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xTranslator is a comprehensive text editor and translation tool designed for Skyrim, Fallout 4, and Starfield.
It allows users to edit esp/esm/papyrusPex files with advanced functionalities and data analysis.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • German
  • Czech
All future versions 1.4.0+ are now available here:   
Nexus - Starfield

xTranslator is a comprehensive text editor and translation tool designed for Skyrim, Fallout 4, and Starfield. It allows users to edit esp/esm/papyrusPex files with advanced functionalities and data analysis. Additionally, it enables the creation of fuz/wem maps, NPC maps, and the ability to listen to audio files alongside corresponding dialogues.

it's actually the same tool for each game, and comes with a different name:
-tesvTranslator for Skyrim
-sseTranslator for Skyrim SpecialEdition
-fallout4Translator for Fallout4
-falloutNVTranslator for FalloutNV
You can choose and change your game workspace on the fly, so it's not needed to get it from every pages.

If the translator doesnt seem to start, you have probably an outdated version of Avast antivirus. 
Solution: Update Avast

The home for this tool is the Nexus, it's made on freetime and the access is free. Please, do not upload it elsewhere.

How to quickly update an old installation of the translator:
A basic tutorial for simple dictionaries and quick first steps:
Editing similar strings with heuristic suggestion:
Converting esp/string Encoding: 
AddHeader /Tags - DefUI/defHUD helpers tools:
Loading a set of old Skyrim Strings, or use espCompare to update SSE version of a mod:
A tutorial/Howto use the OldDialogStyle tool for the NewDialog Mod:
Translate Item Sorting mods with regEX
Using RegEx
Copy Paste & Quick Numerics replacement
Using a SpellChecker in Fallout4Translator:
Importing NpcMap from xEdit:
How to use and get credentials keys for Online TranslatorAPIs

Add tag filter to strings and filter strings by tag:
Edit VMAD (text strings properties):
Features of the tool

Edition Modes :

1)*Esp mode* can load esp/esm file and perform direct translation
2)*Strings mode* can perform translation on strings files that come with localized esp (STRINGS, DLSTRINGS, ILSTRINGS). This mode does not alter esp/esm (updated and functionnal). This mode is DEPRECATED, use the HybridMode instead that allows much more flexibility.
3)*Hybrid Mode*: load a localized Esp as a Records/fields layout for editing Strings files. (The esp doesn't have to be in the Skyrim directory, but the Strings files must be in a .\strings folder just next to the esp) 
4)*MCM/Translate*: Those files are used by addons that support MCM menu (SkyUI), but also by vanilla skyrim. They contains all UI strings.
5)*PapyrusPex*: The tool includes a papyrus pex decompiler that allows to translate pex files. Internals vars will be locked as non-editable.


-Build dictionaries of strings pairs from existing .Strings files
-EspCompare tool: build string pairs directly between 2 esps with different languages.
-Direct strings Search
-Fuz Mapping and Fuz Player
-Heuristic strings search with translation suggestions on the fly
-SpellCheck for your language inline with MSWORD or Hunspell/OpenOffice Dics
-RegEx search/replace/translation
-Tools for various operations like OldDialog, .String files compare, Chinese Traditional/Simplfied conversion etc...
-Diff-viewer, that shows difference between original/updated source-strings
-Support all known encoding for Skyrim/Fallout4
-Alias Tool Check: verify alias integrity between source string and its translation.
-Special DialogList for DIAL/INFO/QUST data
-Search and replace tool with batch support
-Custom dictionary
-XML import/export
-Extracts files from BSA/BA2 archives
-Inline dictionary, built on the fly with the existing string pairs.(for latin/english language)
-Support for some Online translators (YandexAPI ( Powered by Yandex / MsTranslator ( Powered by Microsoft
-The UI has been localized and can be easily translated (Ressources can be found in the \res folder, just create a new folder with the desired language. The 'res.ini' file contains all strings used by TESVT. If you are using extended charset, I suggest to save it in utf-8 with BOM, so there will be no codepage issue)

Some hidden ShortCuts:
Ctrl-Shift-S:Export/finalize current
Ctrl-R: Quick AutoTranslate on selection
Shift-F12:Generate Derived strings

Shared dictionaries:

Important: This translator is *not* a tool for to localize/delocalize *.esp/*.esm file. Use xEdit to perform this kind of task.

