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Allows player to wear certain hoods and circlets simultaneously.

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Mode Name: Hoods and Circlets
Ver: 1.2
Author: shinytickles

1. Allows player to wear certain hods and circlets simultaneously. Hoods that work include: cowls, hooded robes, shrouded hood, psiijic hood, thalmor hood, archmage hood and a couple of hats. Due to major clipping issues, the thieve's hood is not enabled.

2. Fixed bugs on the falmer helmet and the Penitus helmet so that they will no longer accept circlets.

Wearing both a hood and a circlet will allow an extra enchant on your head. If you feel this makes you too powerful, change your difficulty level.

How to install: unpack and drop everything in your Data folder, check it and go.

Conflicts: I have enlarged some of the hoods in order to accommodate the circlets for certain races. If you have other customized hood mesh replacers installed, use this mod at your own risk!

Known issues: Wedding wreath is a still considered a circlet, but it will clip against all the hoods and hats. Some minor clipping for argonians. Thief's guild hood are still not supported.

Ver 1.2 (updated esp only)
Added support for various leveled mage robes with hoods
Added support for black mage hood as requested
Added support for fur helmet (I include his one because it's more like a fur cap rather than a helmet)

Ver 1.1
Add support for Nightingale.(it doesn't look as bad as I thought)
Add support for forsworn
Fixed minor clipping issues with mage college hoods (enlarged meshes).

Credits: the SkyEdit team, NifSkope team, and Bethesda.

Rights and Permission: There are no new materials in this file, so you can do whatever you like with it.