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Ever met a half-elf witch who can't cast spells, read her grimoire, or fly her enchanted broomstick? Now you have. Enjoy the irony.

Permissions and credits
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 A super✧follower created & voice acted by Kukielle! 

Lore-friendly half-elf (Breton), a little misunderstood and lost! Listen to her tales and help her find her way~

She loves potion crafting! But her potions are strange and unusual.. maybe if she could read the recipes.....

She uses a magic broomstick! If only she knew how to fly...

And a Pumpkin Carver! (For carving pumpkins, of course)

 She's not alone anymore!! She has her best friends! 

A little blue rat that fell into her cauldron and got candy stuck in it's fur... 
A cranky witch-hat that she swears talks to her sometimes...  
And you!! Please be good to her and keep her safe!
and maybe she will share her Pumpkin Soup with you!!


Since this is my first big solo project, I wanted to make something I could put all my passion and time into whenever I can! 
I enjoy learning more scripting and designing, figuring out the technical side as well as creative is relaxing for me c:
I missed working on a cute girl and just having fun^^

I want everyone to be able to play with Taeka, so I'll always keep her free from any mod dependencies!
Sse will always fit your mod list and only take up 1 SLOT! 
If you having troubleshooting issues check my FAQ + it's also where I recommend mods! 

I can also create patchless built-in mod interactions, so let me know over there what mods you want Taeka to interact with^^

 Taeka is a Super✧Follower! 

which means she has her own advanced brain system and complex features made uniquely for her.
She can react to anything ! The moon is the limit !!
She is a solo follower, and doesn't take up a follower slot. 

Her dialogue is reactional, made for situations and variety, she won't loop the same idles like vanilla followers.
She has over 1,000 voice-acted lines and more to come.
her items and trinkets are charmed and can add effects or curses to the player
she can make new potions, and can leave a trail of glowing glitter
you can summon her, track her on the map, she can't hurt you and won't attack your other friends !

do not manage her with follower framework systems, they are not made for her brain! she doesn't need them
i am working on new features and systems for her for more! 


She's just a little witch.

Kukielle - writing, scripting, development, design, voice acting, testing, texturing

Ruuvishe - writing, inspiration, endless love and care 

Akira1364 - inspiration, help, love and care with programming

Thank you to
Ruuvishe for listening to me talk about little witch everyday for months and picking me up when i fall down

Thank you to
Akira1364 for always supporting me, teaching me so much and always inspiring me to follow my dreams

Thank you to goredev for always supporting me and inspiring me to be a better person, and for being the friend i never had.

Thank you to
urbon for always supporting me and for directly inspiring taeka with your beautiful elves 

Thank you to 
SonderBain for inspiring me always and creating beautiful animations that make me happy 

Thank you to Fuse00 because I love her 

you all make me so happy i love these amazing modders so much~

and to you, for reading this, thank you for playing and please take care of Taeka


CoralineKoralina for Koralina's Eyebrows, Even More Makeup 
Lamenthia for Lamenthia's Marks of Beauty
MihailMods for Sewer Rats
nerune2525 for Mikan Eyes
ousnius for CBBE
Kalilies for KS Hairdos 
High Poly Head by KouLeifoh
Novelyst for Reverie Skin
Kiriavark for Crystal and Potion Necklaces
FavoredSoul for Ultimate Assortment Weapons
Fuse00 for Melony Armor
Elianora, Backsteppo, CD Projekt for Fancy Witch Armour
Kreiste, wSkeever for Wild Witch Outfit, using the Cape and Broomstick.
Wild Witch Outfit is released under CC BY-SA 4.0 (