Notes & Crédits: 
UIlocalization: Inherited from TesvTranslator & fallout4translator (some Translations are not up to date)
-Japanese by Vivanon, Kuroko137 & BowmoreLover (Up to date)
-German by Slavovitsh, nnw & Scharesoft (Partial)
-Polish by TomBrightblade (Partial)
-Chinese Simplified & Chinese Traditional by Ruinelec, Windkenlu, Rebya & 0xb160d1c5 (Partial)
-Spanish by Fiama & Pashalsta (Up to date)
-Portuguese by Vulthoryu (Partial)
-Russian by Iclinet (Partial)
-Korean by -Ren- (Partial)
-Italian by alfx3 (Partial)
-Slovak by pe-pe143 (Partial)

Special thanks to 
Tes5edit team for their work
Alexander Blade for the last fallout4 OpCode in Pex
Internet for the gigantic ressource ^^

Note on extra Components used by this Tool:
-VirtualStringTree: written by Mike Lischke (
-Diff: Search Heuristic compare is using the Diff Unit credit to Angus Johnson
-ZLibex: 1.2.3 and xEdit
-LZ4 and xEdit
-Part of the code for Bsa/ba2/Stream loading from xEdit
-PCRE Regex library: (unicode version)
-Hunspell Module is distributed under the Mozilla Public License Version 1.1
-xmw to wav converter: xWMAEncode.exe from directX SDK/microsoft
-Madshi exception handler [non commercial version] (

Online translation support, the tool can also use: 
YandexAPI ( Powered by Yandex
MsTranslator ( Powered by Microsoft
GoogleTranslate ( Powered by Google



version 1.4.4-alpha
-Internal: fixed an issue with the Starfield dictionaries since the game files use shared strings ID in duplicated record. Please regenerate your starfield dictionnaries (options->dictionaries) if you use some.
-Internal: Added an ESM cache system for large localized ESM files. This allows for much faster reloading after the cache has been generated once. Note: the cache will be regenerated if the original ESM is updated. The cache system can be disabled in the options.
-Internal: sst&cache loading has been greatly improved. You might want to regenerate your game dictionaries (options -> dictionary to take advantage of this. User dictionnaries will gain the optimization as soon as they are opened and resaved.
-Internal: Large Esm loading and large string finalizing have been optimized
-Internal: The virtual tree view component has been updated to the last version.
-UI: Fixed an issue where the treeheaders were being cropped in very high resolutions. (The icon are still small for now, however. xTranslator is not fully "dpi aware" at this time)
-UI: added a warning if you try to open xTranslator in strings only mode. It's here as a legacy method, but should not be used for deep translation. Open the esm/esp instead.
-general: the old string only cache system has been removed as it was deprecated since a long time.
-HeaderProcessor: added internal call for Starfield. 

version 1.4.3
-Added upport for StarField (alpha)
-FuzMap: updated for Starfield. However: NPC relation may be incomplete.
You will need a third party tool to convert the audio: Download the Command-Line64bits at  and dezip it in the xTranslator\tool\ folder, with no subfolder. 
Then open xTranslator in the starfield workspace, load Starfield.esm, open the Npc/Fuzmap tab to generate the map, the you can listen the dialogs.
-UI: QuestList/Dialog view have been updated for Starfield.  Open the Quest tab, then double-click on a quest to open the dialog catalog for that quest.
-Internal:  Adjustments relative to Starfield esm data.
-Pex Decompiler: Updated for Starfield. Pex can be opened directly or directly in Ba2 archives. The name for new OPCode are placeholder. 
-Internal:  adjustments relative to Starfield esm data.
-Updated Japanase UI, credits to Kuroko137.
-Xml: Xml generated with strings only will fallback to string to string comparison, this should avoid the "old data format for XML error". Note that the string mode is quite deprecated at this time. It's preferable to load the esm directly even to edit strings only.
-General: Added some languages data in the default setup.
-Internal: adjustment relative to Starfield esm data.
-UI: added an internal option to verbose localized loading warning.

version 1.3.9b (Quick Maintenance update)
-Internal: fixed version Header for Fallout76

version 1.3.9 (Quick Maintenance update)
-TranslationAPI: Fixed connectivity issue with DeepL
-Wizard: Fixed an issue with ba2 backup not being created in some cases.
-UI: Fallout76PTS now points on Steam registry.

version 1.3.8 (Quick Maintenance update)
-Updated Esm Header definition for Fallout76
-Wizard:Fixed an Issue with HeaderWizard injector in Polish Language.

version 1.3.6 (Quick Maintenance update for Fallout76 wizard header/injector)
-Wizard: can handle multi archives interface/moved internal references in wizard.ini
-Wizard: default rules are load automatically if placed in the  folder [game]\data\_HeaderRules\
-TranslationAPI: In order to avoid a 'too much requests error', added a request limiter to Google api. 1 request every 3secs and max 45 requests every 180sec.
-TranslationAPI: DeepL pro account should automatically use the deepL Pro end point (dry coded)
-QuickHeaderTool: added a sort button in the header config.
-updated Japanese UI credits to BowmoreLover

version 1.3.5 (Maintenance update for apiTranslation).
-TranslationAPI: Updated internal translator api framework
-TranslationAPI: Updated MS Translator to V3. You will need an Microsoft Azure Secret key. Also you will need to set your region to "Global" in your azure settings.
-TranslationAPI: Added support for DeepL api. You will need an account from deepl and a free key. Note: if you use a deepl paid key, you can try to change the endpoint to (from ) in the file:_xTranslator\Misc\ApiTranslator.txt. 
-updated Spanish UI credits to Pashalsta
-updated Japanese UI credits to BowmoreLover

version 1.3.4
-Pex: Beta/experimental Feature. In advanced options->script tab, you can set an option so it's possible to load/save pex file with custom codepage. The codepage used are the regular forced codepage onload/onsave. Default is utf8. Use with caution if needed as the game can fallback to *your* system ansi codepage in some cases.
-Fuz/NPCMap: Fixed an issue with fuz responseID > 9
-headerProcessor: McM processor now supports regex preprocessor params
-headerProcessor: COBJ fallback now point on the produced item, if available.
-minor UI improvements
-minor internal improvements

version 1.3.3
-UI/Translation: Added vocabulary support for same language editing. 
----Note about the 'same language' Workspace: 
----only modified strings (ie: source != dest) are automatically saved in dictionaries
----all loaded "translations" are tagged as validated (blue)
----string to string autotranslation is disabled.
-Translation: It's now possible to edit the TES4:CNAM/SNAM subfields for delocalized esp/esm.
-tools: LoadStringAsTranslation tool now only sets items as "validated" (blue) if the translation target has been modified by the process. If the translation is not modified the item is set as "Translated" (white)
-UI/Translation: String to string autotranslated items are now always tagged as validated (blue).
-Data: updated version info for Fallout76 PTS esm 
-headerWizard: improved log feedback
-headerWizard: fixed various minor internal issues, you can also access the xTranslator options directly from the wizard windows
-UI/feedback: a confirmation is now needed to close xTranslator if the header processor contains unsaved data.
-headerProcessor: extended fallbackBank from 0->9 to 0->F (hexadecimal). it's also possible to set fallback bank on selection (ctrl-alt-f)
-headerProcessor: fixed an issue with recipes fallback 

version 1.3.2
-UI:The registry path detection has been updated. Clicking the little magnifying glass button update all paths of the current game. Steam games can now be also found in secondary game directories as long as they were correctly installed through Steam. It's also now possible to choose between Steam/bethesdaNet/PTS version for Fallout76.
Note: updating path also reset the Recent files list to avoid confusion.
-MCMCompare tool: Fixed an issue when String ID are identical but with different Uppercase/lowercase chars.
-Data: Updated lstring conditions for PERK:EPF2 definition.
-headerProcessor: LGDI records now fallback to its related leveled item.
-headerProcessor: ALCH records now indicate effects data as pseudo-Keyword for advanced food/chem processing 
-headerProcessor: It's now possible to use a %s tag inside a header definition, where %s stands for the original computed string, in order to allow advanced formatting, where some (or all) header parts can be placed after the original string instead of only before.
-Yandex is disabled for now. The api has been changed and may not be free anymore.

version 1.3.1
-Editing/Text/Internal: Fixed a rare issue with mod containing texts longer than 65565 ($ffff) characters. The text limit is now (arbitrary) pushed to ~1000000bytes once encoded, which should give some space. Low limit for vmad and Pex strings is still valid.
-Editing/Text: added a beta feature (not completed yet) that allows to switch to a faster (but less fancy) editor. this could help heavy multibyte languages while editing long texts. You can switch (on/off) to the faster editor with ctrl-shift-F12. The feature is not complete, the spellCheck/search&replace is not ready yet.
-headerProcessorWizard: do not try to load interface file if the ruleslist doesn contain mcm rules.
-Encoding/Internal: Fixed an issue with codepage 936.
-UI: Updated Japanese UI (Thx and credit to BowmoreLover)

version 1.3.0
-UI/Internal: added an encoding size visual when editing a string. 
If the size goes above 65520 bytes ($fff0), the string is trimed on save. Some languages use multibyte char (eastern char can use up to 4 bytes per char for example) so this reduces the possibilily to edit very long texts. The on save string size verification has also been improved so a multibyte char cannot be splitted and to loose its integrity anymore.
-Internal: Fixed an issue where a bsa/ba2 could remain locked by xTranslator.
-headerProcessor: Added recursive search for few new 76 internal data
-headerProcessor: Rules can be processed on mcm/translate text file, only stringID search can be applied in that case obviously.
-headerProcessor: Added text search for keyword edid name.
-headerProcessor: edid and krd text search pattern now also supports regex (You need to add # in front of a pattern to activate regex computing.)
-headerProcessorWizard: added dynamic patching & rules for Translate txt Files

version 1.2.9
-Internal: Updated data definition for fallout 76

version 1.2.8
-Internal: Updated data definition for fallout 76
-Internal: Fixed a rare issue with empty compressed records

version 1.2.7
-Updated version info for Fallout76. Also silenced some harmless loading errors. (still shown in log)
-When source and destination languages are the same, saving a MCM file uses its original filename instead of a computed name with destination language (in order to facilitate batch/multilingual MCM corrections).
-UI (beta): using Ctrl-Shift-W now finalyze and close all opened files

version 1.2.6
-UI: Improved performance when using the "One Line display" option (which is also now enabled by default). This should greatly enhance the list scrolling with heavy fonts (heavy 'glyphed' fonts, eastern fonts...). Note: you can re-enable the previous display behavior by unchecking the one line display in the options.
-UI: Added an icon in front of multi-lined strings
-headerProcessorWizard: Minor UI Improvements

version 1.2.5
-headerProcessorWizard: Added a One-Click File patcher in order to allow Font/Icon modification in F76 (will not work with Nuclear Winter)
-UI: Fixed some issues (Tooltips, High display scaling...)
-UI: Updated Spanish UI (Thx and credit to Pashalsta) 

version 1.2.4
-UI: feedback windows output has been adjusted in order to fix overlap issue when using a high display scaling
-Internal: fixed a CTD issue when the application is restarted on the fly while changing workspace on load.
-Internal: Fixed an issue while retrieving Keywords data in enumerated subrecords.
-headerProcessor: Fallbacks introduced in version 1.2.3 now works correctly with INNR records.
-headerProcessor: Headers that contain only one space char are now correctly applied.

version 1.2.2beta
-UI: Switching between 2 loaded files now keep and retrieve the list position for each file.
-Script/PEX: Added an advanced option to unlock Global Vars inside PEX for editing. Use with caution.
-headerProcessor/F76 only: Added a wizard for to quickly apply rules on the fly for the end user. (Menu -> Wizards -> Header Wizard). Just open xTranslator, start the wizard and follow the instructions.
-headerProcessor: Improved UI, improved search, added some functionalities with fallback references, and added a tag system that allows to set templates for to automatically enable/disable rules. Edid references are now stored in the include/exclude lists, this allow to set multiple edid references (AND / OR) in a single rule. Rules are backward compatibles.

version 1.2.1beta
-Pex: Skyrim/SkyrimSE pex are now correctly loaded in 64 bits
-UI: The main treeview list doesn't autosort itself after editing a text
-UI: Switching between two loaded esp doesnt reset the filter state if the VMAD button is checked.
-Export: Fixed wrongly named xml/sst if a filename contains a dot not related to its extension.
Thx and credit to BowmoreLover for the testing and feedback.

version 1.2beta
-Internal: xTranslator 32bits and 64bits versions available. 
-Internal: Now compiled with delphi Berlin. 
-Internal: Updated all major integrated components (VirtualTree, Zlib, perlregEx, synedit, htmlViewer, hunspell, indy10, madshi)
-Internal: Update and cleanup in code to support x64 compilation as well as all components evolutions.
-UI: in the 'search and edit' windows, if you have checked the 'confirm on swap' option (on bottom left),you will also get a confirmation box if the string has been edited and you choose to cancel the window.
-Fallout76: updated lastest TES header version support
-headerProcessor: added options to choose if a list of keywords/components is exclusive (AND) or inclusive (OR).
-headerProcessor: added an option to allow the Header to fully replace the destination string.

version 1.1.6e
-Fallout76: updated TES header version support
-headerProcessor: It's now possible to add component conditions. Just drag/drop the included/excluded component(s) in the relevant list like any other rules.
-UI: it's now possible to drag and drop a dictionary over an open esp/esp to translate it directly with default predefined options. (If you need more options you can still import the dictionary via the menu). This works only for sst file only for now.

