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Corrects keywords and inconsistent weights and value settings for Skyrim's clothing, jewelry, and clutter. Circlets can be worn with hoods, hooded robes have been replaced with separated hood & robe versions, and enchanted jewelry now scales based on quality. NPCs are attired in outfits that are appropriate to their position and background.

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This mod developed as an extension of and compliment to Weapons & Armor Fixes Remade. In general, Skyrim's clothing and clutter items tend to have fewer real bugs than the weapons and armor. However, there were several major inconsistencies in the way the game treated clothing, jewelry, and other items that I felt needed to be addressed.

  • More consistent values & weights for clothing and misc items.
  • Some previously unplayable or inaccessible items are now playable and/or accessible in game.
  • Almost all instances of hooded robes have been removed from the game and replaced with separate robe and hood combinations.
  • Allows circlets to be worn with hoods.
  • Adds more diversity to the robed outfits worn by NPCs.
  • Changes the outfits of certain NPCs to be more appropriate to their rank and position.
  • New Jarls and their appointees will change into more appropriate clothing when they take over those roles during the progression of the Civil War quest.
  • Adjusts the loot found in certain furniture containers to be consistent with the both the class and the type of furniture.
  • The strength of an enchantment on a piece of enchanted jewelry is now properly reflected by the quality of the base jewelry.
  • Female clothing variants will now use the correct texture in first-person.
  • Necklaces and/or rings that were invisible when worn with certain clothing can now be seen.
  • Corrects incorrect keywords on jewelry, clothing, and misc items.
  • Potion bottles will now use the correct meshes, and Poison bottles will no longer appear flat and dull.
  • Adds keywords that were missing from certain items that prevented them from being sold or properly identified by the game mechanics.
  • Option to give clothing items a limited armor value. 

Version 2.0 requires Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn. 
    - If you don't have all three DLC, you can use the 1.7 version.  However, please be aware that I am no longer actively supporting that version.
Rustic Clothing is required in order to maintain consistency with the added textures and normal maps.
Weapons & Armor Fixes Remade is strongly recommended, but it's not technically required.

I recommend placing this mod near the top of your load order, but after the Unofficial Patch.
Load this mod AFTER Weapons & Armor Fixes, but BEFORE Complete Crafting Overhaul.

As with any Skyrim plugin, there is no guaranteed safe method for uninstalling an esp file from an existing save.  It is recommended that you start a new game whenever you remove a plugin from your load order or else revert to a save made prior to installing this mod.  

I want to thank the following mod authors for providing assets that were used in this mod.
Thank you so much for permitting me to use your work and resources!
Gamwich for creating all of the beautiful new clothing textures.
PrinceShroob for scripts from Appropriately Attired Jarls
hl84 for Little Caravans and More Children Wears
Krucify for Hearthfire Display Case Fix

The changes in this mod take several forms. The first type of change are straight-forward bug fixes. These are things that are obviously wrong, such as shoes that have the ClothingBody keyword when they should have the ClothingFeet keyword,  an item that is using the wrong mesh or texture, or jewelry that appears invisible when worn alongside certain items. 

The second type of change is more subjective and was made to improve consistency and balance between different items.  This mod attempts to bring these wayward items into line with the normal progression of value, weight, damage, and other properties.  The following are some examples of the changes included in this mod: 

