Skyrim Special Edition

Incorporated Mods:
This list of mods are incorporated or assets were contributed to LOTD and SHOULD NOT be installed as their content has already been included with Legacy. Adding these mods in addition to Legacy may cause conflicts and will void any support we can offer.

  • Big Leather Backpack (by hideto84 with edits to recipe)
  • Book Covers Skyrim
  • Book Covers Skyrim Lost Library
  • Edhelsereg's Lord's Mail
  • Engelman's Rest dungeon
  • Gemstone Collector (gemstones only version with edits for compatibility. See update notes)
  • Insanity's Chrysamere
  • keizaalfeyn's Dawnfang
  • Luxurious Pickaxes
  • Much Ado About Snow Elves
  • MyBad's Shadow of the Underking
  • Nimezis Daedric Crescent
  • Nordic Wanderer Equipment
  • Ogmund's Tomb dungeon (as Dragon's Fall)
  • Painkiller97's Hrothmund's axe
  • PrivateEye's BiPolar Blade
  • PrivateEye's Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw
  • PrivateEye's Helm of Tohan
  • PrivateEye's rings of old
  • PrivateEye's sixth house bellhammer
  • Ronnie Magnum's Legendary Rings V2.0
  • Saeralith's White Phial Replacer
  • Thane Weapons Reborn
  • Theycallmecheese's Ancient Shrouded Armor replacer
  • Trainwiz's Visage of Mzund redone
  • Unique Booze Bottles HD
  • Unique Uniques
  • Windcaller Pass dungeon
  • Wulfharth's Fang of Haynekhtnamet
  • Ysgramor's Armor- Sea shells collection

Mods that Legacy support has been removed for:
The following mods have had their support (main mod or patches) removed for various reasons.

  • Artifacts of Skyrim substantial changes between versions in a direction the team was not interested in pursuing. 
  • Beyond Skyrim - Bruma - the mod will still work, but support is being retired for future immersion conflicts with Odyssey.
  • Daedric Realms Volume 1 - the author has removed their mods from the Nexus.
  • Dignified Elders - not needed.
  • Elemental Dragons - the mod will still work but is buggy and has issues patching properly in the museum.  Display support removed.
  • Even Better Quest Objectives - patch will be maintained by the author.
  • Holds - The City Overhaul - patch will be made and maintained by mod author.
  • Hunterborn - patch not required.  Very minor incompatibilities.
  • Legendary Skyrim Crossbows - mod will still function but there may be some incompatibilities.
  • Open Cities Skyrim - when mod and patch were removed from the Nexus by the author, support was dropped.  Even though the mod has been put back on the Nexus, the mod remains unsupported.
  • Path of the Revenant - the author has removed their mods from the Nexus.
  • Ravengate - the mod will still work but is buggy and has been discontinued by the author.  Display support removed.
  • Reach Magic - the author has removed their mods from the Nexus.
  • Reading Is Good - patch is no longer required with the SKSE version of this mod.
  • Ruins Edge - the author has removed their mods from the Nexus.
  • Skyrim Immersive Creatures - the mod will still work, but only had two displays so patched support is dropped.  Display support removed.
  • Skyrim Underground - substantial changes between versions and declining interest from the user group.
  • Staff of Sheogorath - the author has removed their mods from the Nexus.
  • Unique Loot - mod has been retired and replaced by the author with 3 versions.  Too much work to maintain.

This is a running list of mods that have conflicts with Legacy of the Dragonborn V5. They will be removed from the list if and when patches are made, or remain here if they continue to not have support.