version 1.1.6d
-headerProcessor: fixed few issues in the preProcessing options that prevented change if no component were found, Also it's possible to set  a blank header, if the string only needs a preprocessing treatment.
-headerProcessor: When some preProcessing options are copied, it's now possible to apply them on all selected rules with Ctrl-Alt-V ( this also enables preProcessing on those rules) . You also can use Ctrl-Alt-X to disable preProcessing on all selected rules
-DefUIGenerator. Some internal cleanup. However, this feature is quite deprecated now, since headerProcessor allows deeper control.
-UI: Fixed an issue that could hang the tool while quickly increasing/decreasing font size.
-UI: Updated Japanese UI (Thx and credit to BowmoreLover)

version 1.1.6c
-headerProcessor: the rules creation has been revamped in order too facilitate updates and navigation. Now, you need to create an empty rule at first, and it is automatically updated when you had stuff in it.
-headerProcessor: added a button to duplicate rules 
-headerProcessor: added a preprocessing feature. Each rules can have a string manipulation attached (a simple regex) and component part directly integrated. Each rule has its own template so it's possible to change the output according to situation. You can copy past preProcessing options between rules. Note: you can type 'preprocess' in the include search filter to see all preProcessed rules.
-Internal: few cleanup.

version 1.1.6b
-headerProcessor: Added search filter for the header list. You can search for header, references (MISC, ALCH etc..) or included/excluded contents (formiID ref, art ref etc...)
-headerProcessor: The header list has been improved. It's also now easier to modified order with drag and drop.
-headerProcessor: Processing has been greatly optimized (again)q
-Internal: Orphan strings are now correctly purged when language/codepage is changed on the fly
-Internal: few cleanup.

version 1.1.6a
-headerProcessor: Added support for extra Font: Set the extra font in the header processor windows, this activate the font in all relevant edit fields in xTranslator. If a header font is set, you can use Ctrl-F9 to toggle it in the main string view list (main window).
-headerProcessor: fixed an issue with excluded FormID/ArtID
-headerProcessor: Slightly changed the behavior for keywords: Included keywords are using Logical 'AND' (all keywords must be found) and excluded keywords are using Logical 'OR' (at least one keyword exclude the item)
-headerProcessor: Processing has been greatly optimized 
-ComponentGenerator: Added some options in defUI tools, this allows more versatility and customization
-ComponentGenerator: Options are now saved between sessions

version 1.1.6
-All Loaders: Added a FallBack encoding mechanism. If Utf8 is the primary encoding, and fails to decode a string, then a fallBack codepage is applying for that very string. Fallback data have been added to SkyrimSE and Fallout76 codepage.txt definition files. This should help to resolve some default strings inconsistency.
-headerProcessor/Fallout 76: updated default rules. Tags are now more like little "fake icons", and it's 100% language independent (But this works with occidental languages, because it uses some diacritics symbols that can't in default Cn/Jp/Ko setup)
-headerProcessor: loading default rules menu is now a drop down menu with more than one entry allowed
-headerProcessor: fixed issue with the header editor.
-UI: Updated Japanese UI (Thx and credit to BowmoreLover)

version 1.1.5c
-ComponentGenerator/Fallout 76: Added an option to indicate component quantity (The exact value is not available so it's only a range. this adds the tag + for medium amount, and ++ for high amount. Note that this quantity is also modified by your perks.)
-headerProcessor/Fallout 76: updated default rules.
-headerProcessor: you can now drag and drop a rules.txt file on the headerProcessor window to load it.
-headerProcessor: added an option to process only selected rules
-headerProcessor: added an option to specify if the base strings need to be pulled for the source or destination strings
-headerProcessor: added output selection strings
-headerProcessor: fixed rules not applying on record with multiple strings entries.
-Misc: Fixed wrong cap for undo operations
-Misc: Fixed some UI issues. (bugTracker)

version 1.1.5b
-A tutorial for the header Processor can be found here:
-headerProcessor: Added a edit Header button, there you can rename (or translate) all headers directly, without have to change every rules one by one.
-headerProcessor: Fixed some issues with the processor UI.
-UI: Updated Japanese UI (Thx and credit to BowmoreLover)

version 1.1.5
-Fallout76: Added an headerProcessor Tool for multilang item sorting. Define your set of rules and all headers will be added automatically. All comparison data are languages indepedants, so it's easy to translate and update at any point.
Comes with a defaut set of rules. More info in a tutorial soon.
-Misc few internal fixes.
-UI: Updated Japanese UI (Thx and credit to BowmoreLover)

version 1.1.4
-Fallout76: Improved Component generator. You can now exclude items by Keyword (default setup exclude bulk, armorMod and weaponmod items). You can customize this by entering or removing formID keyword.  You can also add the weight of the item (use the Output string combolist, or customize the entry) 
-Misc: Fixed an issue that prevented keyword for INNR entries. 

version 1.1.3a
-Fallout76: Added chinese codepage definitions
-Fallout76: Strings are now pulled from archives rather than loose files by default.