  • Enchanted jewelry now scales in quality similar to the way in which the game treats enchanted weapons & armor.  You don't find low-end enchantments on daedric weapons, so why are there low-end enchantments on expensive diamond jewelry?  With this mod, the power of the enchantment will be reflected by the quality of the base ring, necklace, or circlet.  For example, a "Ring of Minor Stamina" will be a Silver Garnet Ring, while a "Ring of Major Stamina" will be a Silver Ruby ring, and a "Ring of Peerless Stamina" will be a gold diamond ring.  Scaling the quality of the base jewelry in this way also allows the base value of the enchanted jewelry to better reflect the quality of that specific item.  This also happens to be exactly how enchanted weapons & armor are treated in the game.  Another effect of this change is that keywords such as "JewelryExpensive" now align more appropriately with truly valuable jewelry.
  • Circlets can now be worn with all hoods, including those added by the DLCs.  Due to clipping issues with some hoods, circlets will appear invisible when worn with certain hoods. 
  • Many clothing items now provide a small degree of protection, particularly quilted or heavily layered garments that appear to have leather or chain-mail components.  Realistically, these garments should probably be at least as protective as some of the lighter vanilla armors, and I've tried to balance their stats around those values.  NOTE: This feature is optional and disabled by default.  Armored clothing is still considered clothing: it won't level your armor skills, it won't increase in rating as your armor skills increase, and it can't be improved.  Currently, it only applies to the player, but I may extend the option to NPCs in the future.
  • New Mage Boots have been added to match the different ranks of mage robes.
  • Removed the fur trim from the female mage hoods, so they will now appear similar to the male version.  New fur-trimmed mage hoods were added as separate items that can be worn by both males and females.
  • Ulfric's garments are now all considered light armor instead of a mix of clothing & armor and have the appropriate keywords.  If you are using Smithing Perks Overhaul, you can improve these items with the Advanced perk.
  • The female version of Ulfric's clothing now appears closer to what the male version looks like. 
  • The Tall Laced Boots now have a matching male model instead of using the Redguard boots.
  • Removed the armor rating from the Amulet of Articulation and the Locket of Saint Jiub (Dawnguard).  There is no longer any jewelry in the game that grants an added armor rating.
  • DAWNGUARD: Vampire Lord Armor has been changed from clothing to armor.
  • DAWNGUARD: Renamed Serana's Hood to "Vampire Hood," changed it to light armor and made it playable.  Versions of this hood can also now be found on random vampires.  If using Clothing & Clutter Fixes alongside my Weapons & Armor Fixes, then wearing this hood with the other pieces of Vampire armor will qualify for the Matching Set armor bonus.
  • HEARTHFIRE: Children's clothing no longer weighs more than adult clothing. 
  • DRAGONBORN: Miraak's outfit is now entirely clothing instead of the jumble of properties and keywords that it was originally.  The strongest indicators in the keywords and the internal naming of the items indicate that they were intended to be clothing not armor.
  • DRAGONBORN: Skaal garments are now clothing.  Their name indicates that they were originally intended to be clothing.

  • Some items have been renamed for easier sorting or in order to better distinguish different items.  For example...
  • Lower-class clothing items are typically prefixed with "Common."  Middle-class are prefixed with "Fine" and upper-class with "Noble."
  • Many pieces of clothing have been given more specific names instead of having a dozen different items using the generic name "Clothing" or "Boots."  Not everything has a unique name, so there is still some repetition but not nearly as much as before.
  • The various types of tableware, which were all named "plate," "cup," etc. and are now named "Silver Plate," "Glazed Cup," "Silver Ewer," and so on.
  • Gold coins are now called "Septims." 
  • All college/mage clothing now has the word "mage" in its name (for example, "Novice Robes" are now "Novice Mage Robes")
  • DRAGONBORN: Dunmer outfits have been renamed "Dunmeri Tunic" and are distinguished by the color variant.

Please understand that I am not attempting to change the weight of items to conform to any sort of absolute real-world scale.  My values are not intended to be pounds or kilograms.  Rather, I've merely attempted to make the relative weight of items internally consistent when compared with other items in the game.
  • All amulets now weigh 0.5 or less.  Most necklaces already weighed 0.5 but some, like amulets of the divines, weighed twice as much. Their weight will now be consistent.
  • Decreased weight and increased value for bugs in jars, and added proper keywords to allow them to be sold to alchemists or given to children as gifts.
  • Fixed inconsistent weight for Moth in Jar
  • Increased weight for troll skull (x3 human skull)
  • Changed Dragon Claws from 0.5 weight to 1.0
  • Corrected weight, value, and keywords for basic fork & knife (also made weaponized versions of these items match and gave them proper keywords so that perks that apply to daggers would also apply to these "weapons").  The basic fork & knives that were found in furniture have been replaced with weaponized versions.
  • Corrected weight, value, and keywords for Glazed, Nordic, and Silver clutter.  Silver items should be valuable enough to make it worthwhile for a beginning thief or petty criminal to steal them, but not nearly so valuable that they become a quick and easy way to get rich.  I tried to price these items so that things like silver objects would be appealing to low-level thieves who have next to no money, but probably would not be worth the effort for higher-level characters or wealthier thieves.
  • Many clutter items that were worth 1 gold before are now worth more.  Most clutter items still have a rather poor weight-to-value ratio, but it's ridiculous to think that plates, buckets, baskets, tools, etc don't have some sort of intrinsic value in Skyrim's economy.
  • Repriced unique jewelry items to be consistent with the new values I've set for the generic jewelry (which is now based off of the cost of their crafting components).

