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This is a Remake or continuation of the Become High King Of Skyrim mod in honor of Aysigago. All credit goes to Aysigago for the content and permission to edit this mod.

Permissions and credits
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Mod is no longer under development.

Orinigal Creator:
Aysigago - Original Mod

Special Thanks to: Benickerson (youtube user) for voice acting. 

Discord Link:

IMPORTANT: Use a clean save when updating! To clean a save, disable my mod, run Skyrim. Go into your save game, then save. Exit skyrim. Install new update.

I. What Is This Mod All About?

Have you ever wanted to:
- Have anyone you don't like beheaded? put to jail? enslaved?
- Ask anyone, like maybe say, Farkas or Balgruuf's kids, to go out and patrol Skyrim as part of your elite rangers?
- Order anyone to empty their pockets and give their items to you?
- Have a kick-ass castle complete with it's own mines, hotsprings, soulgem forge, can hold 40+ followers, marketplace, arena, etc... even a captured Dragon!
- Invite people to live in your castle? That's right! You think Noster the beggar deserves a better life? Ask him to live there! You like that sexy waitress Hroki? Invite her too! Wanna collect NPC's you like into one area? No problem, just invite them to live there!
- Make anyone your follower, not only make them a weak-ass follower, but actually level them up to your level and give them perks? That's right! You can go on adventures with Ulfric, a Greybeard, even boss enemies like Harkon, Ysolda (and turn her into a powerful warrior), anyone you can talk to can be a follower!
- Have your own army that will follow you on command, fight your battles while you sit back and have any NPC's like Lydia, Miraak or even kids join?

Well if you said yes to any of the above, and even if you didn't, this mod is for you! This mod has so many features you are bound to find at least one of them useful! Heck this mod even has a legendary armor that turns you invisible when you crouch!

II. Usage

- do not use on a new game. Use this mod AFTER you are done with all the preliminary introduction quests
- this mod has no voice files for most NPC's yet, we have very few voiced so use your subtitles
- requires no DLC's. Just updated Skyrim base game
- each version release is STANDALONE and will work by itself

III. All NPC's Are Now Killable

- added an optional patch file that makes everyone killable. Please report any NPC's that still won't die.
- Warning: Killing NPC's that shouldn't die can break quests
- you can toggle any NPC's essential/nonessential status through dialogue
- type "set aakingextra to 0" to disable the "Are you essential?" dialogue

IV. Getting Started

Adds a new NPC named Surgus of the black to Markarth, located near the waterfall; a sewer grate well lead into his hideout. Speak to Surgus to start the becoming High King quest. 

Offers to assassinate people for you. Todo so simply walk up to the NPC you want to die, Mark him with a new dialogue option then return to Surgus and pay him 1500 gold and he will take care of your problem for you. 

To become High King, you need to:
1. Have 50,000 gold for your campaign
2. Gain 20 supporters to support your claim
3. ANY of the following:
- Kill Ulfric or have him assassinated
- Kill Elisif or have her assassinated
- Marry Elisif or Ulfric (The marriage quest has been modified to accommodate for them)
- Gain 40 supporters to support your claim instead of 20

Note: The quest objectives are just there for information, they won't track your progress nor will they complete. But that does not mean it's not 
working. Just do the requirements and talk to Surgus once you meet the requirements

To gain supporters, talk to somebody you have a high relationship rank with after you have started the quest. A new dialogue option will appear that will allow you to ask for support

- After all this is done, return to Surgus and he will make you High King.

Warning: Marriage system works however the game still does not treat Ulfric nor Elisif as a spouse after the wedding. So you can marry them and become High King, but they wont act like a spouse. I still have to edit the native spouse dialogues.

V. Becoming High King of Skyrim

Being the High King comes with many new features and advantages!
- You will have random people greet you and acknowledge you as High King
- You gain a new dialogue option when arrested that allows you to clear your crime and bounty instantly

As the High King, you may order people to:
- bow to you/dance for you
- give you all their possessions
- force anyone to fall in love with you and become a potential marriage candidate regardless of gender
- instantly kill your target with the Thuum
- and many, many more!

Useful Misc Additions

Useful Spells:
- Summon Highreach Tunnel: Summons a tunnel that connects your current area to Highreach Keep
- Summon Merchant's Bin: Summons a bin to drop any items you want to sell. You get paid upon return to Highreach.
- Teleport to Highreach: First cast brings you to Highreach. Second cast returns you to your previous location.
- Teleport to Highreach Rangers: Brings you to your rangers. Go and join them for a patrol!
- Teleport to Royal Spouse: Brings you to your spouse.
- all spell tomes added by this mod are found in Highreach Castle, near the throne

Useful Items:
- Chameleon Cuirass
- Boots of Travel
- all bonus items are found in Highreach Marketplace

VI. Features

A full list of features can be found in our full description. The full description can be found HERE!

VII. Installation
Extract the file, into Skyrim Data folder, which can be located in under "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data"

XI. Utility/Debug

If you are having problems with the mod, use these commands:
Set AAIsHighKing to 1 - makes you High King instantly
Set AAKingExtra to 0 - disable the "are you essential?" dialogue
Coc AAhighreachcenter - Teleports you to the Highreach city