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Overhaul the dialogue camera system. This is a mod backported Alternate Conversation Camera to LE. (

Permissions and credits
- Description
This is a mod backported Alternate Conversation Camera to LE. (

Quoted from the description of the original mod:
Makes conversation with NPCs more immersive by zooming in to their faces. Fully supports both 1st and 3rd person camera, also supports on sitting and lock-on states.  Includes "Witcher 3" camera style. Configurable with INI file.

- Adjustable and dynamic zoom based on the distance between player and npc
- Adjustable pov
- Adjustable camera speed
- Auto lock-on the npc
- Adjustable third person camera position
- Built-in conversation headtracking
- Dynamic letterboxing when in conversation
- Auto switch between player and npc pov

You can open "AlternateConversationCamera.ini" to change the settings.

If you are using Skyrim - Enhanced Camera, open "SKSE_EnhancedCamera.ini" and change bSwitchPOVMatchCameraRotX=1 to bSwitchPOVMatchCameraRotX=0.
If you are using Skyrim Reloaded - SKGE, open "SkyrimReloaded.ini" and change FoV=90.0 to FoV=0.0.

- Requirement
SKSE 1.7.3+

- Credits
NasGorTelorCeplok for source code and open permission.
himika for libSkyrim.
SKSE team for SKSE.