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A highly detailed retexture of the daedric arrows and quiver with glowing daedric symbols in 4k and 2k!

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We made it to Hot mods!
Thank you to all who endorse <3

01/03/18 - Nexus bugged the fuck out in regards to the Daedric Arrows and Quiver red (4k/2k) [version 1.2] Basically I uploaded the correct 4k and 2k files   but for some reason no matter which version you downloaded the nexus gave you the 2k file. This has now been fixed by version 1.21.
  If you previously downloaded [1.2]  wanting the 'Daedric Arrows and Quiver Red 4k'  you need to download 1.21!  

31/03/18 -  Version 1.2 added. All files updated. Adds glowing Daedric runes. Much improved UV mapping, White feathers now black. Wood texture now            weathered. (OH BTW THIS IS A BIG DEAL FOR ME. I had no idea how to make glowing textures until now. So pat me on the back ;)
                 14/04/18  - Added brighter textures for both white a red versions. These are for dark enb/reshade users who cannot see the details in the textures.
                 12/03/18 - Updated both 2k and 4k files to 1.1 Which adds more shading, contrast and detail to the quiver. Arrows are unchanged from 1.0 (now has 'white' in the  file name)
                                     - Added a 2k and 4k Red version. This makes the daedric symbols a blood red colour. Otherwise identical texture to white version.
                                     - Both red and white versions are 1.1 and are the most up to date textures.
                  10/03/18 - Ughhhh Enjoy a newly created mod :) 


If you enjoy my work please endorse to let others know.


I FIGURED OUT HOW TO ADD GLOWING DAEDRIC SYMBOLS WHOOOHOOOOO! Now they match glowing Daedric Armors. Enjoy! :)

I honestly am confused by the texture artists of Skyrim. Like how do they justify mushy, splotches with a few scant scribblings of details as textures??
It literally gets to me that bad that I honestly forced myself to learn how to texture just so I didn't have to endure the eyesores ingame................And here we are today. The daedric arrows and quiver needed some serious remastering (pun. as. always. intended.)  Why Bethesda didn't actually remaster any of the textures when they "remastered" Skryim is beyond me.................but anyway I'm getting sidetracked. 
I basically reimagined (in glorious 4k) how Daedric arrows/quiver should look whilst keeping close to the vanilla aesthetic to keep it lore friendly. LORE FRIENDLINESS IS KEY MY FRIENDS! :) Well I think it is.....

I honestly don't think anyone reads the descriptions so I could probably say whatever the hell I want and no one would be the wiser...... In that case I'll just say this here. If you are a user of mods and you don't make mods yourself, do everyone a favour and don't leave negative or pushy feedback in the mod comments. You're literally getting a piece of art for free.  No one forced or asked anyone to mod we literally do it because we love it and we want to share our passion with others so they might benefit from passion projects such as these. So please take a second to think of that before you start jabbing, and shitting all over mod authors okay?
And instead perhaps leave some constructive feedback or drop an appreciative :) or <3.
Cheers. Thank you Brother!. Much appreciated. Have a great day. Love your work. Carry on sir/maam! 

Every part of the texture has been carefully crafted to resolve detail making your eyes happy in-game. Continue to enjoy the glory of 4k arrows!
I am uploading and sharing this mod as I have been an avid skyrim player for years, using hundreds (more like thousands) of mods. So it's time I continue giving back to this awesome community.
This is a replacer.

This mod contains the meshes for MANY reasons. One being Bethesda thinks Daedric arrows require some weird red tint specular.....which I can honestly say just looks weird AF. So I modified it.
Versions include:
- 4k Daedric Quiver and Arrows Red
- 4k Daedric Quiver and Arrows White
- 2k Daedric Quiver and Arrows Red 
- 2k Daedric Quiver and Arrows White


Download and install with NMM/MO, otherwise place in data folder.

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Why I mod:
Back in 2012 I threw myself into the immersive mystical world that is Skyrim. yet as I played one thing began to irk me. The textures!
To put it plainly they suck. I tried to ignore it but over time it got to me so much that I literally forced myself to learn the art of creating textures just so I could fully immersive myself in glorious and copious amounts of detail.
Eventually I realised maybe other people would enjoy my creations. And so here I am sharing my many hours of trials and errors with this amazing community and if even one other person can enjoy them as I have I count that as a success!

Thank you to this amazing community of mod creators and users I am humbled to be counted as one of you.
Why I'm on Patreon:
As some of you may know or have guessed, modding take many hours, many more cups of tea and yet more cups of coffee. I do it because I love it and because I get excited to I share my creations with others who love it too.
That being said, if you shout me a coffee or a tea this will help me to cover my expenses like purchasing texture resources, my electricity bill and my sanity.

(Disclaimer: I will of course continue to create mods whether I receive support through patreon or not.)

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What mods are you using in your screenshots (generally)?
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Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin
SkyRealism - Shiny (the elven armour)
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aMidianBorn Steel Armor
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Why are the colours so bright and saturated?
It's my personal enb settings. Depending on your setup the colour intensity will vary.
However when creating my retextures I aimed for a balanced level of saturation/brightness.

Can you add a version with this coloured feathers/wood/leather?
If there is enough interest

I hate your retextures!
Congratulations.You have an opinion. Feel free to not download my mod and move on 

There's no need to have 4k textures
What's the point of posting that?

"Heim Hin Miiraad Alun Amativ"

A huge shout out to Bethesda for creating the best game series of all time!