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Overhaul of the minimum difficulty level of encounter Zone and spawned actor difficulty to enhance the difficulty and make skyrim more dangerous without breaking player progression.

Permissions and credits
Higher Difficulty
Adjusted Encounter Zone and Leveled NPCs


The purpose of this mod is to increase the general difficulty of skyrim encounters by raising their minimal level and make enemies tougher and scarier by altering how they are picked from the leveled list.

What the difference with other Encounter Zone mod ?

The major problem I noticed when I use mods which alter encounter zone is that authors choices are too drastic for my taste. It is a real problem when you follow vanilla quest line or use a quest mod which uses vanilla encounter zone.
If an author decide to send you to Northwatch keep at the begining of his quest, his objective is to make you fight against level 12 NPCs (Minimum vanilla base level), if you use a mod like Permazone, they're be around level 30, so you must come back later, if he choose to place handpicked enemies, the problem is more noticeable because they will be very weak comparing to vanilla NPCs.

So i tried to be reasonable when I altered minimum levels of encounter zones and i tried to follow as best as i can the developers choices to minimize these kind of problems. So the difficulty curve is nearly the same as vanilla. Weak zones stays weak comparing to the next ones, but they are tougher than vanilla skyrim.

Most of the times original skyrim content level is multiplied by around 1.5. For dawnguard and Dragonborn it is around 2.0.

To keep example above, Norwath Keep is level 18 instead of 12, tougher but not too much.

To spice thing a little bit, i altered FLeveledActorMult* too, these values change how NPCs are picked from the leveled list. Each spawn points have its own difficulty (easy, medium, hard, very hard), by raising it, opponent will be stronger and their loot better everywhere in Skyrim. That's why i don't need to raise level too much.

Leveled or Unleveled ?

Level max of encounter area is set in the leveled version, which means that the enemies from these area are picked from lleveled list between its min and max level even if your level is superior to this area. (I provide a csv which lists min / max level changes)

Unleveled version has no max level set which means a great challenge everywhere but decrease immersion because everyone can be as powerful as you, it is like the world evolve at same speed as you.

Requirement and suggestion

Nothing else than Skyrim legendary edition (3 DLC)

I strongly suggest to use this mod with :

How to install / Uninstall

Just install and activate. Put it the end of your load order.
You can uninstall it at any time but already discovered zone will keep its level.

Note: it doesn't alter any NPCs, so it is almost compatible with everything.

qwertypol012 for his tweaked version
Automation Tools for TES5Editby matortheeternal
Rebalanced Encounter Zones and Leveled Actors by evittalex and PermaZONES - Dangerous Encounter Zones for Skyrim by TenderHooligan  which helped me to understand how to build my version.

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