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Boats! To ride on!
Now with ferry support

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Boats - Operational Animated Travel

For when you want to take ✨The Scenic Route✨
Vanilla rowboats are a little boring. Most of them do nothing at all, and all the interactive ones simply teleport you directly to your destinations. Boring. 
Now, (*some*) rowboats actually move. Immersion!

If you dislike waiting, this mod is not for you. BE WARNED

Locations currently covered:
  • Solitude Docks
  • Icewater Jetty <-> Castle Volkihar
  • Septimus Signus Outpost -> Winterhold
  • Guardian Stones -> Lady Stone
  • All routes covered by Dawnguard ferries
  • All routes covered by CFTO ferries

  • Solitude Docks Updated (compatible)
  • Great City of Solitude (patch provided)
  • Redbag's Solitude (compatible)
  • Enhanced Solitude SSE (compatible)
  • Enhanced Solitude Docks (patch provided)
  • Jk's Solitude Outskirts (compatible)
  • JK's Septimus Signus Outpost (compatible)
  • Animated Ice Floes (compatible)
  • Winterhold Docks (compatible)
  • Winterhold Docks + Great City of Winterhold (compatible)
  • Great City of Winterhold (compatible)
  • COTN Morthal (compatible)
  • COTN Dawnstar (compatible)
  • Redbag's Morthal (partially compatible)
  • Great City of Dawnstar (compatible)
  • Riften Docks Overhaul (compatible)
  • Ryn's Standing Stones (compatible)
  • Animated Ships (patch provided)
  • Moon and Star (incompatible)
  • Laintar Dale (patch provided)
  • Ryn's Goldenglow Estate (compatible)
  • Thuldor's Ivarstead (compatible)
  • Better Tel Mithryn (compatible)
  • Moon and Star (incompatible)
  • Improved Camera SE (partially compatible)
  • Lux Via (patch provided)
  • Mirele Bismath Reborn (compatible)
  • DK's Realistic Nord Ships (patch provided)
  • Nether's Follower Framework (patch provided)
  • Remote Interactions (compatible)

Vicn - For their amazing resource. Please go download their mod.
DeviantKaled- For giving me permission to use their assets in DK's Realistic Nord Ships and resources in Ships and Boats of Tamriel