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A challenging competitor in Soul Cairn and a powerful ally, the Durnehviir that this mod delivers is a better, stronger, remastered God of Death. He is re-textured and can breathe blue or purple undead flames (inspired by Game of Thrones).

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  • Italian

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  • Since no scripts are used for this mod, you can easily install or uninstall this mod on new or existing saves at any time. All options can be changed mid-game as well
  • Re-textured Durnehviiir to appear more like a rotting dragon corpse
  • Added optional converted meshes form the original Skyrim ZeroKing mod, “The Decayed Dragon - Durnehviir Retex." You can easily use both his mod and mine if you prefer his re-textured Durnehviir. You can find his mod here 
  • Durnehviir now has a unique breath attack which causes damage overtime and comes in both blue (a color inspired by the undead dragon in Game of Thrones) and purple.
  • Durnehviir's stats are now akin to a legendary dragon. He is not overpowered, but he won't just die in one or two hits!
  • Durnehviir's summon spell has been added to the Durnehviir you fight in Soul Cairn and has been changed for both the summoned Durnehviir and the one that is fought. The spell will summor 2 sword-wielding skeletons and 1 archer, giving the effect of summoning and undead army.
  • The Durnehviir you fight in Soul Cairn now has the blizzard spell. Both fought and summoned versions have the ice storm spell for long-range attack. 
  • Planned upgrade which will allow the player to ride Durnehviir if this mod is received well
  • Optional upgrade to ALL DRAGONS: tail stomp ability will now knock NPC's down
  • Ultimately, this mod will make the combat with Durnehviir more difficult and dynamic. He will also be a powerful ally.