  • Creation Club - Most of the Legacy team members do not own CC content and therefore we cannot patch it.  There already is content for most CC items in the community, most of which look or function better, and many of which are already in Legacy. A separate Nexus page has been has been provided for CC patches the community is building for Legacy, as a way of centralizing them.  Please note the existence of the page and patches on it, does NOT mean they are supported by the Legacy mod team.  As stated there, it is a convenience only and to use at your own risk, and all support questions concerning them should be directed to that page where the caretaker of the page or other CC users can help troubleshoot.
  • Dawnguard/Clan Volkihar Epilogues - Legacy already has a solution built into it to provide all of the path specific relics from the Dawnguard questlines. Do not install this mod.
  • Legacy of the Dragonborn - Furniture Management - the functions of this mod are now incorporated in Legacy.  Remove if installed.
  • Legacy of the Dragonborn - Stutter Begone - Incorrect occlusion panes or bad edits to occlusion planes cause video issues in the safehouse.  Issue was fixed in a Legacy update.  Do not use.
  • Lore Weapon Expansion, Daedric Crescent plugin - Optional plugin for Lore Weapon Expansion.  Do not use.
  • Lore Weapon Expansion, Goldbrand plugin - Optional plugin for Lore Weapon Expansion.  Do not use.
  • Lore Weapon Expansion, Relics of the Crusader plugin - Optional plugin for Lore Weapon Expansion.  Do not use.
  • Moon and Star immersion patch - Legacy's patch has a vanilla friendly implementation of the MAS immersion patch which waits to start the quest until after the way of the voice has been done. The MAS version alters vanilla quest content in a way that could break or interfere with other mods or the vanilla game. This patch should not be used with Legacy's MAS patch.
  • Skyrim Together (and Reborn) - Due to fundamental incompatibilities with any kind of multi-player support, Legacy would require an entirely different version in order to work with Skyrim Together. Since we will not support more than one version, this is not going to be something we will do and it cannot be achieved easily with a patch of any kind. No support will be given if Skyrim Together is used.
  • Skyrim Unbound - Because of obvious immersion and canonical conflicts, as well as potential issues with how Unbound alters the main quest early on to allow the choice to be dragonborn or not (which Legacy depends on), until a patch is made by Unbound's author or others in their team or the Legacy team who are familiar with it, this mod will likely cause conflicts.
  • The People of Skyrim - An included Tree LOD sticks up in front of the museum and cannot be patched out. You can fix this by re-running DynDOLOD and/or SSELODGen.
  • Tramp's Rest - The older version of this mod includes a script, DBM_DynamicDisplayScript.pex (v4), that will be incompatible with Legacy v5.
  • Undaunted - Until a patch is made by someone, this mod is incompatible with Legacy and we highly advise not to use it in general as the mod will use items from any loaded mod in its reward system, which at face value is a neat concept, but MANY items are scripted and used as unique items, quest items and are key elements to mod quests and other content. Just like with Reproccer throwing things on leveled lists willy-nilly, this is not a responsible way to mod and risks breaking quests. So until we have full understanding of how this mod works and a patch is made, we cannot support issues when this mod is in use.
  • X Box Controller Interface - Use of an Xbox controller on PC will cause a CTD when triggering Arkayn's Toolbag menu options. This is a game engine interface issue and there is no known solution short of using keyboard and mouse to use the menu option on the bag.  This has been fixed in Legacy 5.4.2.

General Compatibility Notes

Any patch or batch file from Eddoursul
Use of any batch files or patches provided by eddousul will VOID ALL SUPPORT, period. Use of "quick start" batch files utilizes console to set quest statuses and even if they are executed properly, it can still lead to problems as many quest scripts fire on DIALOGUE which you cannot execute from a batch file! Optimizations to the sorting system are also not allowed or approved as it alters the baseline API system of the museum which other mod support relies on. DO NOT use these intrusive files.

Note on 3rd party patches/Hall of the Forgotten patch curation
Any mod which does not have the Auryen "seal of approval" logo on its description page is a 3rd party, unsupported patch/addon. We will give no support and no advice concerning these patches as a general rule. Many are unstable, lore and canon breaking mods or just do not fit within the scope of Legacy lore. Unsupported mods do not have space assignments given to them, and as such any that appear in the museum (i.e. outside of the Hall of the Forgotten 3rd party curation addon space which is unsupported regardless), may have officially endorsed content already assigned or assigned in the future which will occupy the same space. All of these patches and projects are "use at your own risk" and may void any support from the development team if any major conflict issues arise.

