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Items and clothes from Naruto world

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This overhaul is made with the purpose to groups together some mods about Akatsuki and Naruto.
Some of the mods are made by me, others, are only conversion, so the credits goes to the original modders, I will add also others mods if I get the permission.
Instead making new sigle mods I will add my new creations or conversions to this overhaul, I will also add some of my previous mods to this one.

Soon I will add other akatsuki's stuff,
for now this mod adds:

-"Akatsuki robe" made by 1a1a

-"Naruto headband" made by robert101410 & 1a1a

-"Itachi ring" made by 1a1a

-"Tobi mask" made by robert101410 & 1a1a

-"Kakashi's mask and headband" made by robert101410 & 1a1a

-"Jiraiya headband"made by robert101410 & 1a1a

-"Pain's piercing" made by robert101410 & 1a1a

-"Ninja outfit with leaf headband" made by robert101410 & 1a1a

-"Madara's mask" made by robert101410 & 1a1a

-"Akatsuki hat" made by robert101410 & 1a1a

-"Sasuke taka outfit" made by robert101410 & 1a1a

-"Gaara's gourd" made by robert101410 & 1a1a

-"Deidara eye scope" made by robert101410 & 1a1a

-"Naruto sage outfit" made by robert101410 & 1a1a

You can find all at Skyforge in Whiterun.

Sharingn eyes and moon are from gyn overhaul.


Unzip the file in the Data folder of Skyrim, if you have previous version of my mods you can overwrite them.


Delete the file you unzipped.


This mod has the same bugs of the original mods I made:
the akatsuki robe is only for male, you can't wear an helmet with it and there is a collision problem with the collar.
The ninja outfit is still a work in progress, I have to texture the inside of the outfit, besides you can't wear the shoes without pants or you won't see a part legs, you also can't wear the outfit with long gloves or you won't see a part of the arms.

If you want to report a bug of one object of the overhaul that comes from one of my previous mods, please post the comment in the original sigle mod's page, if it is possible,
for example report a bug of the Akatsuki robe in "New mesh akatsuki robe" mod.


Models of
"Naruto headband" by robert101410
"Tobi mask" by robert101410
"Kakashi's mask and headband" by robert101410
"Jiraiya headband" by robert101410
"Pain's piercing" by robert101410
"Ninja outfit with leaf headband" by robert101410
"Madara's mask" by robert101410
"Akatsuki hat" by robert101410
"Sasuke taka outfit" by robert101410
"Gaara's gourd" by robert101410
"Naruto sage outfit" by robert101410
Special Thanks


Recommanded mods

This mods are not necessary, but I used them to thake the photos of this overhaul and I think they are awesome:
"Naruto overhaul" by gyn


You can't upload anything of this mod whitout the permission of the original modder who made the first version.