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This mod converts the unless windmills around Whiterun to working versions; making it possible to grind down normally useless items into usable ones.

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Functional Windmills
Mill Stones

This mod is a lore and vanilla-friendly version of Smash It Up - Functional Mills. The entire mod was rebuilt from the ground up, but I wanted to give JimThrawn the credit deserved for the original idea. This mod converts the useless windmills around Whiterun to working versions; making it possible to grind down normally useless items into usable ones.

To achieve this goal, a new furniture object was created to replace the useless vanilla mill stones and given the vanilla, isGrainMill, keyword. Then new recipes were created using the same keyword. When one of these new objects are activated, users are presented with a crafting menu to craft their items. This essentially works just like the vanilla grain mills, and the new recipes are also added to these vanilla mills, as well.

The mod only edits the three windmills around Whiterun. The remainder of the windmills are used as references for things I don't want to touch. The three original windmill grind stones have simply been disabled.

New Recipes

I attempted to keep a reasonable balance between requirements vs crafted items. The quantities given are base on the amount/size of the required objects; some loss being expected during the grinding process.

Alto Wine
This was the only wine I could find information on what it was made from, therefore, it's currently the only wine included. It requires 10 jazbay grapes. I know that yeast is required for making alcohol, but there isn't yeast in the game so it's assumed it is being used, such as when baking items.

Powered Mammoth Tusk
  • 1 mammoth tusk = 3 items

Blood Potion
  • 2 human hearts = 1 item
  • 2 human flesh = 1 item
  • 1 human heart + 1 human flesh = 1 item

Bone Meal
There are several objects that can be ground down to bone meal:
  • 2 small antlers = 1 item
  • 1 large antler = 1 item
  • 1 human skull = 1 item
  • 1 troll skull = 2 items
  • 1 dragon bone = 4 items

  • 5 hjavascript-event-stripped 1 item

Spriggan Sap
  • 1 taproot = 1 item


This mod is compatible with any mod-added recipes that are made to use with the grind mills. The following mods are confirmed compatible:
  • Freshly Ground - users currently will not receive alchemy experience, but the recipes work. Install the optional file of Functional Windmills.

The following mods are not compatible:
  • CACO - It's technically compatible, however, CACO achieves the same goal as this mod using a different method. Therefore, if CACO is used, this mod is not needed.

Adding this to your mod...

Mod authors can include the new mill furniture in their mods by simply duplicating the WindmillMillActivator object, giving it a unique name, and placing it their mods where appropriate. The placed mills will automatically pick up the recipes included in this mod, when it's installed. New grinding recipes created will need to use the isGrainMill keyword for the mills to pick them up.