version 1.1.3
-Fallout76: Added registry detection for game path
-Fallout76: Fixed Component generator. (Tutorial here It's possible to automatically add component info to scrapable miscItems and save the edited strings (it works on loose file in current version of the game)
-UI: Updated Japanese UI (Thx and credit to BowmoreLover)

version 1.1.2
-Added basic support for Fallout76. (Beta)
Since modding is not supported right now for the game, this is for those who want to take a look at the structure and texts. There is no other purpose right now anyway.
-Fallout76 workspace added.
-New strings entries for Fallout76 added.
-Dictionary generation is working (you need to manually enter the game data folder in the dictionary options)
-Npcmap,Fuzmap and voice play is working. (you need to manually enter the game data folder in the fuz options)

version 1.1.1a
-Translation: Fixed an issue in espCompare tool, where translated strings could be flagged as untranslated.

version 1.1.1 
-VMAD: It's possible again to do a string2string translation on VMAD items tagged as 'Partial' (F2) or currently selected (using the relevant option). This works also for both Xml / SST import. Again, be very careful while doing this, and be sure to select the vmad items that really need to be translated.
-VMAD: Strictly translated VMADs are now flagged as translated (White) instead of validated (Blue).
-UI: The UI-locking process when xTranslator is busy has been streamlined.
-UI: Updated Japanese UI (Thx and credit to BowmoreLover)

version 1.1.0 - VMAD Overhaul
-Script/PEX: Added support for external pex decompiler (Ie: Champollion). That way you can see an alternate output of decompilation when editing Pex files.
You need to set the path to the exe in the advanced Options Script tab. Note: There are two versions of Champollion:
+Champollion for Fallout4 (by Orvid) can be found here:
+Champollion for Skyrim/SkyrimSE (by li1nx) can be found here:
Be sure to indicate the path to the right one for the current xTranslator workspace.
-VMAD: When using the context menu over a selected VMAD entry in the main list, you can directly open the Script related to that VMAD.
-XML: Added support for VMAD in xml dictionaries.
-VMAD: enabling/disabling VMAD in advanced options is now reflected on the fly. However you also need to activate VMAD visibility per file in order to see unedited VMAD items (light bubble icon in the main toolbar). This setting while be saved per file cross sessions. VMAD can also be filtered in the standard filter mechanism.
-VMAD/Dictionaries: If a strict VMAD data is matching in dictionary (while loading or applying it on a delocalized esp), then the translation for all relevant VMAD entries will be automatically applied even if VMAD analytic is not enabled. That way, you can share dictionary with VMAD entries without further operation by the end user.
Important note: string to string auto-Translation doesn't not work as-is with VMAD. This by design, because the you need to be very careful when creating new translation for VMAD entries. 
If you want to perform a string to string auto-translation for VMAD, you need to select the given strings or tag them as partial (purple/F2), then start auto-translation (ctrl-T) with the overwrite option set on selection or partial. Keep in mind that a editing a wrong VMAD can break your mod. So, again, be careful. 
Also, Compare data (like espCompare) doesn't work with vmad, due to the versatility of the process. 
-UI: some general improvements in locked strings security mechanism.
-UI: Fixed an issue where saving dictionary (Ctrl-S) could be locked if you switch fast between 2 files while heuristic suggestion is running. 
-UI: Updating derived string data in options doesn't require a full vocabulary update anymore.
-AutoTranslation: Improved result given by the mode 'string only' when applying  SST or XML dictionary. This mode is quite deprecated but can still be useful in some cases.
-AutoTranslation: Warning feedback has been improved when applying XML dictionary in edid only mode. (Works with dictionaries saved in 1.1.0). Everything is backward compatible otherwise.

version 1.0.9
-Translation: When importing a dictionary (sst) or applying manually a dictionary, destination strings that have been modified in the process are now flagged as "validated" (blue) instead of "translated" (white). This helps to check differences between 2 translations, for example. 
-Tool: QuickTrans (Ctrl-R) now use a strict string+edid check.
-Misc/UI: Feedback popup when saving a file has been replaced by a more streamlined mechanism
-Translation: Old data should not get priority over actual data anymore.
-Added a quick audit in log that shows the total of unique strings (total / untranslated), to get a better overview about what need to be done.
-Options/Tool: You can now disable "derived string" in option, but do a manual derived string computing with Shift-F12 when needed.
-Options/Tool: Derived string parse data will be ignored is they begin with a # (standard comment)
-UI: fixed an odd refresh issue with progressbar on windows Aero
-Misc: Minor internal improvements

version 1.0.8c
-Regex: Fixed an issue where using more than 10 back-references in the regex translation tool
-Regex: The regex translation tool window is now resizable and saved through sessions.

version 1.0.8b
-Fixed an issue where pex/mcm autotranslation was always tagged as 'warning'.
-Warning for OldData/Derived strings auto-translation now uses a blue icon (low Warning).
-Updated Japanese UI (credit and thx to Kuroko137)

version 1.0.8a
-Fixed an issue with some keyboard shortcuts not working properly.

