EWIs True Weaponry of Viscounts and Sirrahs by ewi65
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EWIs True Weaponry of Viscounts and Sirrahs
The Package comes with six awesome Swords:
* Excalibur 1h
* Highlander Claymore 2h
* Robin Hood 1h
* Spanish Masonic Sword 1h
* Templar Gold Silver 1h
* William Wallace Longsword 2h
Smithing in all Forges. Cathegory: Steel.
you can find them in loot from random encounters, chests, Dragons, etc. You can craft them at forge, upgrade them and enchant them.

esp is cleaned with TES5Edit.
via NMM and activate the WVS. esp in your Launcher.
SkyRe Compatibility and ReProccer Patch for my mod is available here:

Dual Sheath Redux Patch is available here:


Big thanks to Brodual:

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Highlander Claymore:

Robin Hood:

Spanish Masonic:


William Wallace: