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Adds an animated interaction that lets you milk cows and domestic goats once a day. Requires Hearthfire

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Have you ever wanted to simply walk up to a cow in a farm and milk it to stave off death added by a hunger and thirst mod? Or just wanted extra jugs of milk for crafting?

Well now you can. This mod adds the ability for you to walk up, activate a cow or goat, and watch a brief animation before you receive a jug of milk. That's it. There have been a few milking mods out there but they tended to add so much extra stuff that I had no interest in. This mod just adds the interaction.

You can milk them once a day. If you try again after that you'll receive a simple message telling you off.

It affects all basic cows and domesticated goats in the game (You can't milk wild goats and frankly you shouldn't try). It will also affect any mod placed goats and cows so long as it uses the same type of cow and goat npc. For example, the animals added in Dawn of Whiterun work fine with this mod.


Sometimes cow and goat animations can get a little weird.
The placement of the helpful bucket can also get a little weird when milking goats.
Otherwise it works fine.

Future Plans:

I dunno, compatibility for Skytest or other animal mods if I think it's needed.

Possibly the ability to milk mammoths with the addition of a new mammoth milk item (for crafting into mammoth cheese of course) if I can figure out how the script works with them. Compatibility with RND and whatever would be a pain though.


To berticus0001 who made the milking script this mod uses. I just took it and stuffed it into an extremely simplistic mod.
You can find his full mod and his resources here: