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Sets conditions for when music should play. Ominous music plays at sun down and during gloomy weathers. Combat music plays only for powerful enemies. The mod also significantly increases moments of silence and includes all the vanilla music.

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This mod does several things
1. Adds 68/71 tracks from the Witcher III and its DLCs at maximum quality, 192+ bitrate v2.0 (for 42bit, download v1.0). Does not include Whispers of Oxenfur, A Gifted Man Brings Gifts, or The Fields of Ard Skellig because they are exceedingly repetitive. 
2. Incorporates all the vanilla music and distributes some of the music from Dawnguard and Dragonborn to the Skyrim mainland.
3. Sets conditions for when music should play
  • Ominous music plays at sun down and during rainy, foggy, and stormy weathers.
  •  Special music will play when the opponent has certain keywords characteristic of challenging enemies or bosses. The list includes; Daedra, DLC1Boss, Giants, Trolls, Vampire Brutes, immune to unrelenting force, immune to paralysis, sees player when invisible, and cannot be reaminated. This retains tremendous compatibility with a variety of mods as no edits to races were necessary with this approach. After days of exhaustive testing, I have concluded that combat music will always play when Skyrim determines if the enemies surpass a threshold threat ratio. There is no way around this without completely disabling combat music and then forcing it to play under scripted conditions.  No mod has done this to date, nor does this mod. However, conditions were set for each song to determine for which type of enemy they should play. This mechanic is used in the vanilla game to determine when dragon combat music should play, and that mechanic is exploited in this mod. 
  • Increases the threat ratio so that combat music will still play for the above enemies even as the player reaches high levels (ie 81). Includes an optional esp that decreases the threat ratio for those who prefer less combat music.
  • Dragon boss music left unchanged
4. Increases the number of silent tracts and doubles there length to 60 seconds, greatly increasing moments of silence. 

Aside from the conditions, how is this different from The Witcher 3 Music Overhaul?
An excellent mod, but I got tired of hearing the same tracks over and over. This mod distributes the music more freely as well as removes a few songs that were susceptible to becoming extremely repetitive. In addition, the implementation in W3MO made it impossible to edit the mod to your liking. There were two hundred duplicate songs, and none of them were named, making the mod impossible to modify. This mod's file size is much smaller by design and all the tracks are named appropriately (ie. 05 Aen Seidhe.xwm) allowing you to easily make modifications if necessary. Furthermore, there are several fitting tracks from the DLCs that have been appropriately incorporated, and the periods of silence have been greatly increased. 

Thank you to Thank you to CD Projekt for Witcher 3 and allowing the use of their assets in mods.
MultiXWM team
xEdit team
Ray Lederer for concept art above

The use of these assets for financial purposes is forbidden