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    Legacy of the Dragonborn V6 10th anniversary edition is live!

    V6 is now live and ready to go! This has been a massive undertaking for Kriana and myself and I'm glad to fi
    nally have it release. Please make sure to re-read the full guide linked above before downloading, review the change log and reference these quick updates:

    - V6 requires a NEW GAME (reality of large mod updates for Skyrim, not a choice made by us, or an option for you, your game will break otherwise)
    - V6 now has an extra dummy plugin (you can ESL-fy it as I forgot to this go around), which is required for loading one of the texture BSA's
    - You MUST re-download Legacy Patch Central's patches update
    - You MUST download the new Legacy Creation Club and Curator's Companion updates if you use them, they have been updated for V6
    - DO NOT use any 3rd party patches for Legacy until they have been updated for Legacy V6
    - Several mods have been merged into V6 so refer to the compatibility and integrated mods article referenced in the full guide. DO NOT run these mods along with V6.

    - V6 requires _ResourcePack.ESL which was released with V1.6.1130+ of Skyrim. If you wish to continue using an older version, you must update then downgrade again so you have the resource pack and use the BEES (backported Extened ESL Support) mod in order to utilize expanded ESL support offered in Skyrim v1.6.1130+. No support on downgrading will be provided. You may have to choose between using Legacy and using something else in your load order that hasn't been updated in awhile, update the older mod to work on the new version of Skyrim, or figure out how to patch it so it does work. (See below for info on collections). Alternatively you can use Steam to download the _ResourcePack.esl on your older version of Skyrim without updating, but you still will need to install BEES referenced above. Steps are found here:


    On windows:
    -Open steam
    -Press (Windows key)+R and type "steam://open/console"
    -Once opened, type the following and press enter "download_depot 489830 489831 8442952117333549665"
    -Wait until steam console says: "Depot download complete"
    -Go to "steam/steamapps/content" and in the folder located there you'll find some content for Skyrim, plus the _resourcepack.esl and _resourcepack.bsa
    -Use winrar or 7zip to put both .bsa and .esl into a zip/rar file. Name that file _resourcepack
    -Use MO2 or whatever you use to install that rar/7zip file.
    -Make sure you name it "_resourcepack" and place it at the top of your Mod list. (This last step isn't necessary, it's just for the sake of knowing where and what it is later on.)
    -Activate it and there you have it. No piracy, no missing out on the mod, no updating anything. Simply using steam services.

    Also remember that when starting a new game you MUST wait for all mods to initialize to have the best performance and minimize any possible issues. Legacy had a message box that will pop up when it is finished building the new lists which will take about 5-10 minutes depending on load order when you start your new game. This list builder ensures a more complete radiant list for research and fetch quests, relic location abilities and tools, etc. And also vastly speeds up the processes during the game after.

    Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (USSEP): MO2 particularly seems to be moving USSEP AFTER Legacy which it should not be doing. USSEP should ALWAYS be loaded as early as possible in your load order and certainly before Legacy, otherwise it will block the museum entrance with a dirty edit to a vanilla asset. You can lock Legacy and USSEP in your load order to ensure it doesn't get moved.

    Collections: DO NOT update to Legacy V6 manually until it has been updated for your collection. The collection curator will have to address any required patch updates and compatibility issues before you can use V6. You cannot just slap in V6 into a standing collection and expect it to work, regardless of the Skyrim version issue. At very least the curator will have to review any custom patches to ensure they are working on the new version. And again, we DO NOT support any load orders using collections.

    Dev Aveza Mod: Until further notice, the original Dev Aveza live flight airship mod is NOT SUPPORTED. We are reworking the patch and it's more involved and requires an update to the original mod by its author before we can properly patch it. Once that happens, a patch will be included in the Legacy patcher but will require a new game to use.

    Xbox: The Xbox port will take a few months for Rhaela to update. All updates on this or questions should be handled on the Discord Xbox support channel. As a reminder we do not directly support the port here and any questions need to be taken to the channel on our discord.

    Note on Safehouse as family home:
    Bless home and other methods of marking player homes for use by families will work with the safehouse as of 6.1.0 however several Legacy patches have to be updated because they are carrying forward a bad record from 6.0.0. We're in the process of updating but you can fix it with xEdit by carrying forward the museumexterior cell's location data to override any patch that doesn't have it as DBM_DragonbornGalleryLocation.


    Lux Patch for Legacy
    Lux's patch fort Legacy has been undergoing updates and is the cause of numerous problems legacy is experiencing right now including missing stairs on the museum, broken airship functions and misplaced meshes in the safehouse to name a few. If you use LUX, make sure you are absolutely up to the minute updated with whatever patch for V6 has been recently updated.

    Your Own Thoughts (YOT) Patch
    YOT needs to update its patch and is currently breaking the supply stash spell/crate access menu and the museum guide display planner for starters. Do not use the Legacy patch until it updates.

    Scribes of Skyrim
    Breaks the furniture options and household planner for the stuff merged in from safehouse plug. Their patch need to be updated.

    Improved Survival Mode
    If you are using this mod, you need to turn off the 'disable fast travel' option inside its INI file and use a separate fast travel disable mod. Without doing so, it will block the airship's ability to travel because it managed fast travel in a different way that interferes with the airship's temporary bypass of fast travel blocking.
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    I am having difficulty auto sorting in the museum. Every time I try to auto sort it tells me there is a "Critical autosorter error, operation aborted". Does anyone know how to fix this because manually placing each item will take ages. 
    Thanks in advance 
  3. thepainmaker444
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    New Bug - as long as i enter my new game in the museum and i talk to the owner my carry weight pop up to 100150 . I am using sunhelm and my carry weight should be 150 . I tried to disable the carry weight modification so i will start with the default 300 , but again , same thing , poped up to 100300 . Weird and any help would be greatly appreciated !
    1. EmpressKira1409
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      That was added with the new update for LOTD. If you want to disable it go into Mod config and click to disable it! They did that so you could run around freely and put things in the museum away! The carry weight goes away once leaving the museum (gate specifically if you go through front door). Hope that helps!
    2. thepainmaker444
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      Wow ! haha , didnt even know , so smart ! I am not sure if the excess carry weight goes away when i leave the gate ! i have to test it ! Is there a chance for this feature to be bugged and never dessapear? Also when you say in the mod config , what do you mean ? is there a specific file path ? or in the MCM ? thanks a lot !!!!
  4. Mirovoi00
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    I can't be the only one who was thrown off by Steel Armor being listed twice in MCM LotD Checklist. Only after I dug into a wiki was I able to realise that two entries are there to account for 2 different variants of Steel Armor which apparently exist in game - one with pauldrons and one without. Ok, but why not list this distinction in MCM? I thought my game was being bugged out there.
    1. Pickysaurus
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      The MCM lists the literal item name. If you find this confusing you could make or install a mod that renames the variant and the MCM will reflect that.
    2. Mirovoi00
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      I guess it's more Bethesda's fault for making two visually distinct armor variants with the same name, but still kinda iffy, IMO
  5. JoeCoolinsc
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    I've upgraded successfully to V6. I am looking forward to starting a new game. However, my V5 save had every displayable item, and every LOTD quest complete. I was curious and loaded that save. Everything is Most items are still in place and a new quest started to deal with Vigilants trying to take my stuff. I haven't proceeded any further.

    I fully intend to start a new game as soon as I'm satisfied with my load order. What sorts of issues should I expect going forward with my old save? Just until I'm actually ready for a new game...

    EDIT: I am seeing the issues after further exploration. New game - here I come.
  6. Yzer0n
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    So, I just updated and started a new game. Everything is running just fine, but I just got into the safehouse and the doors to the Solitude are displaced in the middle of the living room. Any idea what could be the issue? (I have no mods that alter the interior of museum)
  7. EmpressKira1409
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    Not sure what could be causing it (new modder here), but in my Safehouse the door to go outside in the living space is set as if the added stairs to the guildhouse wasn't added. I used Alternate Start as Guild Master, if that helps. I don't have very many mods that are environmental, especially in buildings. I also did read all the attached things provided, but I may have missed something. The only ones I could think of is that its possibly WACCF or Cutting Room Floor? But I wasn't sure if removing them and load back up would show which is the problem or if it would be a remove and new game thing?

    Any help is welcomed, thanks!
  8. bartek3456
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    For some reason opening the fragments cabinet does nothing. Ideas?
  9. leekintheboat
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    My favorite mod, hands down. Just upgraded to V6. New clean save. I'm missing textures though, and I don't know what's up with that. I don't have anything that bothers textures for buildings added into skyrim, so I'm not sure why more than half of LOTD is missing them. From what I can see just outside it's the new little overhang with two lanterns missing textures (outside of where the companions HQ is), the dragon fountain outside, and the two banners on the right side of the door. Also the stairs outside leading upstairs has a wall running through it. I can easily disable that in console commands, but the textures missing make everything purple. I saw on a loading screen the Dev is missing all of its texutres, and inside the majority of the walls and displays are missing. Is there maybe a patch I'm forgetting or needing for V6?  I honestly don't mind playing it this way if there's something else I can download to assist the issue I'm having. 
    1. icecreamassassin
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      please read the sticky above
    2. Lonnie667
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      If you're on PC go to C:-Users-<your name>-AppData-Local-Skyrim Special Edition

      Open up plugins.txt and search for 'LegacyoftheDragonborn0.esp'
      Put an asterisk in front of it like the other lines to activate it so it looks like this...


      That will activate the file that loads in the rest of the textures.
  10. Nabexis
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    Hahaha It seems Cedric and his daughter were so determined to visit my museum that they showed up during Night at the Museum. I thought they were ghosts talking at first.
    (It was the beginning of the quest, in the evening just as you first get into the museum and all the furniture was stacked, and they were leaving, but it was funny to find them in the museum after it had been locked up for Haunting already for the rest of the day)
  11. dragon1967
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    I was wondering why is there stone platform's in front of the dragon claws display.  I have only one mod the changes them and that's JK's dragon claws. This is on a new game.
    1. stonehands1
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      Most likely you need to remove the John Skyrim patch for the claws, since its not needed.  Bear in mind that since removing plugins during play is a bad idea, you may wish to just live with it until your next game, instead of starting over.
    2. Swordofthedragon
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      The LOTD patch provided from JS dragon claws is based off the old display layout. V6 has them on pedestals.
    3. dragon1967
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      I'm not far in so I'll just remove it... Thanks for the reply.
    4. BrutusVP47
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