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This mod aims to improve the facial morphology of unique NPCs and adds apachii hair. There are 3 versions to choose from.

Version 1: Apachii hair for males & Females
Version 2: Apachii hair for females only.
Version 3: Lore-Friendly using vanilla hair only.

Permissions and credits
  • Czech
!!! Please read the description & FAQ before asking questions in the thread !!!

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Change Log
Tools Used

This mod aims to improve the facial morphology of unique NPCs. With a few exceptions I tried to keep their essence while making them prettier. About 80% of the NPCs I have modified kept the same eyes, nose and mouth. In most cases I simply changed the distance between these facial features and I modified the overall shape of the face (jaw, chin & cheekbones). Some wrinkles were also removed when I deemed appropriate. I’ve also modified the facial dirt by removing it completely or by toning it down – However, miners, smithies, prisoners and a few farmers still have dirt on their faces.

This mod does NOT modify the followers, the children, the DLCs and the generic NPCs such as bandits, soldiers, ennemies etc.

Important notes:
With older versions of this mod you may have encountered the neck gap issue after uninstalling Inhabitants of Skyrim. It is caused by the fact that the NPCs weight is stored in your savegame files and not updated when you remove the mod which makes changes to the NPCs weight. As of version 1.5 no NPCs weight was modified so you can safely install IoS without experiencing this bug.

This mod does not contain any dirty or wild edits. It was cleaned with TES5Edit.

Version 1
Improves the facial morphology of unique male and female NPCs and adds ApahiiSkyHair to both males and females. I kept vanilla hair for the orcs. This version requires the following files.
-Skyrim Update
-ApachiiSkyHair_v_1_5_Full or higher
-ApachiiSkyHairFemale_v_1_3 or higher
-ApachiiSkyHairMale_v_1_2 or higher

Version 2
Aims to improve the facial morphology of unique male and female NPCs and adds ApahiiSkyHair to females only. I kept vanilla hair for the orcs. This version requires the following files.
-Skyrim Update
-ApachiiSkyHair_v_1_5_Full or higher
-ApachiiSkyHairFemale_v_1_3 or higher

Version 3
Aims to improve the facial morphology of unique male and female NPCs. This version only uses vanilla hair and it only requires the Skyrim Update

Manual Installation
1. First, install the required files from ApachiiSkyHair by following the instructions on her page (for versions 1 & 2 only).
2. Extract the files to a temporary location.
3. Copy/paste all the files into your Skyrim data folder. Normaly: Steam/SteamApps/common/Skyrim/Data
4. Launch Skyrim and before you click on "Play" click on "Data Files" and make sure that the plug-in is checked and move it to the bottom of the list.
5. Play the game.

With NMM
For Nexus Mod Manager simply click the “Download with Manager” button and activate the mod to initialize the installer. Make sure to move it at the bottom of the load order or below other mods like UFO.

Manual Uninstall
1. Start Skyrim Launcher, click Data Files and uncheck the Inhabitants of Skyrim .esp file.
2. Delete all the files from your Skyrim data folder.
3. Uninstall the required ApachiiSkyHair files if desired (for versions 1 & 2 only).

Uninstall with NMM
1.Simply open NMM and double click on the mod to uninstall.
2.The same applies if you want to uninstall the required files (for versions 1 & 2 only).

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: A lot of NPCs appear to have their vanilla look.
A: If you are using the Unofficial Skyrim Patch or another mod that change the NPCs in any way those NPCs will be overwritten to their original look. If someone would help me to create a patch for USKP I would greatly appreciate it.

Q: Why some Apachii hair are floating above the NPCs chest or clipping with the clothes/armor they wear?
A: Depending on which body mods you are using (e.i. CBBE, UNP etc.) the body shape and size will vary and it may cause a few floating hair or body clipping.

Q: I experience CTDs when I install Inhabitants of Skyrim.
A: Inhabitants of Skyrim does not contain dirty or wild edits. The only things I can think of are that your PC cannot handle version 1 or 2 with ApachiiSkyHair, you’ve installed version 1 or 2 without installing the required mods or there is a major incompatibility with another mod. Try version 3 without ApachiiSkyHair or try uninstalling other mods to find the incompatibility.

Q: I uninstalled your mod and now I have the neck gap issue.
A: The older versions of IoS (below version 1.5) was changing the NPCs weight which was then stored in your savegame. After uninstalling IoS users would experience the neck gap issue. Read the description to know how to fix your savegame.

Q: I really like Version 1 and 2 with ApachiiSkyHair but I dislike some of the hair you chose for certain NPCs.
A: I made this mod to my taste and shared it. I’m sorry you dislike some of the NPCs but I am not going to change them. You can easily load up Inhabitants of Skyrim in the Creation Kit and make the desired changes yourself.

Q: Is this mod compatible with Ethereal Elven Overhaol (EEO)?
A: Since both mods are changing elf NPCs they will directly conflict. Depending on the load order one mod will overwrite the other. I use both mods without issues.

Q: This mod is not lore-friendly and I don’t like it.
A: You may want to try version 3 which only uses vanilla hair. If you don’t like this mod I don’t need to know. Just don’t use it! ;)

Q: Will you release an NPC Overhaul for the DLCs?
A: I’m working on it but I’m also very busy with work and with my life so it may take some time.

Inhabitants of Skyrim will conflict with other mods that are changing the same NPCs in any way. This means that it will conflict with mods that are changing the stats, clothes, scripts etc. If IoS is loaded before another mod that changes the same NPCs they will most likely revert to their vanilla look. Try to find which mod is changing the NPCs and load Inhabitants of Skyrim after.

If someone can help me to make a compatibility patch for the Unofficial Skyrim Patch I would greatly appreciate it.

Known Issues or Bugs
The version 1 and 2 with ApachiiSkyHair can be very demanding for your PC. If you are experiencing major lags or eternal loading screens then I would suggest version 3 with vanilla hair.

Change Log
Beta (09/07/2012) - Launched the mod.
1.0 (09/11/2012) - Bugged version, some NPCs were naked (main file & follower add-on).
1.1 (09/16/2012) - Fixed version, no more naked NPCs (main file & follower add-on).
1.2 (09/16/2012) - Added Version 2, no Apachii hair.
1.3 (02/25/2013) - Updated Version 1 with the new Apachii hair. Also modified more NPCs and the elderly race.
1.4 (03/02/2013) - Completely redone the followers.
1.5 (02/12/2014) – Redone the whole mod in 3 version. No more neck gaps after uninstalling the mod (kept NPC vanilla weights).
1.5 (02/22/2014) - Same as previous version but includes the latest ApachiiSkyHair update for male.

Mods Used in screenshots
If you want the NPCs to look like the ones in the screenshots you will need to download and install the following mods. These mods are NOT required however; you can use other body, skin and eye mods.

Calientes Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE-
Calientes Vanilla Outfits for CBBE
Coverwomen (Look 4 with no make-up)
High Quality Eyes
Brows and Beards
High Resolution Scars
Bleak ENB

If you are using these mods it means that you like them. Remember to endorse those modders for all the hours of hard work.

Thanks to Greyblood for his support and friendship… and for creating Julien 
Thanks to Netherwalk for all his help and contribution to the Nexus community
Thanks to Apachii for her great mod
Thanks to Bethesda for the Elder Scrolls Series of games
Thanks to all the modders for their efforts and improvements to the game.
Thanks to Nexus and the modding community for the access, tools and resources.

Tools Used
Creation Kit

If you want to use this mod you need permission. Send me a message or an e-mail to ask. A link to this page will also be required.