Creating a Playable Race - The right way by Expired
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Added: 17/02/2012 - 11:51PM
Updated: 05/03/2012 - 01:33AM

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Last updated at 1:33, 5 Mar 2012 Uploaded at 23:51, 17 Feb 2012

So, I found that with new Races coming out the vampire and companion changing scripts will conflict with each new race that is packaged to support these transformations, I've now altered this script to be scaled dynamically with new races, for this to work with your new race you will also need to design your new race following my tutorial as it will ALSO remove conflict with FormList's and make no new races incompatible with eachother as they will also be dynamically updated. (The Racial Compatibility patch will work for vanilla races)

I will be deleting older versions to ensure people download the most up-to-date patches to avoid overwrite conflicts when people install multiple races but with different race compatibility versions.

Racial Compatibility
Version 1.7
-Logic correction
Version 1.6
-Corrected script fault regarding werewolf changing and a missing function
Version 1.5
-Uploaded wrong version, was missing the DB quest fix, now fixed.
Version 1.4
-Fixed Werewolf transformations, now does run-time race revert instead of stored
Version 1.3
-Potential fix for the Darkbrotherhood Cook Quest
Version 1.2
-Added Rings & Amulet default race correction

Version 1.3
-Script cleanup, added actual support for skipping RaceCompatibility (33 Auto-Fills instead of 35 if you don't include RaceCompatibility)
Version 1.2
-Fixed runtime errors and now works properly
Version 1.1
-Fixed spelling mistake causing vampires to be completely missed (Woops LOL)