About this mod

A vibrant fantasy preset with over 80 region-specific ENB weathers. Night Eye compatible and includes rarely used effects such as on-screen raindrops during rainstorms and frost vignetting during snowstorms. Vivid Weathers version available.

Permissions and credits

Tetrachromatic ENB is a vibrant fantasy preset made to replace the default lighting & weather.
The ultimate goal of the preset is for the player to experience different color schemes, skies, lighting and moods all around the map.
There are a little over 80 custom ENB weathers in the standalone version but there will eventually be over 100. 
I am slowly adapting Tetrachromatic ENB to support Vivid Weathers by Mangaclub and NLVA by Megaloblast.

This is a work in progress and I will update regularly until I'm satisfied.
This is a fantasy preset, don't expect realism.

Remove all previous ENB, SweetFX, ReShade files etc.

 You can use the ENB FXAA SweetFX Manager & Remover Mod.

 0-b. Uninstall RLO, ELFX, CoT and or Purity if they are installed.

 1. Begin by downloading the latest v0319 binaries or higher from enbdev.com

 On the binary page, the download button is at the bottom left corner with a black arrow. 

 2. Open the "Wrapper" folder included. Copy & Paste only the d3d9.dll and enbhost into your main Skyrim folder as shown below:

 3. Download Tetrachromatic ENB from the files section of my mod page. There are three versions, one for vanilla lighting/weather only, one for use   with Vivid Weathers, and finally one for NLVA users. Only use one version at a time!

 If you want to use the Vivid Weathers version, download the main Vivid Weathers mod, but ignore the ENB files.
 If you installed those, you need to delete them entirely.
 Do not just overwrite, bad things will happen.

 Same goes for users who want to install the Tetrachromatic ENB for NLVA version.

 Once you download the desired verison, copy & paste only the enbseries folder, enblocal, and enbseries files into your main Skryim folder.
 You should now have all 5 necessary files in your game folder as shown below:

 4. Make the following adjustments in your Skyrim pref inis: (You can find this under Documents/My Games/Skyrim) 
 If these values are not there, you can write them in yourself as long as they are under the [Display] section.
 It is very important that if you write them in, you spell everything correctly!

 MOD ORGANIZER USERS: You need to make these changes in the MO Ini Editor instead!

 Edit-- I have recently included an ENB set up tool made by the creator of ENB, Boris Vorontsov, that will do the following ini changes for you. Try it out   or do it manually if you run into issues.


 5. Turn off hardware anti-aliasing & anisotropic filtering. ENB handles both of these.
 You can do this in the Skyrim Launcher OR the Skyrim Pref files as well (recommended)
 You are better off doing them while you are in the Skyrim Pref inis anyway.

 iMultisample=0    Antialiasing (turn this off or you will run into transparency issues)
 iMaxAnisotropy=1   Anisotropic Filtering (for best quality you can use 16 but for best performance keep this off)

 6. You did it! Just launch the game through your preferred game launcher. I'd love to see some screenshots!

 To uninstall, remove the following from your main Skyrim Folder or use that ENB Manager Mod I linked in Step 0.

 enbseries folder

 Candle Glow
 Lorkan's Vision V2
 Lanterns of Skyrim
 Realistic Water Two by Isoku 
 Dark Dungeons for ENB by Mindflux
 Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin
 Ethereal Clouds (I overwrite Vivid Weathers' textures)
 True Storms (Not compatible with Vivid Weathers)
 DOWNPOUR (Don't use with Vivid Weathers/NLVA)
 Wonders of Weather
 Lightning During Thunderstorms
 Skyrim HD Terrain Parallax Tribute
 Vivid Landscapes - All in One
 Relighting SkyrimI only use the exteriors module personally.
 ELE is great too.

 I get asked this a lot so here is my personal and complete mod list
 For those of you who will ask, I overwrite Vivid Weather's rain and cloud textures with the ones above.


 This preset is compatible with Khajiit Night Eye, Predator Vision, Better Vampires, and Paper World Map.

 This preset is technically not "incompatible" with anything but will not look good with unsupported weather or lighting mods.
 Based on screenshots, testing and feedback, do NOT use ELFX, RLO, Purity or Climates of Tamriel.
 You will experience over-saturation, lighting issues, bad sky gradients, clouds, and more.
 None of these mods are needed and you should try the preset as intended first. 

 Boris Vorotsov - for creating the enbseries, providing support here and linking this on the main page! 
 Confidence Man - I learned everything about ENB weathers from cracking open your beautiful preset & weather files.
 -Jawz- - for the atmosphere mesh, and letterbox code. You've also been a great source of information for ENB.  
 Matso - for not only inspring me to create ENB presets with Project Matso, but providing code and advice.
 Tansarville - Compiled Prod's code into a Fallout 3 shader for me, which I now port to various other shaders I use.
 Prod80 - HSL, and Levels code based on SweetFX, thanks to CeeJay for SweetFX as well while we are at it.
 Mindflux aka Artem1s - for the essential particle patch, and beautiful custom snow FX
 Kingeric for the lens, weather effects and sunsprite shaders
 ZeroKing - for adding Blur Sampling for me!
 You. Thank you :)