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Dragon Cliff Manor is a player home mod built near the base of the Throat of the World. Hearthfire family support.

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Welcome home...


First, this is not originally my mod. It's a port of the mod for Skyrim found here (see credits below):

Dragon Cliff Manor is a player home built near the base of the Throat of the World; a location that, hopefully, stayed true to Bethesda's original design strategy of an epic world. Although the manor employs a very familiar Whiterun theme, the layout is unique, large and open. The most convenient way to get to the house is to start at Lost Knife Cave/Hideout and follow the path up the mountain. Eventually, the Manor will come into view when looking up on the right side of the path. Keep following the path until the Manor is reached. Map markers are included once the Manor is discovered.

My (TechAngel85) initial goal of cleaning up the mod while correcting issues has expanded into a full overhaul to build a homestead worthy of the Dragonborn. This, however, is going to be a long-term project. There is plenty of work to do until I feel the mod is a working homestead.

Once I feel that goal has been (mostly) achieved, then I will release Dragon Cliff Manor as v1.0. Until that time, users should expect the mod to be transforming and updating. This means I won't guarantee it will continue to work on saved games between updates. If you don't want to accept that risk, I suggest tracking the mod and wait for the v1.0 release. Note the v1.0 release will be at some unknown time in the future.

  • Crafting Stations: alchemy, baking, cooking, blacksmith, enchanting, fishery, grinding mill, smelting, tanning, wood chopping
  • Greenhouse with 36 planting soils to grow your crops
  • Stable with horse and cow that produces milk once a day
  • A basic auto-sort system with 14 custom storages located throughout the manor
  • Barrack with space for up to 5 followers
  • Bedroom for Housecarl
  • Children's room with space for use to 4 children
  • Community pool
  • Kitchen complete with a chef NPC (just for fun)
  • Library with a view and custom displays
  • Master Bedroom with a pool and balcony
  • Armor mannequins
  • Several weapon racks
  • A few weapon plaques spread around
  • Teleport orbs and ladders to get around faster
  • Hidden Snow Elf Sanctuary with magical alchemy garden
  • Fully NAVMESH'ed for everyone to get around

The manor has a simplistic auto-sorting storage system. Custom storage containers are placed throughout the house to support the system. Some are new custom containers, while others were existing decorative clutter that was repurposed as a container for the system. The following containers are available:
  • Storage name | location | what is stored
  • Alchemy | Study | ingredients
  • Armor  | Library Foyer & Barracks | armor
  • Wardrobe | Master Bedroom | clothing
  • Firewood | Kitchen | firewood
  • Pantry | Kitchen | food
  • Raw Food | Kitchen | uncooked meats
  • Jewelry Box | Bedroom | gems and jewelry
  • Key | Housecarl | keys
  • Miscellaneous | Study | currently unused. Once implemented, it will be used to sort unrecognized item to.
  • Potion | Study | poisons and potions
  • Scroll | Study | scrolls
  • Smithing | Blacksmith Station (exterior) | ingots and ores
  • Soul Gem | Study | soul gems
  • Weapon | Library Foyer & Barracks | ammo and weapons

The Master Sorting Chest, is found in the main foyer, to the right as you enter the manor. All users need to do is dump their items into the chest. The system will activate once items are placed in the chest. Then it will pause until the chest is closed to allow users to remove accidental moves. Once the chest is closed, the script will systematically sort the items to the above storage containers. The sorting is a bit broad due to using item types (Forms) and keywords. However, this means mod-added item will sort, assuming they have the correct form and/or vanilla keywords.


Not compatible with:

Compatible with:
It should be compatible with just about everything except mods that edit the same exterior cells. Textures will change with any texture mods installed. The follow mods have specific compatibility build in:

Version Scheme
  • Major = changes to assets such as new or updated meshes, scripts (if applicable), textures, etc.
  • Minor = compatibility updates, patch updates, larger bug fix rollouts, betas, etc.
  • Hotfix = hot-fixes, single bug fixes, update to installer code, etc.


  1. Install with your mod manager
  2. Sort with LOOT
  3. Generate LOD
  4. This step is optional, but you won't see the house from a distance unless you do.

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