version 1.0.8
-Tag/CollabID: Filter improved. When using right-click on the tag filter, you can now set tags as shown (+) or hidden(-). That way you can easily include or exclude items.
-FormID/record filter: The filter is now isolated from other filter. By pressing F12 (or using the context menu) you can quickly filter/unfliter a specific record. Useful to deal with records with multiple strings. A button have also been addded in the tool bar for that purpose. Also each opened esp as its own formID filter.
-Translation: Quick Translate added. By using Ctrl-R, you can quickly do a *strict* autoTranstate based on current selection (based on Edid + string). Useful to restore a previous set of translation.
-Translation: Auto-translation based on string and heuristic suggestion now take vocabulary order in account. First dictionaries in the vocabulary list get priority. You can sort the list by drag and drop.
-Advanced: Improved derived strings. It's now possible to generated more than one match count per string as long as both source and dest strings share the same structure. You can also hit 'escape' to stop derived strings processing (useful if you are testing some new entries).
-Advanced: strings automatically translated by a derived string or an 'olddata' strings (from unused entries in dictionaries) now get a warning for verification (note: strings with a warning are not saved in dictionaries).
-Tool: EspCompare now validate entries only if it detects changes between translated strings outputs.
-Misc: Various small internal improvements
-UI: Ctrl-Shift-S shorcut added for Finalize.
-UI: Using 'Cancel' when a mod is loaded in a wrong workspace actually really cancel the process.
-UI: Updated Italian UI, credit to alfx3.

version 1.0.7 (release)

-Tag/CollabID: You can now write a comment related to a given tag. When applying a tag (F9), or editing the tag filter, use Shift+Left-Click to write/update a comment. The comment is saved in SST file.
-SST dictionaries. Due to update for Tag/CollabID the sst file format has slightly changed. (the newer sst version can't be opened by older version of the tool, but of course there is still a backward compatibility with older dictionaries)
-ToolBox: Only items that has been effectively modified by the tool are now now tagged as 'partial' (purple).
-NPC/FuzMap: Added support for sound files that are coming as simple xwm not embedded in a fuz file.
-Tool: Fixed a minor issue with basic search and replace.
-Translation API: Openssl Dll are now included in the release.

version 1.0.6b (release)
Small Maintenance update:
-Fixed a small issue when filtering items with warning

version 1.0.6 (release)
Small Maintenance update:
-Restrict to 'visible items in current filter' can now be applied to the search&replace tool.
-Translation API: Improved http error message if the request fails.
-Misc: Reverted the change where the main windows was locked when processing data.

version 1.0.5 (release)
-Misc: Added the *.esl extension when loading mod file (for Creation club files)
-Translation API: MicrosoftTranslator API framework has been updated and fixed  (You need to get a free account on, then activate the text translation service in the cognitive section, then you can translate up to 2 000 000 chars per month for free)
-Translation API: Youdao API framework has been updated. (You need to update your Youdao account accordingly to be able to use the new API. The new char limit is now 5000 chars per request, up from 200).

version 1.0.4a (release) 
-Fix for a rare issue when opening the tool for the first time 
-Updated Japanese UI (credit and thx to Kuroko137) 

version 1.0.4 (release)
-NPCMap: Added a recursive loop guard in the NPC map generator to avoid infinite Alias Loop crash in some rare occasions (like in Bruma for Skyrim. Might be a CK bug in first place)
-Misc: Added support for codepage  936 and 950
-Misc: Added items selection count in status bar
-Translation API: you can now enter Proxy settings in the translatorAPI option panel if needed.
-Misc: Added a close [X] button on some feedback panels, to prevent the windows to be stuck.
-Tool: Fixed an issue with the toolbox (uppercase/lowercase)
-Misc/Fix: Various minor fixes.
-UI: Updated Italian and Chinese UI - Credit to alfx3 & Rebya
-UI: Added Slovak UI - Credits to pe-pe143

version 1.0.3 (release)
-TranslationAPI: Added lite support for googletranslate API (based on chromeApi, free, no key required). Works only in edit windows.
-TranslationAPI: The msTranslationAPI key has been reset. The credential protocol has changed ( The changes have been applied in xTranslator but are untested since I didn't update my azure account.
-TranslationAPI: Disabled the freeAPI, since the service is not available anymore
-UI: Improved Recent Menu aspect
-UI: Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V now also work in the edit window records list
-UI: Fix for a potential crash if the user tries to retrieve heuristic suggestions while saving dictionary.
-Advanced Search tool regex: (contextual menu in the advanced search panel) You can extract one regex backref from source field  and one regex backref from dest field then compare the two backrefs. This allow to filter only strings that match the same backref (=), or a different one (!=). (Useful to check consistency for numeric values or pattern type strings between original and translated data)

