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An expansion/overhaul to Legacy of the Dragonborn's Pale Pass, upgrading the area and connecting it to both Skyrim and Cyrodiil worldspaces (via BS:Bruma). Compatible with AndrealphusVIII's Unofficial Patch.

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Both Legacy of the Dragonborn, and Beyond Skyrim: Bruma add in wildly separate versions of the Pale Pass. If you're as much of an immersion fiend as me, this can be problematic. In addition, Legacy's version doesn't fully connect to the Skyrim worldspace. So, solution? 

Now, Legacy's Pale Pass can be accessed via both the Skyrim and Bruma worldspaces, the large border gates now having matching exterior counterparts, and the Imperial/Stormcloak presences have been strengthened. To address the duplicate forts, I've now connected the two via a large, Imperial-controlled underground section. Additionally, I've overhauled the Pale Cave to better match Serpent's Trail, giving it a new icy look and expanded routes. Overall, I've also done a variety of bugfixes and added more detail to area, to hopefully make it more than just for a one-time quest. There are both Bruma and Non-Bruma versions available via fomod installer, depending on what you're running.

But how, you may ask, do all these worldspaces conceptually work together? Well, I managed to come up with a pretty plausible, and ~immersive~ way for them to all connect.


A quick video, following the Master The Summit
-style path up to the Skyrim Border Gates.

Feature List:

Pale Cave
  • New icy overhaul
  • Additional enemies, expansion & route change
  • Cyrodiil loot integration (Bruma version only)

Pale Pass
  • Redone Gates to Cyrodiil
  • Redone Gates to Skyrim
  • Bugfixes
  • Fixed missing ambient sound
  • Overhauled npc appearances; fixed voicetypes

Cyrodiil (Bruma version only)
  • Added exterior side of Gates to Cyrodiil
  • Added exit to substructure
  • Bugfixes

Underground Section
  • Added Fort Pale Pass Substructure
  • Added Fort Pale Pass Causeway (Bruma version only)

Fort Pale Pass (LOTD)

  • Misc bugfixes
  • Cyrodiil loot integration (Bruma version only)

Quest Details:

Ezra's location/quest from Shattered Legacy is left untouched, and she will still return through the Pale Cave.

A Stormcloack in Chains hasn't been touched, though a minor note is that if the escape route is chosen, escape through the front of Bruma's Fort Pale Pass (as there is a cutscene to be triggered)


This mod is designed to work with the Unofficial Legacy of the Dragonborn and Beyond Skyrim Bruma Synergy Patch, and the installer will auto-detect the version. Any physical edits this mod makes stay well away from popular areas, and no script changes are made to Legacy's quest. Some patches are included in the fomod for mod-added content. For mods that affect general landscape (like Majestic Mountains), best practice is to load this mod afterwards.

I also highly recommend to run DYNDOLOD, as will help with the Pale Pass LODs in general.