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Real Silver Swords

By Gizmodian



Silver addons for both the Greatsword and the Longsword, with distinct differences in each.

I was displeased with the originals, as they looked more like steel than a sword made out of precious metals. So I have made a new set of meshes and painted a set of high resolution textures with a far more 'silver' cast and moonstone accents.

*THIS IS NOW A STANDALONE ITEM* You can thank VincentIcarus for that. Kudos.


You will find the items in the smithing, under the 'miscellaneous' category. They are listed now as Ornate Silver weapons, and they are a bit stronger, offset by the requirement of an additional flawless sapphire in order to craft the item.


Put the DATA folder in your main installation directory of Skyrim so that the folders line up.

Use WryeSmash or Nexus Mod Manager to activate the esp.


Delete the esp and the folders you put in there. They are





Bethesda for making Skyrim.
VincentIcarus for the stand alone esp.

Programs Used:
Autodesk 3DSmax9
Adobe Photoshop

Usage and Permissions:

This is open source, you cannot prevent somebody else from using these materials if you use them in your own mod.

Credit is required.

I rather like to be notified if you plan on using my stuff. It's fun to see what other people are doing.