  • Cupboards, Dressers, End Tables, and Wardrobes will now respawn.  Also, they now use custom leveled lists so that the items they contain will be more appropriate for the apparent class-ranking of the furniture, as well as the type of furniture (i.e. cupboards contain dining and food related items, dressers contain clothing, etc).
  • Pots now have a high likelihood of containing some type of cooked food.
  • Display cases located in the three Hearthfire homes now have proper activation triggers so that you can more easily display your weapons.  These changes are from Hearthfire Display Case Fix by Krucify.

  • All instances of hooded robes have been removed from the game & replaced with separate robe and hood combinations.
  • The various mage robes (Novice Robes of Alteration, Adept Robes of Conjuration, Expert Robes of Destruction, etc.) now have unique textures that reflect their individual school of magic and rank from Novice to Expert (textures courtesy of Gamwich).   
  • Court Wizards will now wear college robes that reflect their specialized school of magic.
  • Priests and Priestesses of Talos, Kynareth, Dibella, Azura, and the Temple of the Divines wear robes with new, unique textures created by Gamwich.  Priests of Arkay wear brown robes with brown hoods, and Priests of Mara wear plain robes with a yellow hood.  The appropriate divine amulet has been added to the priests' outfits.
  • Jarls, their Stewards, and their Housecarls will now wear clothing that better reflects the rank and allegiance of those NPCs.  Imperial-allied jarls will wear Imperial-style outfits; Stormcloak-allied jarls will wear Nordic-styled outfits. The jarls and their appointees in the major holds will generally have better, more expensive clothing and armor than those in the minor holds. When jarls and their courts are replaced during the civil war questline, the replacement NPCs will now have their outfits upgraded to reflect their new rank and station. 
  • A few of the unique children now have clothing that better fits their role.  Babette wears black robes.  Fjotra wears brown robes, and Aeta (from Dragonborn) now wears Skaal clothing.  The meshes for these outfits are from Little Caravans and More Children Wears.
  • Vigilants of Stendarr wear new chainmail robes and hoods (textures courtesy of Gamwich). Vigilant outfits have also been reworked so that they will spawn matching Steel boots and gauntlets, rather than a mismatch of different styles. If Wet & Cold is installed, Vigilants will equip fur-lined hoods in cold regions and regular hoods in warmer regions. 
  • Asgeir will wear the male wedding outfit for his wedding, then afterwards revert back to his normal fine clothes.
  • Dremora now wear black daedric robes with a new texture created by Gamwich. 
  • Vaermina's Devotees now have a 40% chance of having a matching purple hood.
  • Necromancers and Warlocks have a 50% chance of having a black, grey, or brown hood.
  • Necromancer or Warlock Bosses have a 50% chance of having a black hood, with a chance that the hood will be enchanted.
  • Hoods & enchanted hoods have a small chance of showing up in loot.
  • Hunters will use a greater variety of clothing (farm clothes, fur armor, or hide armor). Some hunters in cold regions will may use Skaal outfits.
  • DAWNGUARD: Vampires will now occasionally spawn with Vampire Gauntlets and/or a Vampire Hood (playable version of Serana's Hood).
  • DAWNGUARD: Vampire Bosses now use a separate boss outfit and will always be wearing armor & gauntlets.  They will no longer be found wearing clothing or robes. Nightmaster Vampires will occasionally spawn with Vampire Lord armor.
  • DAWNGUARD: Vampire Mages are more likely to wear robes than Missile or Melee vampires (though missile & melee can still be found wearing robes).
  • Some Dark Elves found around Skyrim will now be wearing the Dunmeri Tunics from the Dragonborn DLC.

The following mods provided inspiration for features included in Clothing & Clutter Fixes
or provided assets that were used in previous versions of this mod:
Appropriately Attired Jarls by PrinceShroob
Hoods and Circlets by shinytickles
Craftable Monk Hoods by Jadak
Clothing Show Jewelry Fix by softcatsocks
Ulfrics Clothes - for women by Sara

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