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Tamriel Reloaded HD now for Skyrim SE. This version includes new textures or updates to old ones. New grasses and many fixes are also included.

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Since some people asked for it i remade de mod for Skyrim SE and fixed a lot of horrible textures i left half done and added more stuff or new textures.


1- More variety in farm and house textures, not the same textures for each house:

-Different village walls, stone walls, wood posts, roofs...

-Different city house walls, floors, roofs, moss, ivy...

2- 3 millions of new grass and plant textures.

3- New hand placed zones with specific grass or plants. They are placed random in the map to add variety. This was a hard work. Best example is south of Whiterun stables near crossroad (zone with tall flowers).

4- New trees in some zones to add variety: Mapples, Pines, cherry blossom, cypress and weeping trees.  Some are hand placed. Best example in Riften south gate.

5- Different dead trees, stumps, trunks...

6- Different tree barks.

7- New textures for interiors. Sewers, mines, prisons, ratway, forts...

8- Different mines: Gloombound, Left hand, Shors stone mine and Darkwater crossing mines have different textures according with mineral extracted (ebony more dark, etc..). Tried to make more mines but too much work.

9- Mountains and rock diversity. More than 10 new textures to make each zone (Reach, Rift, Whiterun,...) different. Best examples Darkwater Crossing or Whiterun tundra.

10- Like 10 different types of ivy and moss.

11- Also road variety, different for each zone (Rift, Reach,....)

12- Parallax in some cities, some walls and roads.

What is new in this SE version:

- Updated many normal crappy textures.

- Fixed some pixelated textures (most in Solitude).

- New grass and plants for Whiterun tundra and Forest zones.

- 1 New terrain texture.

- Better blending textures:

- New solitude and whiterun floor.

- Removed buggy parallax in rocks and some walls.

- Floating trees fixed (all i found)

- Fixed firepit textures.

- New Forts wall texture.

- New mine textures.

- New Markarth textures.

- New ice glacier texture.

Future of the mod?

Probably Windhelm remake, continue updating textures, try to finish the game (yes you dint let me finish it) or port it as a mod for Fallout 4 and call it Tamriel Reloaded Fallout SE HD 4.


Important to get all plants and grasses working (not really needed, i included the INI files that should do te work in the mod):
Before install edit Skyrim.ini in /my docs/my games/skyrim and add iMaxGrassTypesPerTexure=15 in [Grass] section like this:


After tweaking inis:
1- Download Tamriel Reloaded HD SE and copy content into Skyrim/data folder and click "yes" to overwrite when prompted or install it with NMM.
2- Activate the Tamriel Reloaded HD SE.esp in NMM.
3- If you want to use any optional file install via NMM or copy content into Skyrim/data folder and click "yes" to overwrite when prompted.


- Probably some white meshes left, easy to fix.
- Tree LODs. Tried to improve them but my CK crash all time. Also tried TES5LODGen without success. If someone make good ones i will upload.

My parallax terrain dont work.
- Waiting for an ENB.
Too big download?
- Because its big.
I still have vanilla fences.
-  Remove any fencewoven nif in meshes/architecture/farmhouse
Will this work with super HD grasses 0,5k, Trololo grasses 2k and mega flora 32k 3D?
- Yes and no. Or probably.
IFound Bugggggggg
Send me a message, post pic in comments or call Batman.

This mod would not be possible without GKB Green Trees from Ga-Knomboe Boy.