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  • Credits Listing

    The following authors have contributed use of their content in various capacities for use in Legacy of the Dragonborn. Thanks so much for their
    contributions. If you spot something in the mod that doesn't seem to be credited properly, please let me know via PM and I'll correct it. Some citations could have slipped through the cracks given the scope of this mod, so give me the benefit of the doubt.

    Shrine assets by FrankFamily
    Luxurious pickaxes by Elsopa
    Texture Resources by Jojo-ojoj
    Draugr texture by Kajuan
    Draugr Armory by Destero
    Ingredient wall art by Blarry
    Ingredient jars by Blarry
    Unique booze bottles HD by Exray Catt
    Booksets by Blarry
    Openbook resource by Blarry
    Stormlord armor by Gechbal (armor for Ul...

  • Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

    Please ensure you have the latest Legacy update (following any instructions, if listed, in the change log) and the latest Legacy patches installed.  Also, please check the most current entry in the change log for issues being fixed in the next update.  You may find your issue is going to be addressed

    Don't forget to check the Patches FAQ for patch-related issues.

    When directed to start a new game I just use a clean save from very early in the game.
    Do not do that. There is no such thing as an early game "clean save". As soon as you begin a new game, every mod in your load order that has scripts and persistent records is baked into your save. A core native function called OnInit fires across all scripts and saves data to your game. This happens as soon as...

  • Best Practices for Modding and Playing Skyrim

    While modding Skyrim brings a great deal of enjoyment to the game, it is not a quick and simple process.  Time and care are required if you wish to have a properly functioning setup.  That said, following good modding practices will greatly improve the stability of your game (and presumably your enjoyment of it).  Here is a list of best practices.  Please notice, in the interests of brevity, this may require more research on your part for items listed here.

    Where at all possible, install both Steam and Skyrim on a separate internal drive.  If using another internal drive is not possible, install at the root in a new folder (for instance C:\Games\Steam).  Do NOT install either Steam or Skyrim in Program Files or Program Files (x86).  Although Steam will ...

  • Compatibility: Incorporated and Conflicting mods

    Incorporated Mods:
    This list of mods are incorporated or assets were contributed to LOTD and SHOULD NOT be installed as their content has already been included with Legacy. Adding these mods in addition to Legacy may cause conflicts and will void any support we can offer.

    Big Leather Backpack (by hideto84 with edits to recipe)
    Book Covers Skyrim
    Book Covers Skyrim Lost Library
    Edhelsereg's Lord's Mail
    Engelman's Rest dungeon
    Gemstone Collector (gemstones only version with edits for compatibility. See update notes)
    Insanity's Chrysamere
    keizaalfeyn's Dawnfang
    Luxurious Pickaxes
    Much Ado About Snow Elves
    MyBad's Shadow of the Underking
    Nimezis Daedric Crescent
    Nordic Wanderer Equipment

  • Legacy of the Dragonborn Full Guide (required reading)

    Legacy of the Dragonborn Full Guide
    This document is the end all be all of Legacy information and everything you need to know about mod installation, support, troubleshooting or otherwise is contained within this single doc. All relevant outside information is linked directly in this document for ease of access. All other resources of information found on the Legacy Nexus page or the Discord community will reference this document. You are REQUIRED to read (not skim) through this document prior to seeking any help on the comment page or on the Discord support channels. If the answer to any inquiry is found within this doc or the linked articles, you will be told to read this manual which will be linked EVERYWHERE.

    Important Note for Xbox Users
    Legacy of the Dragonbor...

  • What's new in V5

    Legacy V5 is a complete rebuild of the mod more or less from the ground up and such requires a brand new game in order to utilize (even from the beta version to final release). We have taken measures to ensure that this happens as well. With this warning and disclaimer out of the way, here is a list of what Legacy V5 has to offer:

    Completely scratch built museum: brand new interior and exterior design constructed over over 150 new custom architectural meshes
    Completely rebuilt and redesigned Safehouse: Space added to accommodate both followers and children, sitting area and garden as well. Garden area remodeled and incorporates a greenhouse now. Expanded size but still maintaining a homey feel. Added additional storage features and display storage in kitchen and ad...

  • Legacy v5 FAQ Archive

    This is a repository for issues previously maintained in the Legacy FAQ for v5, but have been fixed in the update previous to the current version and are now retired from that page.  It is provided here as a courtesy for "update stragglers" and as an archive for the Legacy team.

    I notice the Full Guide says I cannot use an old save file (version 4.X) from before I updated to version 5.X. Why?
    The changes made between between version 5 and previous major releases were substantial and touched literally everything in the mod; quests, scripting, worldspace edits... you name it. Knowing folks would be disappointed to lose a cherished save, we did test to be thorough. In short, running a v4 save on the v5 museum resulted in a horribly broken and unsalvageable game. If you are...