version 1.0.2b (release)
-Tool DefUI Component Generator: The selection option now works correctly. Also the tag is now cleaned for items with no scrap material.
-UI: You can Drag&Drop multiple files at once into xTranslator
-Updated Italian UI (credits and thx to alfx3)
-Updated Japanese UI (credit and thx to Kuroko137)

version 1.0.2a (release)
-ToolBox: (List Context menu on selection) Add Header. Quick Access Ctrl-D. For to quickly add/change Headers (like DefUI/sorting tags) before the selected strings. You can add any header you need in the list and also automatically import the DEFUItags xml if it's installed from the .\Fallout 4\Data\Interface\DEF_CONFDEF_INV_TAGS.xml if it' installed. (Data path must be configured for this to work) More info here
-ToolBox: (List Context menu on selection) Trim String (to remove extra space char before of after the string)

version 1.0.2 (release)
-Tool: Added (Menu Tool) a DefUI Component Generator for Fallout4. 
This tool adds the relevant components to MISC item with the DefUI formatting. (By default: '{{{c1, c2, ...}}}', based on internal registered data for each eligible Item. The tool only works if both source and dest languages are the same. You can also choose to clean up both component string and item string (delete the current {{{...}}} data) before applying a new one and you can adjust the used RegEx for those both tasks if needed. (Default settings work 'as is' by default for most situations.). You might also need to load all relevant master esm for this to fully work. More info here
-Minor UI fixes
-Updated Simplified Chinese UI (credit and thx to Rebya & 0xb160d1c5)

version 1.0.1c (release)
-UI:The main form now regains focus correctly after editing string if the advanced search windows is opened
-UI/Search: Fixed an issue where non translated strings tagged with a collabID would stay hidden after a dictionary save
-Internal: The derived strings are now correctly generated again after saving a dictionary
-Corrected Japanese UI (credit and thx to Kuroko137)

version 1.0.1b (release)
-Minor UI fix
-Updated Japanese UI (credit and thx to Kuroko137)

version 1.0.1 (release)
Note: Each time I think I am done for a while, I get a bunch of new needs, ideas and fixes, so here it is... :)
-Export/Finalize: Added an option to use a fixed folder for finalizing an esp/esm. That way, you can store your untranslated esp/esm in a given folder then export, even a partially translated mod (for testing purpose) always in another defined folder (like, for example, the game data folder) more easily. The "export as..." folder is also retained between sessions.
-Added Copy/Paste context menus in the edit window record/dialog list (note: ctrl-C/ctrl-V are disable for this menu to avoid conflicts with ctrl-C/ctrl-V used in the textbox.)
-Added Advanced Search, that allows MultiField search, with Normal or regEx patterns (case sensitive or not). It's also possible to save search template between sessions. 
-You can now open and edit more than open SST at once, by multiselecting them in the vocabulary tab. (Multiselect also work for creating reverse SST)
-Opened SST dictionaries are now automatically closed if you change source/dest languages on the fly (to avoid mismatch vocabulary).
-Added a new Regex Mode: 'Search in source and add in dest'. Useful to add some patterns. Example you have a bunch of strings like '[variousHeaders] sourceText' -> 'destText'. Use: '^([\[\(\{\|].+?[\|\]\}\)])'  then replace with '#1 %d' to get '[variousHeaders] destText'.
-Added KeyWord data for INNR records (in edit windows, top text info) so it's easier to see to what data an instance naming (INNR) is related. You need to load all masters for the edited mod for this to fully work. 
-Added a menu command to load all masters for the current loaded esp/esm. (tool -> load all masters)
-Added a context menu command to automatically filter all strings from the current edited Record in the main list.
-Small fixes and tweaks for Derived Strings computing and UI.
-Added some old missing UI strings in the ressource file.
-Updated Japanese UI (credit and thx to Kuroko137)

version 1.0.0 (release)
-UI/Tool: Added a toolbox (main strings list, context menu -> selection: toolBox). Available tools: Uppercase All, LowerCase All, UpperCase First Char First Word, UpperCase First Char All Words 
-UI/Tool: Added a menu entry (main strings list, context menu -> focus:Send to custom dictionary) for to send the focused entry to the personal dictionary 
-Vocabulary: Improved derived strings cache. Also added options to customize derived strings generation. This feature is enabled by default.
-Fuz: Fixed an issue when playing dialog/voice associated with multiple fuz files in edit window
-BSA: the bsa browser now correctly shows the file size inside BA2 archive