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Enable seasons of Skyrim for Pale Pass, Sancre Tor and Wind Pass - small exteriors added by Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE

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Enable Seasons from Seasons of Skyrim for Pale Pass, Sancre Tor and Wind Pass (LOTD).
This one is especially good if you use Seasonal Landscapes - Unfrozen
With this mod there will be mostly changes during Summer, and some minor during Spring and Autumn, depending on your seasonal mods.
LOTD - Pale Pass Extension is compatible - path provided.
I'm also working on another mod-added words (See list at bottom).


Seasons of Skyrim (Must have)
Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE (Must have)
Seasonal Landscapes (Must have)
Seasonal Landscapes - Unfrozen  (Highly Recommended) - otherwise there will be just minor changes.
DynDOLOD 3 (Highly Recommended, if you want seasonal LOD) - not so important in this case.

Personal Recommendations

Seasonal Aspen Trees - Seasons of Skyrim SKSE (Highly Recommended)
A Clear Map of Skyrim and Other Worlds (Recommended)
Turn of the Seasons(Recommended)
Seasonal Alchemy (Recommended)
Seasonal Landscapes - No Dead Pine Tree Resurrection (Recommended)
Seasonal Wildlife Distribution (Nice one)
Seasonal Alchemy Add-on (Nice one)
Disable Snow Grass (Nice one)


1. Install Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE
1. Install  Seasons of Skyrim and all it's requirements
1. Install any seasonal add-ons by your choice
1. Install this mod
1. Run the game and exit when all loaded in main menu. Seasons of Skyrim during startup will generate info about new worlds to include. This is important to let know DynDOLOD about Seasons on new workspaces.

 If using A Clear Map of Skyrim and Other Worlds follow instruction on it's page.

Next steps are optional as Pale Pass is small exterior and it's foggy all time so lack of seasonal LOD will not break immersion and other worlds are too small for LOD.

2. Run xLOD
2. Tick PalePass in world list in xLOD
2. Tick "seasons" and all checkboxes (default, SPR, SUM, AUT, WIN) in xLOD
3. Run xLOD Generation
4. Run DynDOLOD 3
5. Tick "seasons" and all checkboxes (default, SPR, SUM, AUT, WIN) in DynDOLOD
5. Tick PalePass in world list in DynDOLOD
6. Run DynDOLOD 3 generation
7. Profit


This mod is created to be simple as it can be so there are no incompatibilities.
The only exception are mods that edis landscape around snow areas in PalePass world.

My Other Mods

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Future Plans

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