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Activation ferries for seamless small transportation across rivers/lakes/sea
Also a vanilla static rowboat replacer for functional rowboats.

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  • French
Travel by ferry, make other plans to your routes instead of.. swimming to it.

Allows the player to travel small pre-determined distances. free control, no scripts, no animations. Just activation to go from point a to point b and activate again to go back, if you wish.
There is no reason to mess around with freezing water and to swim to places all the time. Serves as a complement to Survival mode, also as a new way to engage with exploration.

Remember the fisherman, his tent and his static rowboat ashore ? Most likely you can now use it because almost all of these rowboats are replaced.
Like this (these ferries are for showcase only they have a more custom look now)
Apologies if you are eye sensitive
pretend its Benny Hill 


and back

Traverse from the Solitude Sawmill to the Morthal Swamp

and/or enter the city like the swamp king


Carefully placed ferries (~80+) around Skyrim and Solstheim.
Types of ferry: common rowboats, fancier rowboats, floating planks with an oar/rafts, city ferries.
Some have custom features to offer some variety between them and these follow a theme to the surroundings. p.e. a ferry near an encampment with cargo.

Press "e" or equivalent and that´s it.
The ferries will stay where you leave them. There are no 2-way ferries for one spot. There´s only one, so some places remain inaccessible" depending on the routes.
The ferries added have a logistical sense to them, meaning that every island does not have a ferry.

  • Lake Inialta 
    chain example without using the same ferry: the fisherman rowboat below the guardian stones (Riverwood). Travel to the other shore. From there find a rowboat near some broken pier and travel to the lady stones (there is also one in the other lonely fisherman island that travels there), from there go to Halfmoon Mill, and from there cross to the ruins in the other shore, and then take another fisherman rowboat to travel back to the settlement.
  • Haafingar - ferries around the port, sawmill, the Morthal swamp. 
  • Eastmarch
  • Lake Geir - Near Ivarstead
  • Lake Honrich - the Rift
  • Northern Sea - north and east. P.e. Septimus outpost and other islands.
  • Travel to Castle Volkihar - absent a direct route, there are 2 routes that explore the nearby seabanks and islands, if you can find them. They converge there.
  • Solstheim is covered - swim no more - no ferry from Skyrim

The images are missing some routes - because I could not find them via the map images.
If it seems that the map images are maybe needing more ferries its because in-game they are passable by foot. p.e. Morthal swamp, glaciers, shallow waters.

I recommend running the iActivate script and mod to remove the "activate" rowboat/floating plank/ferry/raft text.

Alternate Start - Live Another Life
Alternate Perspective - Alternate Start
BS Bruma
Siege at Icemoth 
An addon for New Vominheim exists here 
Midwood Isle

Compatibility ✅ Patches here
Animated Ships -  patch in patch page
Boat - Operational animated travel - patch in patch page
The Great city of Solitude - patch in patch page
Solitude Expansion - compatible
JK´s Solitude Outskirts - compatible
Redbag´s Solitude - compatible
Solitude Docks updated - compatible
Enhanced Solitude - compatible
Riften Docks Overhaul - patch page
Riften Docks Pathways - patch in patch page
Solitude Docks Improvement - compatible
COTN Dawnstar - Compatible
The great city of Dawnstar - Minor Cities - Compatible
Capital Windhelm - Compatible
possibly location mods - more than likely compatible
p.e. Enhanced Landscapes - compatible
Ryn´s standing stones - compatible
Lux orbis  - compatible
Northern Roads - compatible most likely
Half-moon Creek - compatible
Half-moon COTN - compatible
MixwaterMill - compatible
More bandit camps - likely compatible
Immersive fallen trees - don´t know the same spots
Convenient bridges - don´t know the same spots

All the mods are generally compatible - all that can happen in this mod is clipping.

Cannot be directed
Once it starts it cannot stop until it reachs its destination
Player is not locked
Wobbling - no, they slide.
Has sound - yes
Sprays water around - no
Some wonkiness moving forward, noticeable with speed. This is a default camera thing. I have not used or tested camera mods with this. I got used to it by looking around or going in 1st person view.
Each ferry configuration is unique - a simple re-position patch may need more.
Ferries stay where you leave them.
Speeds may be slighty varied - but not fast nor slow.
Travel distance limit has a value of 12.000 for this. So small bodies of water only.
Npcs do not use it. For the rowboats they´d have to learn to jump first, which they don´t know how to do if you think about it. But this is an activator, if they use chains and levers they could potentially use this, or at least the floating planks.
Telekinesis does not work on them.
Plug-n-play type of mod
Espfe´d - esl
Performance: no impact whatsoever
Requirements: none
Load order - does not matter unless the above alter it
No seats - limitation for this apporach, afaik.

This is a sort of a gameplay mod and offers unrestrained continuous action. And. It will not make much sense swimming all the time playing survival mods without this, either in Skyrim, dlc or addons.

Vicn for the Object resource - Elevator - brilliant! the framework of this mod!
Laboratorium - for some inspiration, I was learning from its elevator mechanics previously which was invaluable to set up configs.
Ships and boats of Tamriel by DeviantKaled - great great models used here
Mathy´s Repository used hung fish
Bodyslide and Outfit Studio by Osnius and Caliente
with the help of the immense map genie: Skyrim Interactive Map

Nif optmizer
Cathedral Assets Optmizer
Creation Kit