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Re-imagined 4k re-texture of iron arrows and quivers. Crafted with care for high fidelity in-game visuals
Newly Updated texture from my skyrim mod.

Permissions and credits
14/04/18 - Added a LeanWolf's Better Shaped Weapons patch under optional files. if you want his Iron Arrows quiver mesh install this patch after installing the main file.                  Go show Leanwolf some love by endorsing his mod!
23/03/18 - version 1.21 added and updated for both 4k and 2k files. Adds more realistic leather stitching. UV completely remapped so mesh can use full                                              available texture for max detail. Shading and depth improved with normal maps. Images added for comparison
17/03/18 - Added version 1.2. Adds more depth and shading. The arrow flight and shaft textures have been updated. Meshes have been added to tweak                                              specular and adjust UV maps for better texture wrapping.
27/02/18 - Added an updated 4k version with better texture rendering. Added an image to illustrate. (replaced by above)

If you enjoy my work please endorse to let others know.

Yes I am a whore for gorgeous graphics...As I'm assuming you are too, as you clicked on this mod.
So here is a rextextre job of the iron arrows and quiver in glorious 4k! I have created a custom aesthetic with these textures, I went for a cleaner, detailed and rich look.
I am uploading and sharing this mod as I have been an avid skyrim player for years, using hundreds (more like thousands) of mods. So it's time I continue giving back to this awesome community.
This is a replacer.

Download and install with NMM, otherwise place in data folder.

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Why I mod:
Back in 2012 I threw myself into the immersive mystical world that is Skyrim. yet as I played one thing began to irk me. The textures!
To put it plainly they suck. I tried to ignore it but over time it got to me so much that I literally forced myself to learn the art of creating textures just so I could fully immersive myself in glorious and copious amounts of detail.
Eventually I realised maybe other people would enjoy my creations. And so here I am sharing my many hours of trials and errors with this amazing community and if even one other person can enjoy them as I have I count that as a success!

Thank you to this amazing community of mod creators and users I am humbled to be counted as one of you.
Why I'm on Patreon:
As some of you may know or have guessed, creating mods take many hours, many more cups of tea and yet more cups of coffee. I do it because I love it and because I get excited to I share my creations with others who love it too.
That being said, if you shout me a coffee or a tea this will help me to cover my expenses like purchasing texture resources, my electricity bill and my sanity.

(Disclaimer: I will of course continue to create mods whether I receive support through patreon or not.)

Special Mentions:
LeanWolf for allowing me to mess with his meshes, allowing our mods to work together :)

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What mods are you using in your screenshots (generally)?
Tamriel Reloaded
Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin
SkyRealism - Shiny (the elven armour)
Stockade Wood Revamped
aMidianBorn Steel Armor
Y.A.L.O - Yet Another Landscape Overhaul
CFL ENB -  Cinematic Film Looks
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Why are the colours so bright and saturated?
It's my personal enb settings. Depending on your setup the colour intensity will vary.
However when creating my retextures I aimed for a balanced level of saturation/brightness.

Can you add a version with this coloured feathers/wood/leather?
If there is enough interest

I hate your retextures!
Congratulations.You have an opinion. Feel free to not download my mod and move on 

There's no need to have 4k textures
What's the point of posting that?

"Heim Hin Miiraad Alun Amativ"

A huge shout out to Bethesda for creating the best game series of all time!