been completely lost!

The thunder sounds are provided by the following authors under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license:
Mike Koenig
Mark DiAngelo

As per Obsidian - "You are free to use the resources in this mod so long as you share your mod with the same permissions"