SR Exterior Cities Series All In One
This mod is unsupported, in it's full or modular city formats.  Like Open Cities, it's far too invasive and causes way too many compatibility concerns with vanilla content and anything placed in the world spaces. While it might be fine on an extremely light load order, as other mods accumulate (and this IS Legacy we are talking about) there will be exponential increases in compatibility concerns.  We do not offer support for games where you have this installed.

Persistent Reference and Object Mover

The author of tool himself is very candid in acknowledging that this tool is not intended for regular users or actual gameplay.  It is intended for fairly advanced modders doing testing/troubleshooting.  We do not offer support for games where you have this installed.

Mannequin Replacers
If you are using any kind of mannequin replacer, you MUST switch Legacy's mannequin option to male only, as any mannequin replacer will conflict with the Legacy specific female manequins and often causes crashes.

Auto-Equip functions

Things like the SkyUI remote equip function should frankly never be used for most items. Anything that has an onequip script function will fail to fire. In Legacy's case, the visage set will not function properly and the Ayleid Waystone will also malfunction. Scripted gear which uses an OnEquip or OnUnEquip script event to apply special functions/effects or perks, will fail when used with these systems.

Note on Vanilla Main Quest and Dragonborn status
Legacy depends on the elements of the canonical main quest as prerequisites for various quests and displays, and any mod which alters, circumvents or completely disables any elements of the main quest has the potential to break Legacy of the Dragonborn's quest progression or at very least game immersion. We do not endorse the use of "non-dragonborn player character playthroughs" and can't give support for it. This IS called Legacy of the DRAGONBORN after all.

Moonpaths to Elsweyr
This mod is not included in Legacy v5, but Legacy will work just fine without it.  You get the airship either from plain Legacy or with Moonpaths, although the airship from the separate mod is free-flying whereas the Legacy one is not.  If you wish to use Moonpaths you must install it separately, however the Legacy patch FOMOD does include a patch for it.

Third party combination patches and item swapping
Any patch that dynamically swaps an item for another has the potential to render items undisplayable in the museum. Examples include certain combination patches for WACCF, Heavy Armory, and CCOR.  You will need to provide your own conflict resolution in such cases.

Solitude Skyway
Solitude Skyway has been patched by the author to work correctly with Legacy v5.  However, since this is a patch and not a rework of the core mod, the underlying structural issue is still present.  This means be aware that other Solitude Skyway patches should not be used in conjunction with this new Legacy patch as the forms are completely different, as noted by the author on their page.

Auto Looting Mods
While not directly incompatible, there is a risk that ANY quest mod will have issues with auto-looters since many mods place quest items for script based handling inside active cells, inside the void area. The auto-looters often can still grab these. Make sure that your auto loot range is not ridiculously high and is set to ignore quest items. We don't support games where auto looters are installed.

Similar to auto-looters, AddItemMenu is not directly incompatible, but requires considerable self-discipline to use correctly.  Adding items that are flagged by quests can break those quests and lead to undesired behavior in your game.  We don't support games where AddItemMenu is installed.

Project Proteus, Proteus, PROTEUS Mod Explorer and Spawner, Ethereal Tools Backup-Restore-Cloud Deposit
These are mods that provide a front end menu for console command scripts covering a wide array of actions and functions with far-reaching consequences.  As such, there is easy potential to break quests or even your whole game.  We don't support games where any of them are installed.

Legacy of the Dragonborn Storage Control Cube
There are already many mechanisms to shorten the time it takes to return to the museum to drop things off.  Hacking into the musuem's systems from any location is not a a good idea, if for no other reason than other activity in the player's environment happening while the sorting scripts are running will bog down the engine and potentially result in crashes, unlike the quiet museum which allows proper execution.  Additionally, checking in a bunch of displays before doing the initial museum quest will break things.  We don't support games where this mod is installed.

Sexlab/Lover's Lab mods
LL mods are very resource heavy and affect areas of the system which conflict with heavily modded setups and heavily scripted games. Nobody on the Legacy team utilizes or endorses use of LL content with Legacy as there have been numerous reports of stability concerns which we cannot address. If you choose to utilize these with Legacy, do so at your own risk and seek help at the LL site instead.

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