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This is Add-on for Hammet's Dungeon Pack by venjhammet.
This MOD adds more kinds of rewards.
The original author has nothing to do with the production of this MOD.

Permissions and credits

This MOD is an add-on to Hammet's Dungeon Packs for SE which is a dungeon added MOD produced by venjhammet.
The latest version of Hammet's Dungeon Packs for SE (Ver 1.89) is required separately.

As a remuneration for the dungeon attack, we add various unique items such as light equipment and equipment for magicians.
Some items can be converted into another item using the potion available in the dungeon as a material.
The number of additional items is about 60+ types.


This MOD does not change the dungeon structure and gimmicks. Changes to the original MOD are suppressed as much as possible, only adding items is done.
I also try to be as faithful as possible to the world view of Hammet's Dungeon.

Mr. venjhammet is not involved in the production of this MOD.
I am thankful to Mr. venjhammet who made a wonderful dungeon added MOD.

I am not good at English. Sorry if it is hard to understand.


このMODは venjhammet 氏の製作したダンジョン追加MODである Hammet's Dungeon Packs for SE のアドオンです。
Hammet's Dungeon Packs for SE の最新版(Ver 1.89)が別途必要です。

追加アイテム数は約 60 種類です。

また Hammet's Dungeon の世界観になるべく忠実であるよう心掛けています。

当MODの製作には、venjhammet 氏は一切関与しておりません。
素晴らしいダンジョン追加MODを製作された venjhammet 氏に感謝します。

ご意見、不具合のご報告などは Twitter  @takozawa99 へお願いします。