About this mod

Complete texture overhaul with a painterly style. Formerly Toon Skyrim Redux.

Permissions and credits
UPDATE: I've added a new file to the main files called ASO Effects Sky and Blood Only.
This file is meant to be used with Kanj's Borderlands Textures.  
I also highly recommend using this with Hel's Cel Shading Reshade.

    I feel that this combination looks pretty nice for now while we revamp this mod, try it and enjoy.  Here is a video with that combo in action in Skyrim VR: 

We will likely not be updating the LE Version of this mod anymore, check out the Special Edition page here.


I don't have a lot of time to work on this mod anymore and there are still a lot of armor, weapons, and clothing that haven't been detailed. I would like for someone to make patches to cover the items I didn't finish. I am opening permission on Pixar.

Whoever is able to make texture patches for the unfinished textures I have left in Pixar is allowed to, just give us credit and link to our page here. If you make something, send me a link here on Nexus and we will post it on the main page here.

For examples of what my style of detailing looks like, look at my iron armor and weapons, Thieve's Guild armor, and Stormcloak armor. Those are the main ones I really added the most detail to.

Also, anyone who can do patches for the SSE Edition to cover the SE specific textures in that is welcome to do so. I already did the water, but I noticed some rock and snow textures that were new in testing, and there may be others.

EDIT: Oil is now open as well for anyone who wants to make seam fixing patches.

This mod aims to change the look of Skyrim overall with a variety of texture replacers of varying flavours.

This mod doesn't retexture/remodel any items added by other mods.  I would like to add patches to cover other weapon and armor mods but I need to acquire permission from those mod authors before I can do such a thing.

Here are mods that I have received permission to patch from their respective authors and have a patch for on the files page:

Bandolier by Dragten for Basic and Pixar  (Tested and working for Special Edition Bandolier Classic version 1.2.1)
Many items in this mod use the vanilla textures.  I've detailed all the textures added by the mod, but some items won't have details until I get to the vanilla textures that are used in the main mod.

Cloaks of Skyrim by Nikinoodles and Nazenn for Basic and Pixar (Tested and working for Special Edition CoS version 1.2.1)

Bloodstone Chalice Reborn by Gamwich and Nazenn for Basic and Pixar.  (Not tested by me as I don't have  a vampire character.)

Use Vortex or Mod Organizer(Preferred method)
Manually place all files in your Skyrim/data/ folder

Vortex and MO are the better option if you plan to uninstall it.  It adds a lot of files and manual uninstallation can be tricky if you have any other mods that add loose textures.

It's important to remove the previous version before updating to a new version or different flavour.

This mod alone doesn't look great without ENB and has been designed with Tetrachromatic ENB in mind.   This is the ENB preset we have used in all of our screenshots and videos, without it there is a noticeable difference in the look.

Get it here:

Tetrachromatic ENB by Sloth

Also be sure to check out our ASO ENB page for a fix for shiny surfaces.  Also in the future we will be uploading our own ENB presets (Based on Tetrachromatic ENB) for this mod there.

Sovngarde Font by Mist

This is the font I am using on the roadsigns in Basic Toon Flavour and it's a very nice looking font that fits the game very well.

No Blood by Citizen86

Not especially necessary, but some might feel like it looks better without blood.


guitardz (vanaheimranger) - texture "artist"

speaker60 - texture artist, 3D modeller, graphic design

NerevarII - ENB preset creation

Nazenn - texturing and mesh consulting and some creation

Dimitrisgrr - Console porting

SirQuestingHood - Playtesting, livestreaming


Mist for Sovngarde Font.  Thanks very much for allowing me to use it.

AlcoholSwabs for Hold Capital Symbol Vectors - SVG and High-Res PNG which I used on some banners and in the Cloaks of Skyrim patch.

Nazenn for Dragonbone Mastery.  Nazen gave me normal maps for the text I used from this mod.

bretton for inspiring me to do this and explaining the resolution reduction process.

Dragten for permission to retexture Bandoliers.

Nazenn for permission to retexture Cloaks of Skyrim and for helping so much with Photoshop and Nifskope knowledge.

ProtologolusX for How to Make Glow Maps I used this tutorial for my frostbite spider eyes in Pixar V2

Gamwich for permission to retexture Bloodstone Chalice Reborn.

DanielCoffey for open permissions on Book Covers and Lost Library, and for the .psd file uploads for those mods.

EpkSceOnTcos for his Fixed Textures for Toon Skyrim mod, I haven't used any textures from his mod, but I have used it as a guide for knowing what vanilla textures need the most immediate attention.

This mod is Forever Free and it's here to stay.