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Added: 15/07/2016 - 02:01AM
Updated: 13/03/2017 - 09:21PM

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Last updated at 21:21, 13 Mar 2017 Uploaded at 2:01, 15 Jul 2016

::This mod is no longer being updated because I have moved to SSE. However, the SSE version can easily be used with vanilla Skyrim if you modify the size settings to better fit the game window.::

What this mod does
changes the categories in favmenumodder's mod Categorized Favorites Menu to allow for better organization of equipment. Apparel is now spread out over three main categories, each of which has several subcategories to make finding the right equipment much faster and easier. Weapons are also divided into several subcategories to make it easier to quickly swap weapons without having to search for the right one.

Spells, shouts, potions, and scrolls have been grouped together in one list in order to make room for more equipment categories; for this reason, I do not recommend this mod for mages or spellswords.

Use Ctrl+f to create a new equip set and Ctrl+delete to delete one. A full list of keyboard shortcuts can be found on the main page for
Categorized Favorites Menu.

Requirements: Categorized Favorites Menu

Install using NMM or drop the Interface folder into Skyrim/Data and replace the file when prompted.

Just delete or deactivate the old file and then install the new one.

uninstall via NMM or delete favoritesmenu.cfg and replace it with the version that comes with Categorized Favorites Menu.

New in 1.9: CFM Wardrobe Edition was updated to match the SSE version and now offers an alternate color scheme and several bug fixes along with support for many additional mod-added items.