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Flash Step! Instant Transmission! Teleportation Jutsu! Shadow Step! Super Speed! Whatever you want to call it! This simple, yet awesome power will instantly teleport you to your target location! Use it to dodge attacks, or to get up close and personal!

Requires latest Skyrim patch.


Version 1.5
- Eye glitch fix.
Reread the book. If that doesn't work, re-install with a clean save.
(Clean save: uninstall, then save)

Version 1.4
- Added back stamina requirement

Version 1.3 - REREAD THE BOOK!
- Changed max ranged back to 150ft.
- Removed the cost. There are no requirements to cast it (no stamina needed), but will still use up 20% base stamina if available.
- Added script to the book to remove the spell and re-learn it. (Hopefully to fix issues when updating)

Version 1.2
- Fixed non-responive issue
- Max range lowered to 100ft. (from 150ft.)
- Increased cost to 30% base stamina
- No more damage taken the instant you turn invisible

Also, the eye problem has to do with the magic effect (Invisibility), not the shaders (I'm pretty sure). Just hope the next patch fixes this (Vanilla bug).

Version 1.1
- 50% more range
- Added invisible FX
- Silent casts


This is not a magic spell (but a lesser power), and will execute even while you are attacking! Perfect for casting spells like fire storm! (uses 20% base stamina)

How to get this power

Go to the training area in the back of the Jorrvaskr and look for a chest. Read the book inside and you will be going on a killing spree in no time!

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