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ClothingCraft adds recipes and new materials (including flax!) for crafting vanilla clothing.

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ClothingCraft provides recipes for crafting vanilla clothing and adds the new materials necessary to craft them (including flax!). It has been designed to complement kryptopyr's Clothing and Clutter Fixes and Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade 1.7 beta.


Download the file and extract its contents into the Data folder.

New Crafting Recipes:
ClothingCraft includes recipes for most vanilla clothing articles and adds craftable, unenchanted versions of many normally-enchanted items (i.e. Archmage Robes, Shrouded Robes, etc.). It also adds crafting recipes for the cowls added by CCF, as well as many of the previously uncraftable faction cloaks added by CCOR (Cloaks of Skyrim). Some recipes, such as those for faction clothing, include quest requirements that must be fulfilled before the item becomes craftable.

New Crafting Materials: To support the new recipes, ClothingCraft adds several new materials.
  • Northern Flax: A harvestable plant which is found throughout southern Skyrim, particularly in Whiterun Hold. It can be crafted into spun linen or used as an alchemy ingredient, and should be compatible with Hearthfire planters.
  • Spun Linen, Spun Cotton, Spun Silk: Northern flax can be refined into spun linen, tundra cotton into spun cotton, and spider eggs into spun silk. Although this can be done using the Sewing Basket, it is more efficient to use a Spinning Wheel if one is nearby. Spun textiles can also be purchased from some merchants.
  • Linen Cloth, Cotton Cloth, Silk Cloth: Spun linen, cotton, and silk can be woven into (white) linen cloth, cotton cloth, and silk cloth, respectively. These cloths serve as the primary ingredient for most of the clothing recipes and roughly correspond to the class hierarchy established in CCF; common (lower-class) clothes require linen, fine (middle-class) clothes take cotton, and noble (upper-class) clothes use silk. They are crafted at the Sewing Basket and are also sold by some merchants.
  • Dye: Made from harvested plants, dyes are used to add color to cloth. There is also a simple bleach, crafted from salt, which removes color from cloth. Dyes and bleach are crafted and used in the Cooking Pot.
  • Dyed Linen, Dyed Cotton, Dyed Silk: Linen, cotton, and silk cloth can be dyed by using the appropriate colored dye in the Cooking Pot. Different clothing recipes will require different combinations of dyed cloth to craft.

New Crafting Workstations: Spinning Wheels have been placed in 11 locations across Skyrim and are only used to craft spun cotton, spun linen, and spun silk, but do so more efficiently than the Sewing Basket. Sewing Baskets can be found in 81 locations and are used to craft the materials for clothing as well as the clothes themselves. Such locations include, among others, Dragonsreach, the Radiant Raiment, the College of Winterhold, most farmhouses, and many alchemist/apothecary shops.

Although ClothingCraft should be compatible with most mods, users should be aware of the following:
  • ClothingCraft alters approximately 50 vanilla clothing records and could potentially conflict with any mod which changes the same records. A patch may be required to carry forward the changes from both mods.
  • ClothingCraft touches a significant number of cells because it adds so many crafting stations and northern flax plants across Skyrim. As a result, if it loads after a mod which makes changes to those cells (Sounds of Skyrim, for example), ClothingCraft may overwrite those changes with vanilla values. Creating a patch or adjusting the load order should address this issue.
  • ClothingCraft makes changes to a handful of vendor lists, which should be merged into a bashed patch using Wrye Bash.

ClothingCraft is explicitly compatible with the following mods:

Clothing and Clutter Fixes by kryptopyr (Required): ClothingCraft does increase the value of some articles of clothing (primarily footwear and higher-end clothes) to better reflect the cost of the crafting materials used; where prices change, ClothingCraft carries forward any other changes CCF makes to the vanilla record. ClothingCraft also includes crafting recipes for the cowls added by CCF.

Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade 1.7 beta by kryptopyr (Required): ClothingCraft alters the CCOR recipes for dark leather and red leather to use ClothingCraft dyes. It also includes significant changes to many cloak recipes, incorporating the new cloth materials, moving them from the Tanning Rack to the Sewing Basket, and adding entirely new recipes for the previously uncraftable faction cloaks. All of the recipes in ClothingCraft were designed to take advantage of Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade's (CCOR) excellent MCM, which provides the user an enormous amount of control over which recipes are visible. Some of the options ClothingCraft uses include:
  • Breakdown Equipment - At Tanning Rack (ClothingCraft breakdown recipes appear at the Sewing Basket, but they're controlled by the At Tanning Rack toggle)
  • Craft Daedric Items Only at Night
  • Female Only Clothing and Armor
  • Fur and Hide Recipes
  • Inventory Conditions on Crafting Recipes
  • Male Only Clothing and Armor

Immersive Armors by hothtrooper44 (Optionally Required): Where appropriate, ClothingCraft applies quest requirements to certain recipes. Immersive Armors' MCM includes a "Crafting without Questing" option; when enabled, this option also disables any quest requirements in ClothingCraft recipes.

Arcadia's Mystical Cauldron / The Useless Shop and Interior Overhaul by iWilliBlecha: The new crafting stations have been placed in Arcadia's Cauldron in such a way as to work with both the vanilla layout or iWilliBlecha's overhaul.

Immersive College of Winterhold by Grantyboy050: The new crafting stations have been placed to one side of the stairs in the Hall of Countenance so as not to conflict with this mod.

ClothingCraft Placeables
ClothingCraft Placeables is an optional file which uses Chesko's Campfire mod to add craftable, placeable Sewing Basket and Spinning Wheels. Future versions of ClothingCraft will likely have an optional version which incorporates this into the main file.

Please note that ClothingCraft Placeables



Most of the assets in ClothingCraft are Modder's Resources or are used with the permission of the original author; if you wish to use these assets, please verify their continued permission and acquire the assets from the original source. I do grant permission to use any of my retextures in conjunction with the original assets, subject to the original author's continued permission. Please note the following exceptions:
  • Dyes and Linen Cloth: The dye meshes and the linen cloth textures are simply recolored vanilla assets. Feel free to use them as you like, but please credit me for the recoloring.
  •,, and These files are shared under CreativeCommons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (license). As the license precludes the application of additional legal terms, I'll simply ask nicely that anyone using these textures also credit Link815, as noted under Special Flora of Tamriel ("As a modder's resource, anyone may use the meshes, textures, and data from the .esp as they wish. I only ask to be credited if you feel my content has been useful.").