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Following on the work of "okal" I have updated CFM for Skyrim Redone v1.3

Permissions and credits
This is a custom CFM replacement for Skyrim Redone by T3nd0.
This CFM menu supports all items/spells/abilities from:
* Vanilla + All DLC's
* SkyRe
* Apocalypse Spell Package
* Midas Magic
* Forgotten Magic
* Convenient Horses
* Staves
* Immersive Armors
* Immersive Weapons
* Frostfall
* JaySuS Swords

Feel free to use this, improve it, distribute it.

[size=20]What have I changed?[/size]
I changed a few colors of the menu items so that its not all one standard boring color.
I changed the order of the menus so it makes more sense to me:
* Top Row = Hotkeyed, Potions, Weapons, Apparel, Equip Sets, "Other"
* Bottom Row = All Magic Schools, Shouts
** You can customize this to your preferences on lines 58 and 61.

T3nd0's Skyrim Redone
Categorized Favorites Menu

1. Download SkyRe (link above)
2. Download CFM (link above)
3. Install both SkyRe and CFM (suggest using NMM)
4. Install this mod AFTER CFM - when NMM asks to "overwrite favoritesmenu.cfg" click "YES"
5. Enjoy!

[size=20]Continual Improvement[/size]
If you find any fixes or mistakes - please put them in the comments and I will fix/update it.
NOTE - I do not play with Frostfall, EFF, Staves mod, JaySuS, Apoc, Midas, Forgotten Magic, or Immersive Armors -- if you find fixes for these they will be added, but less supported. Primary goal here is full compatability with SkyRe + complimentary mods.

I am NOT the mod author of the excellent CFM.
I am NOT the original custom config author of CFM for SkyRe either.

I give thanks to both "favmenumodder" for the excellent CFM mod and "okal" for the original SkyRe CFM custom replacement.
The only reason I am uploading this is because the current CFM for SkyRe does not work for the last year, or more, of SkyRe updates.