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A mod that should remedy weapons disappearing when you switch them. WIP

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0.4 - Experimental support for maces and axes. Heck, everything is experimental. No staves yet; sorry, wizards. Please note the current caveats below.
0.3 - Switched to body slot 54 for compatibility with Bandolier - Bags and Pouches

Hey, so I was getting annoyed after having to see my bow appear out of nowhere and my sword(s) disappearing and vice versa. Ruins my immersion. bDisableGearedUp = 0 shows only one of my swords while wielding another 2H-weapon, and I could make neither Equipping Overhaul nor Armed to the Teeth remedy that so I tried to figure something out on my own. My approach is very hacky as I couldn't find a way to just use vanilla meshes for the life of me. 

Anyway, installation is simple, Just unpack with whatever tool you manage your mods and make sure you have a working setup of Dual Sheath Redux that does not use the body slot 54. (Default is 60, you should usually be good.) Next, find the [General] part of your Skyrim.ini and add bDisableGearedUp = 0 and save.
The mod adds a crafting recipe for tanning racks to create a "Pair of weapon sheaths". Once you have it in your inventory, it should equip itself automagically upon unsheathing and sheathing your swords TWICE.

bDisableGearedUp will only work with weapons you have FAVOURITED, but I'd suggest not favouriting just everything. Having two different 1-handed weapons favourited will look odd, because that's how bDisableGearedUp works and probably the reason why it defaults to = 1 because it's too buggy *snort*. For now you'll have to deal with the glitch. Favourite only the one that doesn't show when you swap to a 2-handed weapon. Or play around and see what works and what doesn't, maybe you'll find some combo you like and which doesn't bug.
If your weapon bugs out, usually switching to different weapons, unsheathing and sheathing them, then switching back might fix your issue. I've never needed to restart yet to fix a visual glitch.

My script relies on  the meshes shipped with Dual Sheath Redux, so if you have custom non-vanilla weapons, try your luck with either A Lot of Dual Sheath Redux Patches or the guide provided in the download section of Dual Sheath Redux to create your own customized mesh. The .nif file you'll create HAS to end with *Somefilename*Left.nif, as all the left hand meshes do and that's how my script finds them.

The mod will probably be incompatible with Equipment Overhaul and Armed to the Teeth and any mod that uses the biped slot 54. 
If you're switching from EO or AttT, CLEAN YOUR SAVE! Weird stuff is going to happen if you don't. Well, you'll probably just crash anyway. 
Also if you start a new character, you'll not be able to use this mod unless you clean the particular scripts it wrote into your savegame. Alternatively just don't install it before you reach Helgen Keep. :)

Thanks to Neovalen for his mod and especially for the unified filename identifiers <3!
I've grabbed pretty much everything except the script from Bandolier - Bags and Pouches by Dragten. Awesome mod!

The script will probably bug out on weapons that aren't sheathed on the hip. (Someone try using it with swords sheathed on the back pretty please? :3) 
Support for axes and maces is experimental, and you might get a model glitch when swapping around between different 1-handed weapons. When dual-wielding an axe or mace with a sword or dagger, you MUST use the axe or mace in the left hand for now.

I should also note that despite the name, this has nothing in common with the original Armed to the Teeth mod.