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This mod adds a small script that will rule emotions of player character's face in a semi-random way. Optional version also supports up to 10 followers.

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I've decided to share this mod in it's current station for testing purposes.
Please make me know of any bug or glitch or whatever thing that seems strange to you.
New ideas are highly appreciated too.
Also, I'd very much like to see your screenshots and videos for testing purposes but mainly for fun.
Thank you!

In MCM you can configure keys for pause/stop, nature of emotions and their strength.
There are 5 presets of nature:
1) Random (Default. All expressions except Neutral and Combat Shout)
2) Gentle (4 emotions: Dialogue Happy, Dialogue Surprised, Mood Happy, Mood Surprised)
3) Evil (7 emotions: Dialogue Anger, Dialogue Puzzled, Dialogue Disgusted, Mood Anger, Mood Puzzled, Mood Disgusted, Combat Anger)
4) Depressive (4 emotions: Dialogue Fear, Dialogue Sad, Mood Fear, Mood Sad)
5) Neutral (emotionless)

Optional version can handle up to 10 followers. But there is one point:
After hiring, a new follower will recieve emotions not immediately but after first save/load or after pressing stop/start key.
Followers will share the same preset of nature as PC.
Bug with followers' mouthes has been fixed. Please feedback if not.

Expressive Facial Animation -Female Edition- by Niroku
Expressive Facial Animation -Male Edition- by Niroku

Version 0.22 video:

Version 0.20 video:

Version 0.18 video:

Version 0.11 video:

Version 0.10 video:

Version 0.09 video:

Version 0.06 video:

Version 0.04 video:

Version 0.03 video: