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Mod adds a STANDALONE Triss / Yennefer armour mashup with dark theme and a witch hat. Craftable, upgradable and enchantable - UNP and CBBE

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:: A Witcher 3 armour recolour ::

Craft the armour set at the forge with the "Witcher Crafting" book.

You can find a book at Anise's Cabin cellar, at Hag End's (final area outside at the top)
or College of Winterhold Hall of the Elements on a bench. 
The reason for the book is, I have 50 armour mods installed and my crafting menus are a MESS.This way the recipes show up in your inventory only when you have the book, resulting in a cleaner craft menu!

The armour version is leather type and uses LEATHER smithing menu,
it works with matching set perks etc. and has a bit higher stats than Glass Armour. 

There's also a clothing version for mages who use mage armour perks etc., craft that under MISC at the forge.

The outfit is fitted for the UNP and CBBE (CBBE also comes with BodySlide files)
 The witch hat works on males and beast races too, might look girly though.

You have either the choice of GOING BALD when wearing it, or finding yourself a hairstyle that doesn't clip.
I prefer the latter, so the hat is marked as circlet and doesn't disable hair.

:: Recommended Mods ::

aMidianBorn Ebony Armour for the cubemap (makes shiny shiny details)


Recolouring for all by Elianora
Original conversion from W3 by Zzjay and friends -
Jeir for the CBBE version <3
Witch hat by Backsteppo -

The Witcher 3 armour meshes and textures are owned and copyrighted by CD Projekt and used with permission.
The Witcher is a trademark of CD Projekt. All rights reserved.

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