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Categorized Favorites Menu Config for Skyrim Redone & Other Mods.

Permissions and credits
Note: This is now obsolete, Perkus Maximus based config available here: Categorized Favorites Menu Config - PerMa Plus

This is a Categorized Favorites Menu config for Skyrim Redone and Other Mods.

Currently Supported:
Vanilla Skyrim, Dawnguard, Hearthfire.
Skyrim Redone v0.99.22
Apocalypse Spell Pack 3.03
Midas Magic - Spells in Skyrim 0.08a
Forgotten Magic 4.3.0
Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival 2.0
JaySuS Swords v13D
Immersive Armors v6.BETA.2
Immersive Weapons v1.3
Bucklers - Shields and Other Armours 2.3
Better Bows 1.4.1
Staves of Skyrim 1.6
Convenient Horses 4.5 (Config power)
Extensible Follower Framework 3.5.6 (Leader's Telepathy)

- Added support for Forgotten Magic 4.3.0.
- Immersive Weapons v1.3 update.
v2.9: Added initial support for Frostfall 2.0.
- Skyrim Redone v0.99.22 update.
- Apocalypse Spell Pack 3.02 update.
- Added support for Immersive Weapons v1.2.
- Added support for Bucklers - Shields and Other Armours 2.3.
- Updated for Apocalypse Spell Pack 2.05.
- Updated for Immersive Armors v6.
- Purged vanilla and SkyRe spells that are no longer obtainable - Let me know if issues!
v2.6: Updated Skyrim Redone spell support for 0.99.21.
v2.5: Added support for Midas Magic - Spells in Skyrim 0.08a.
v2.4: All Vampire Lord powers and spells now under Shouts/Powers.
v2.3.1: Updated Staves of Skyrim 1.6 support.
v2.3: Added support for Staves of Skyrim 1.6, these will appear under Weapons.
- Updated Skyrim Redone support to v0.99.19.
- Restored 'Equip Sets' column.
- Minor Tweaks.
- Improved Conjuration, Illusion and Potion Categorization.
- Misc other changes.
- Rewritten from original CFM template.
- Added further missing items for Skyrim Redone, Dawnguard and Vanilla.
- Improved performance and layout, including removal of excessive sub-categories causing visual clutter/lag.
- Removed broken 'Equip Sets' (Upstream issue), replaced with double-high 'Misc./Other'
- For performance reasons Food and Ingredients will now show under 'Misc./Other'

• This config is intended for use with Skyrim Redone as a base.
• Any other mods that add items using vanilla/supported naming will also work, eg. 'Leet Mace of Uber Pwnage' & 'Armor of Cheating Bastages' will both get categorized due to 'Mace' and 'Armor' in their names.
• When enchanting items remember to include a relevant keyword in their names.
• v2.0 onwards is not compatible with Better Sorting spells & potions, SkyRe already renames potions (and arrows) and CFM/this config categorize the spells. Disable those .esps if using this config.

1) Install Categorized Favourites Menu.
2) Install this mod via Nexus Mod Manager, Select 'Yes' to overwrite the CFM default favoritesmenu.cfg.
1) Uninstall this mod via Nexus Mod Manager.
2) (Optional) Uninstall Categorized Favourites Menu.

Font used in secondary screenshot is: Main Font Replacement - Magic Cards Font

Please let me know if I have missed anything or you need specific mod support added.
Constructive feedback appreciated. :)

Current To-Do List:
Add support for Vampiric Thirst - Dawnguard Edition.

DaemonAK & whickus for their configs that v1 was based on.
favmenumodder for Categorized Favorites Menu.